MAC 252 Large Shader Brush Photos & Review

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Focus On: MAC 252 Large Shader Brush

MAC 252 Large Shader Brush ($29.00) is a flat brush with rounded edges and some fluffiness. It is a fairly densely bristled brush, and the synthetic fibers make it ideal for usage with more emollient products like creams and liquids. It is a larger version of the 242, so it may not be necessary in everyone’s brush tool box. I personally used this more often in the beginning, before I had the 242 or 249, and now, I find myself reaching for it a lot less. It is still a great brush, and if you have larger lids, this may be more your style than the smaller 242. The 252 can be used also for applying eyeshadow, both for packing on color as well as for placement of color into the crease (just use the edge).

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