Guerlain Rose in Bloom KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Rose in Bloom KissKiss Lipgloss
Guerlain Rose in Bloom KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Spring 2012: Rose in Bloom KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Rose in Bloom KissKiss Lipgloss ($32.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is described as a “pure pink,” and it is one of four new and permanent glosses for spring. It looks like a peachy-pink with lots of pale gold sparkle when swatched (and in the tube), but on lips, it just looks like a sheer white peach gloss with lots of sparkle. I didn’t get any color to translate at all! You can find a number of similar barely-there shades in the Sheer Lipgloss Gallery.

KissKiss Lipgloss is a non-sticky, moisturizing formula that’s supposed to be water-resistant and long-lasting. It has three finishes (though I don’t know how you’d know which was what), the Petal Effect is sheer, Pearl Effect has “pearly essence,” while Gloss Effect gives a “subtle sparkling finish.” As far as I know, this is supposed to be a sheer to semi-sheer range (with KissKiss Laque being more opaque, which I believe is discontinued).

Rose in Bloom seems to lighten my lips a bit, because the resulting effect is more of a milky look with a lot of white and pale gold sparkle and shimmer. It has an ultra glossy shine, and the texture is almost gel-like; it’s thick without being goopy or sticky. It comes with a brush-type applicator that’s flexible without being floppy. KissKiss Lipgloss is scented with a sweet, fruity concoction but no taste. Where KissKiss Lipgloss excels is in its wear; it’s comfortable, moisturizing, non-sticky, and wears for four to five hours while retailing its shine for three to four hours.

I feel like water-resistant claims are kind of funny, because yes, water will trickle past your lip and onto your shirt, rather than streaking through your lipgloss, but water-resistant doesn’t seem to mean much in the world of lipgloss. When I hear “water-resistant” with a lipstick or gloss, my mind immediately thinks about being able to drink with the product on, but it’s by no means transfer-resistant, so you’ll still file remnants of gloss on the edge of your cup if you press your lip to it.