MAC Neutral Lip Dazzlesphere

MAC Neutral Lip Dazzlesphere
MAC Neutral Lip Dazzlesphere

MAC Neutral Lip Dazzlesphere for Holiday 2011

The second lip kit we’re looking at is MAC’s Neutral Lip Dazzlesphere ($32.50 for 2 x 0.07 oz., 2 x 0.09 oz.), which includes: Boy Bait (light neutral beige with pearl), Over Indulgence (neutral brown), Bare Necessity (caramel apricot with red and gold pearlized pigments), and Get Rich Quick (warm yellow brown). All of the shades included this kit are part of the permanent range.

The Cremesheen Glasses are listed as 0.07 oz. each, while the Dazzleglasses are listed as 0.09 oz. each (and I specifically say each, because this is how it is labeled). What is noteworthy about that is that full-sized Cremesheen Glasses are 0.09 oz. while full-sized Dazzleglasses are only 0.06 oz. The tubes feel thicker but are definitely shorter than full-sized Cremesheen Glasses/Dazzleglasses, although the clear plastic seems wider/thicker in the kit glosses. The area that contains the gloss seems slightly wider, maybe, but barely. I would hope that those sizes listed are accurate, and if that is indeed the case, then each kit contains $28.78 worth of Cremesheen Glass and $55.50 worth of Dazzleglass. That is a whopping $84.28 worth of lipgloss for $32.50.

  • Boy Bait is a pink-beige nude with very subtle, fine silver-white shimmer. It has a milky appearance but is so light that the settling in the lip lines isn’t that noticeable. This is a permanent shade. It’s similar to Estee Lauder Star Pink.
  • Over Indulgence is a neutral coral-brown with subtle white micro-shimmer. It has some color coverage, which is unusual for this formula. This is a permanent shade. Urban Decay Heavy is similar but less coral.
  • Bare Necessity is a dirty peach-brown with pink and silver micro-glitter. It brings out the pink tones in my natural lip color but mostly adds shine and shimmer. This is a permanent shade. When I first swatched this, it seemed a little darker than what I remembered the shade being, and it actually is a step darker. It’s similar to Chanel Aragonite.
  • Get Rich Quick is a medium-dark, orange-toned brown with gold sparkle. This is a permanent shade. MAC Bright & Perky is a bit darker and browner.

Cremesheen Glass is a formula that glides onto the lips easily, feels comfortable without being thin or thick, and tends to be on the sheerer side in color. It’s non-sticky (as compared to Lipglass, which is very thick and sticky), and it typically wears two hours or so on me before wearing away. They also tend to be creamier colors, rather than packed with shimmer. Dazzleglasses have a medium-thick consistency with micro-glitter and shimmer. They tend to be sheerer in color with more oomph coming from the dazzle than the base color. They tend to last two to three hours on me and tend to get tacky over time.