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Guerlain Cherry Pink (870) Kiss Kiss Gloss

Guerlain Cherry Pink (870) Kiss Kiss Gloss
Guerlain Cherry Pink (870) Kiss Kiss Gloss

A Subtly, Sparkled Pink

Guerlain Cherry Pink (870) Kiss Kiss Gloss ($32.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is a medium pink with subtle, cool undertones and silver sparkle. Urban Decay Flushed has no sparkle and is a touch more plum. Bobbi Brown Pink Tulle is similar, perhaps a touch lighter. MAC Fabulous Fun is more fuchsia. Benefit Back to the Fuchsia has fuchsia sparkle.

Between this and Frizzy Mango, the latter is more interesting. It is sparser on the sparkle (I’m thinking it is the “gloss effect” finish, which yields a “subtle sparkling finish”), so you get lots and lots of shine that naturally helps give an illusion of fuller, plumper lips–juicy almost. The color coverage is somewhere between semi-sheer and semi-opaque; my lip freckle is muted noticeably, but there’s translucency to the overall color is the natural lip color will still show through. When I tried it on, Cherry Kiss lasted four hours, and it was incredibly hydrating both during and after wear (no desire to race for the balm).

As advertised, Kiss Kiss Gloss is non-sticky, moisturizing, and has a thicker, cushion/gel-like consistency that doesn’t feel or look heavy on the lips, but it’s not a thin gloss. It comes with a brush-type applicator, and all of the glosses have a sweet, fruity scent. If you’re familiar with Dior’s Ultra Gloss or Hourglass’ Extreme Sheen, both have a similar texture to Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss. Depending on your preference for sheer/opaque gloss and subtle/sparkle-tastic gloss, this may or may not be interesting. Myself, I tend to prefer a really sparkling finish in my gloss, but for every sparkle fiend there is a creamy fiend right around the corner 🙂

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Guerlain Frizzy Mango (849) Kiss Kiss Gloss

Guerlain Frizzy Mango (849) Kiss Kiss Gloss
Guerlain Frizzy Mango (849) Kiss Kiss Gloss

More Appetizing than a Frizzy Mango

Guerlain Frizzy Mango (849) Kiss Kiss Gloss ($32.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is a warm coral with gold sparkle. It seemed to have a good balance of pink and orange to create the coral coloring, but if pressed, I would say it leaned orange (more so in the tube than on, given the natural pink tone in most natural lip colors). Bobbi Brown Citrus is a bit darker and has more sparkle. Dior Pink Veil is pinker with silver shimmer. Chanel Coral Reef is comparable, perhaps a bit lighter.

It’s being repromoted with Guerlain’s spring collection, though it has been out prviously, but I’ve only just purchased it myself. Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Gloss is supposed to have a non-sticky, water-resistant texture along while being moisturizing while worn. It comes with a brush-type applicator. From what I’ve been able to gather, these glosses are meant to accent Guerlain’s lipstick range and add lots and lots of shine and radiance (which is just a fancy way to say these aren’t full coverage–if you are looking for more opaque gloss, Guerlain’s KissKiss Essence de Gloss would be a better fit).

Frizzy Mango has semi-sheer to semi-opaque color coverage; it delivers a healthy dose of gold sparkle and shimmer, and the base color is visible but still somewhat translucent such that it enables your natural lip color to come through. I would expect this to look a bit redder and more vibrant against those with a naturally redder lip color. Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Gloss formula is very cushion-y; not quite gel-like, but it has a thicker consistency, though it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It has a sweet, fruity scent (Guerlain describes it as “subtle vanilla, violet, and red fruit.” It lasted four hours on my lips, and it was very, very hydrating both during and post wear. I could feel a very slight bit of the sparkle after it wore for four hours, but I didn’t notice any sparkle had traveled.

It’s pretty little sparkling coral number, sure to be flattering on a range of skin tones and certainly spring-appropriate. Coral is a very popular shade, so while I don’t have any specific dupes (Revlon Rosegold is more subdued, more brown-based, which was the only one that came to mind), I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some very budget-friendly options available. Guerlain doesn’t often add shades to the Kiss Kiss Gloss range, so I don’t wear them as regularly as some other formulas, but I’m always impressed by just how comfortable and hydrating the formula is when I test a new shade.  If you like formulas such as Dior’s Ultra Gloss and Hourglass’ Extreme Sheen, you’ll like this one.

