MAC Athma Eyeshadow Quad (Mickey Contractor)

MAC Athma Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Athma Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Mickey Contractor: Athma Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Athma Eyeshadow Quad ($36.00 for 0.21 oz.) is new and limited edition from MAC Mickey Contractor. It includes four shades: Jaan (light neutral with soft gold pearl), Folie (reddish-plum brown), Vivah (brown with gold pearl), and Carbon (matte black).

Jaan is a peachy beige with soft gold sparkle. The pigmentation was nice, but I did experience some fall out when applying this on my lid. This has a lustre finish. It is a darker, sparkly version of Bamboo; or a lighter, sparkly version of Soft Brown.

Folie is a red-toned medium-dark brown with a soft, pearly sheen. It never swatches very nicely, but it is quite nice when used. This has a satin finish and is permanent.

Vivah is a lightly warmed up medium-dark chocolate brown with peach-gold sparkle. There was nice color pay off, but like Jaan, I did experience noticeable fall out. This has a lustre finish. It has a less frosted finish and less red undertones, but it is somewhat similar to Sable. It is a warmer, sparkly version of Courduroy. It also seems similar to Bobbi Brown Copper Sand (which I don’t own).

Carbon is a medium black. It works nicely to darken shades, even though it doesn’t swatch very well. It’s one of those better-in-practice mattes. This has a matte finish and is permanent.

I don’t typically like lustre eyeshadows, because the glittery bits are prone to ending up under your eye rather than on it, and these don’t do much to convince me otherwise. I recommend patting, rather than sweeping, on lustre eyeshadows, possibly with a damp brush for particularly fussy shades, to minimize fall out. If you do your eye makeup before your face makeup, then it will be easier to clean-up, too.

Initially, I thought this might be similar to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, but there is not much shade overlap. They’re both neutral palettes, but there are not any direct dupes.

MAC Mickey Contractor will be available on January 6th at select North American stores and January 2011 for select international stores. It will be available online on approximately January 4th but may not be available until the 6th.

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  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: With two lustres that did prove to have some fall out along with two permanent shades, I can’t comfortably recommend this eyeshadow quad, as much as I do feel these are very flattering, easy-to-wear neutrals. I’m happy that both lustres are rather pigmented and don’t also suffer from sheerness like some lustre-finish shadows do. (Please note that this product scores high on value, which boosts up the overall rating by a third of a grade.)