Guerlain Sable Show (851) KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

Shimmery Basics – Champagne Shimmer with Guerlain

Guerlain’s fall collection is just starting to pop up on retailers now (but so far, I’m seeing back-order dates, so it’s more like a pre-order). I’m excited, because I picked up Gilda and Bonnie Rouge Gs and Grenade (another Kiss Kiss Gloss shade). For now, though, let’s take a look at Guerlain Sable Show (851) Kiss Kiss Gloss ($32.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.), which is a warm champagne-shimmered beige-peach. It has some multi-colored shimmery bits and bobs, but it is predmoinantly pale champagne–almost white in some lighting. Dior Satin Peach is milkier and has gold shimmer. MAC Naked Space is more opaque, milkier. Hourglass Imagine is similar but also has gold shimmer. Dior Twin Set Pink is similar, a little paler. MAC Jana has a similar look on lips, even though it seems colorless. There’s a smidgen more shimmer content that tends to make it a little more than sheer lipgloss, but it’s still more similar than not.

Kiss Kiss Gloss is supposed to be sheer, hydrating, water-resistant, and comes in three types: petal, pearl, and gloss. I’ve never been sure how one can tell which finish is what. I imagine that Sable Snow is pearly, since it yields a very pearlescent finish. It’s semi-sheer to semi-opaque; there’s a lot of shimmer and sheen, but there’s a lot of translucency so my natural lip color comes out, too. I’d say this tends to warm and lighten my natural lip color.  

Sable Show wore for three and a half hours, which is around average for a gloss, though a little longer for something as light/sheer as this, and my lips felt well-moisturized during and after wearing the gloss.  The consistency reminds me of a creamy gel; it’s not a thin gloss, and it’s on the thicker side, but it’s not goopy or heavy. It’s not MAC Lipglass, which is one of the thicker glosses on the market. It’s non-sticky and stays that way, and it’s scented with a sweet perfume-y fragrance (I can’t seem to place it at the moment–does that ever happen? you totally blank on a scent, and the next time you smell it, you can instantly describe it?).  The applicator is a short brush-type housed inside a clear plastic tube.