MAC 222 Tapered Blending Brush Photos & Review

Beauty Basics: MAC Eye Brushes

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Focus On: MAC 222 Tapered Blending Brush

MAC 222 Tapered Blending Brush ($28.00) is one of the longer eye brushes, and it is designed to be used to help apply softer color and blend out color. A lot of people find this brush great for blending crease colors without losing all of the definition. If you’ve felt like the 217 is a bit too fluffy or large for your crease area, you might find the 222 more up your alley.

The 222 is thinner and less fluffy than the 224, and it is also not as wide at the tip. The 224 spays out, getting large as it gets to the tip, whereas the 222 stays very much the same size throughout, but the bristles do come to a bit of a rounded edge like the 224. The 222 is also made out of goat hair, whereas then 224 is not, and I do feel the 222 is just a smidgen softer, too.

Even though I don’t find myself constantly reaching for this brush (I am all about the 226, personally), my girl Pursebuzz says, “I like how it is soft enough to blend yet dense enough to pack on the color for day and night looks. It’s like the 239 and 224 had a baby!”

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