Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #323, 370, 364, 343, 333, 331, 384 (Yellows & Greens)

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow Palette #2

Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #323, 370, 364, 343, 333, 331, 384 (Yellows & Greens)

Our look at Inglot’s Matte Eyeshadows ($4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz.) moves to some of their yellows and greens. (I did show #323 yesterday, but it fits better with this post.)  I’m hoping to get through the rest of the matte eyeshadows I have before next weekend, because I know several readers will be heading to IMATS in Pasadena, so I hope this will be helpful.

  • 323 is a bright, medium-dark yellow with a matte finish.
  • 370 is a bright yellow with a little mustard to it and a matte finish.
  • 364 is a soft yellow with a hint of green and a matte finish.
  • 343 is a bright yellowed chartreuse with a matte finish. This felt a little dry and ended up looking powdery and uneven when I swatched it.
  • 333 is a dark hunter green with a matte finish.
  • 331 is a medium-dark grass green with a matte finish.
  • 384 is a medium grass green with a matte finish.

These are really soft mattes; they have a really buttery feel to them, where you can feel the powder loosening as you swatch.  They aren’t particularly powdery, though they’ll kick up a little dust if you are heavy handed with your brush.  A little product goes a long way, so there’s no reason to jab at the eyeshadow with a brush (something you might have done with past matte eyeshadows).  The softness and give allow these to apply smoothly and evenly; there is no patchiness or drag with these.  The only downside to these is if you really pack on the color, you might find that it fades (ever-so-marginally) after eight hours; it’s a very minimal drawback, resulting in 0.5 point reduction in longevity.

I had a little trouble with #343, because the texture seemed drier and rather powdery, so it didn’t hold together as well and ended up having a more uneven finish than the other shades.

Edit: Images are fixed – sorry it took so long, I was sleeping.

Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #323, 370, 364, 343, 333, 331, 384 (Yellows & Greens)