Giorgio Armani Black Eyes to Kill Waterproof Liner

Giorgio Armani Black Eyes to Kill Waterproof Liner
Giorgio Armani Black Eyes to Kill Waterproof Liner

An Intense Black Eyeliner That Lasts All Day

Giorgio Armani Black Eyes to Kill Waterproof Liner ($28.00 for 0.04 oz.) is a rich, deep black. If you want an intense, no-bones-about-it kind of black, that’s exactly what this. It joins the likes of MAC Black Black and Urban Decay Perversion when it comes to richness.

The formula is soft and creamy–almost too creamy, because I worried about the wear of the product as I applied it–that it glides on like silk and melts against the lash line like butter, filling in any minuscule gaps. It sets after about a minute, and after testing it twice, it held up quite nicely for a full eight hours without migrating or smudging. It still looked 90% after twelve hours.  It doesn’t wear for a full eight hours on the water line, but it does look pretty good. From afar, the water line still looks mostly lined, though up-close you can see some gaps and areas where it has worn away. There isn’t a whole lot of information on this formula online, so I didn’t actually see whether this was water line safe or whether it was intended to be used there (so the assumption is that it is not water line safe).

It’s supposed to be water-resistant and long-lasting with a soft, creamy texture. All true: water-resistant to a point, such that water won’t make it smudge or smear, unless you go rubbing your eyes, then you will get subtle smudging, but sweat, steam, and a little “rain” (well, I closed my eyes and sprayed water on my eyes) don’t cause the eyeliner to fade, smudge, or smear.

Too bad this is limited edition! Why do brands put out limited edition products like this? It’s not like it’s an electric blue eyeliner that maybe won’t do so well. It’s black–it’s such a basic, staple item!  Boo!

Update:  The version I have will be released in October for the holidays. The pencil will be permanent and will come with a smudge-tip on the end when it launches in October. This information has come from Giorgio Armani.