LUSH A Crash Course in Skincare Fresh Face Mask Saves Your Skin

LUSH A Crash Course in Skincare Fresh Face Mask ($7.95 for 2.6 oz.) is the best mask for a general purpose, make-your-skin-feel-fabulous mask. It is ideal for all skin types. It contains such ingredients as organic avocado, kaolin, organic yoghurt, glycerin, organic lemon juice, sandalwood oil, lavender oil, and chamomile oil. It has a lemon-y herbal scent, which is pleasing and not overly aromatic.

I find this mask feels creamy, applies well (not too thick, not too thin – very easy to spread), and I always feel wonderful after using it. My skin looks and feels better — softer, smoother, and almost glow-y. I love using this early in the morning or before bed time. Makeup applies even better when I’ve used this in the morning (I imagine it has to do with my skin feeling smoother). When I’ve used it the night before, it seems like my skin is a bit clearer and still has some of the results of the previous night’s mask treatment.

I’m just about done trying all of the Fresh Face Masks I’m interested in (I’m passing on anything that’s anti-aging for now), and so far, I think my go-to duo will be A Crash Course in Skincare and Cupcake. I’ll probably switch it up occasoinally and go for Catastrophe Cosmetic and Brazened Honey. I kind of have a soft spot for all of the ones I’ve tried (even smelly Cosmetic Warrior), so it’ll be tough to pick and choose. I think I’m going to go through them again, but this time, I’m going to try and see which one really works best for my skin type.

(The following is a regurgitation from previous Fresh Face Masks reviews, for those unfamiliar with them.)

Just a reminder, Fresh Face Masks, at least in the U.S., are only available in-store and not online or via mail order (I believe UK Lush will ship within the UK), and they have a shelf life of approximately three weeks, and they must be stored in the refrigerator. They’re exactly what they’re called — fresh — so don’t expect to use them much longer than three weeks, because of potential bacteria and mold growth (gross, right?).

Even using a generous amount per mask, I get at least eight masks out of each tub. For $8 a tub, it’s definitely a price I like. I usually pick up two pots — one mask that is exfoliating and another that is just a general, soothing/cleansing/refreshing one. When I reach the end of the life of them, any extra, I slather everywhere – from face to neck to chest to hands. Plus, for every five black pots you turn into Lush, you get a free Fresh Face Mask!

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