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Guerlain Avarice Rouge G L’Extrait

Guerlain Avarice Rouge G L'Extrait
Guerlain Avarice Rouge G L’Extrait

There’s Avarice in Your Heart

Guerlain Avarice Rouge G L’Extrait ($48.00 for 0.20 oz.) is described as “beige.” It’s a warm rose with a hint of beige-brown in it. It’s neutral, but there’s a healthy dose of pink in the color. Again my complexion, it almost reads as a subdued coral. Cle de Peau Comtesse de Cayla is lighter and shimmery. MAC So Vain is lighter and pinker. Guerlain Jicky is similar but much sheerer. MAC Spice is browner. Guerlani Galante is darker, redder.

Rouge G L’Extrait is such an interesting formula, because it has a lot of the components of long-wearing, liquid lipstick, but it doesn’t have the same dry-down.  It clings, but it doesn’t develop a full on second-skin as do other products in the category.  As a result, it doesn’t flake away but wears away evenly over time.  The flaking is one of the problems with long-wearing, liquid lipstick, which can make reapplication difficult, as it needs to be fully removed before reapplying.  However, there is a trade-off:  this formula isn’t transfer-free or even transfer-resistant.  It certainly wouldn’t pass a kiss-test!  Avarice wore for a lengthy eight hours, and it’s hydrating both during and after it fades away.  It’s opaque in a single pass, and you’ll want to use less product than you’d expect, because you don’t need much for full coverage.

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Guerlain Orgueil Rouge G L’Extrait

Guerlain Orgueil Rouge G L'Extrait
Guerlain Orgueil Rouge G L’Extrait

A Stunning Berry That Wears All Day

Guerlain Orgueil Rouge G L’Extrait ($48.00 for 0.20 oz.) is described as a “plum.” What a pedestrian description! This shade is so much more complex. It’s a rich, deepened scarlet red with ruby red micro-shimmer. There’s just a hint of berry in the overall color, especially from afar. While it is not a dupe, it’s a cooler-toned, more berry-hued version of Chanel Dragon. MAC Good to Be Bad is browner and has no shimmer. MAC What a Joy! is more berry-hued. Guerlain Gigolo is deeper, darker, but it is rather close.

The way Rouge G L’Extrait feels on the lips is hard to describe; it’s not quite a full-on second-skin feel, which I always think of as a lip color that clings, almost like cling wrap. This has more movement in a way; you can press your lips together and you don’t feel them sticking together. Orgueil wore for eight hours and was still wearable for another hour or so. It can be reapplied, because it doesn’t flake off or wear away unevenly like some other long-wearing formulas can. This formula has more transfer than those, so there are trade-offs. I can wear it for eight hours, and my lips aren’t dry at all. The color is very pigmented, and a little goes a long way.

Guerlain Gourmandise Rouge G L’Extrait

Guerlain Gourmandise Rouge G L'Extrait
Guerlain Gourmandise Rouge G L’Extrait

Guerlain Gourmandise Rouge G L’Extrait

Guerlain Gourmandise Rouge G L’Extrait ($48.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is described as “raspberry for gluttony.” It’s a vibrant pink-coral with strong red undertones. Super bright–oh-so-intense. MAC Force of Love is pinker. MAC Watch Me Simmer is lighter, less red. MAC Fusion Pink is a bit darker and has pink iridescent shimmer. Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink is a bit lighter, less opaque. Make Up For Ever #37 is similar but slightly more coral. Chanel Phoenix is lighter. MAC Impassioned is pinker. MAC Party Parrot is a smidgen pinker. MAC Gesina is redder.

My goodness, this is a neon lip color!  If you are all about the bright lip this summer, you’ll definitely want to take a peek at this new shade once it rolls out on counters this August.  It might be part of a fall launch, but this just screams summer fun.  It’s opaque in one swipe of the product, and you really only need one pull of gloss to get full color coverage.  It has a mostly matte finish but there is a natural sheen to it so it doesn’t look dry or flat.

I had less color transfer with Gourmandise than I did with Luxure, though there was still some.  This shade wore eight hours on me and lasted well through both a meal and coffee.  It wears and wears and wears, and my lips still felt hydrated after I removed it.  Despite the creamier consistency and richness in color, I didn’t experience any feathering or bleeding while wearing Gourmandise.

The formula of the Rouge G L’Extrait has more of a matte finish and a creamier consistency compared to Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque formula, while Chanel’s feels a bit slick on, though Guerlain’s seems marginally thicker.  Korres’ Liquid Lipsticks are glossier (more gloss-like than lipstick-like), and NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams are thicker and heavier.  Bare Minerals’ Pretty Amazing Lipcolors have a more water-like consistency.