Guerlain Sable Show (851) KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

Shimmery Basics – Champagne Shimmer with Guerlain

Guerlain’s fall collection is just starting to pop up on retailers now (but so far, I’m seeing back-order dates, so it’s more like a pre-order). I’m excited, because I picked up Gilda and Bonnie Rouge Gs and Grenade (another Kiss Kiss Gloss shade). For now, though, let’s take a look at Guerlain Sable Show (851) Kiss Kiss Gloss ($32.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.), which is a warm champagne-shimmered beige-peach. It has some multi-colored shimmery bits and bobs, but it is predmoinantly pale champagne–almost white in some lighting. Dior Satin Peach is milkier and has gold shimmer. MAC Naked Space is more opaque, milkier. Hourglass Imagine is similar but also has gold shimmer. Dior Twin Set Pink is similar, a little paler. MAC Jana has a similar look on lips, even though it seems colorless. There’s a smidgen more shimmer content that tends to make it a little more than sheer lipgloss, but it’s still more similar than not.

Kiss Kiss Gloss is supposed to be sheer, hydrating, water-resistant, and comes in three types: petal, pearl, and gloss. I’ve never been sure how one can tell which finish is what. I imagine that Sable Snow is pearly, since it yields a very pearlescent finish. It’s semi-sheer to semi-opaque; there’s a lot of shimmer and sheen, but there’s a lot of translucency so my natural lip color comes out, too. I’d say this tends to warm and lighten my natural lip color.  

Sable Show wore for three and a half hours, which is around average for a gloss, though a little longer for something as light/sheer as this, and my lips felt well-moisturized during and after wearing the gloss.  The consistency reminds me of a creamy gel; it’s not a thin gloss, and it’s on the thicker side, but it’s not goopy or heavy. It’s not MAC Lipglass, which is one of the thicker glosses on the market. It’s non-sticky and stays that way, and it’s scented with a sweet perfume-y fragrance (I can’t seem to place it at the moment–does that ever happen? you totally blank on a scent, and the next time you smell it, you can instantly describe it?).  The applicator is a short brush-type housed inside a clear plastic tube.

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Quick Reviews: Guerlain Champagne Pearl Kiss Kiss Gloss, La Mer The Hydrating Facial Mask, Urban Decay Razor Sharp Finishing Powder

Guerlain #847 Kiss Kiss Gloss

Quick Reviews:  Guerlain Champagne Pearl Kiss Kiss Gloss, La Mer The Hydrating Facial Mask, Urban Decay Razor Sharp Finishing Powder

What are quick reviews? I’m glad you asked!  Quick reviews are products that I just haven’t gotten around to reviewing but either photographed, swatched, and/or tested.

Guerlain Champagne Pearl (847) Kiss Kiss Gloss ($30.00) is a sheer, sparkly peachy beige with champagne and gold shimmer. It’s definitely a sheer wash of color on lips, but it provides tons of sparkle. I like it better over a lipstick, because it can bring out the depth of a lipstick that way, rather than just being a wash of shimmer on lips.  Rating:  B+

La Mer ‘The Hydrating Facial’ Mask ($250.00 for 6 applications) is the closest I’ve ever come to feeling like I’m getting a spa facial at home. Granted, I’ve only had about two facials in my entire life, but I felt like I might have spent a little time on cloud nine when I relaxed with this on. There are two parts to the mask–an upper and lower zone–and together they infuse skin with moisture. My skin felt as amazing as it looked, and I definitely wished I had more than one mask to try, ha! The price is steep, but it’s La Mer–not surprising. I still find it completely funny that my Mom, who is not a beauty junkie, LOVES La Mer and says she can tell the difference when she uses something else I’ve given her. At least every gift giving occasion for Mom is easy 🙂  RatingB+ — love the product, value drags it down a bit.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder ($30.00) is a nice, translucent powder to help set your makeup, but I really hated the delivery system. It annoyed me so much that I only used it twice and completely forgot about it. It’s a sponge that goes over the “nozzle” that disperses the powder. It just strikes me as particularly unsanitary, but aside from that, I much prefer a brush for a delicate, soft application. I feel like this presses more product onto the skin than necessary to set, but it can also smudge or over-blend your makeup if you’re not careful. I tried to twist/pry off the whole contraption on top, but to no avail, and thus why it’s taken me three months to review.  Rating:  B- — the product itself is decent, the packaging drives me batty.

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