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Guerlain Luxure Rouge G L’Extrait

Guerlain Luxure Rouge G L'Extrait
Guerlain Luxure Rouge G L’Extrait

Guerlain Luxure Rouge G L’Extrait

Guerlain Luxure Rouge G L’Extrait ($48.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is described as “deeper red for lust.” Luxure is an orange-toned red with a mostly matte finish. MAC Red Racer is brighter and has less orange, more yellow in its base. Guerlain Habit Rouge is a little lighter. Make Up For Ever #44 is very similar. MAC Ruffian Red is a little brighter, less darkened. Guerlain Geisha has a stronger orange base and orange-gold shimmer.

This is a new product for Guerlain, and it’s best described as a liquid lipstick. It has the consistency, feel, and wear of a liquid lipstick. Creamy without being too thick, but not at all thin, and extremely opaque. It dries down to that mostly matte finish–there’s a subtle, natural sheen as a result.  Even after wearing the formula several times, I’m undecided on whether I love it or not.  Luxure hung on for eight hours no problem, and of course, the color after eight hours wasn’t exactly the same as the initial application, but it was still at 90% or so, after eating and drinking. It’s even moisturizing.  Matte lip color that is long-wearing and hydrating? Hard to come by.

There’s a lot of transfer, which is the characteristic that put me on the fence. For a matte, long-wearing lip color, there was a surprising amount of transfer for hours after initial application.  It doesn’t seem to have an affect on the wear, though, and it never feathered or bled around the edges, which you might have expected with a product that never fully dries down.  Don’t kiss your honey with this on (not that most lip colors are kiss-proof).  It doesn’t say transfer-resistant or -proof in the press release, but I think the matte finish had me thinking it would have less transfer (because this felt like more than usual–more in keeping with a gloss!).

It’s more matte and creamier compared to Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque formula. They’re not the same; it’s hard to describe the differences, but when you apply, they’re not the same. I’d describe Chanel’s formula as slicker, while Guerlain’s is creamier, maybe a touch thicker. Not as glossy as Korres’ Liquid Lipsticks, not as thick as NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams, thicker than Bare Minerals’ Pretty Amazing Lipcolors.

Ultra-pigmented, long-wearing, hydrating, doesn’t feather or bleed, and easy to remove.  It does everything it’s supposed to do and does it excellently.  I think the consistency could be marginally thinner, because it’s easy to over-apply the product.  You’re almost better off using a separate lip brush so you get just the amount you actually need.

The lip color is packaged in a silver metallic tube (shaped just like the Rouge G lipsticks, just longer, so it also has the flip mirror), and you pull the top outwards and then twist to open. It has a doe-foot applicator.  I did really like that Guerlain added a little plastic piece that’s the same color as the plastic insert to indicate the color of the gloss. It’s such a pain trying to read the small printed name on the back of the tubes.  I give kudos to Guerlain for using higher-end packaging to go with their higher-end prices, rather than plastic, which a lot of competing brands use.  Of course, metal packaging holds fingerprints, so it’s kind of a draw.

Guerlain Launches Rouge G L’Extrait Lip Matte Colour

Guerlain Launches Rouge G L’Extrait Lip Matte Colour

As the creator of the first tube of lipstick in 1870, Guerlain has continued to offer break-through lip innovations and this fall our Rouge G L’Extrait is the newest to be unveiled. Liquid, creamy, consistent, ultra-pigmented and velvety, this exceptional lip color is the perfect combination of a lipstick and a gloss and will ensure an incredibly sophisticated look. The liquid texture glides gently over the lip and within a few moments, the silky color becomes matte. This non-sticky, non-drying and non-feathering texture leaves your lips looking flawless for hours.

Rouge G L’Extrait ($48.00)

  • Avarice (M06) Beige for greed
  • Colere (M25) Red for wrath
  • Luxure (M27) Deeper red for lust
  • Envie (M41) Orange for envy
  • Paresse (M65) Pink for sloth
  • Orgueil (M69) Plum for pride
  • Gourmandise (M71) Raspberry for gluttony


  • A soft and creamy texture for an easy and precise application.
  • A matte formula for the most sophisticated makeup result.
  • The formula is like a second-skin, adhering the color to your lips for exceptionally long wear.
  • The original Rouge G Lipstick case is reinterpreted in a sleeker, longer version.


A formula with rejuvenating and smoothing benefits that increase with continual application:

  • Hyaluronic acid- to smooth and plump the lips.
  • Centella asiatica (Tiger Grass)- known for stimulating collagen synthesis and boosting the firming process.
  • Guggul resin- used in Ayurvedic medicine, was chosen for its smoothing action.

Availability: August 2012 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman.

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