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LUSH Gets Pretty for Valentine’s Day 2009

I’m a LUSH fan–I say it proudly, and I say it loudly. (Oh, boy, me rhyming? Le sigh.) I love how they always have prepackaged gifts to give (or receive). This Valentine’s Day is no different, with some very lovely gifts to give, as well as a Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar to celebrate the lovey-dovey day. LUSH is kind enough to suggest that any single ladies get themselves some LUSH to pamper themselves silly!

True Love Gift ($42.95)
This limited edition gift set contains LUSH’s best selling aphrodisiac Sex Bomb, chocolate and honey centered Soft Coeur Massage Bar, honey and toffee scented Honey I Washed the Kids Soap in a heart mould, comforting Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, white chocolate Honey Trap Lip Balm, and a special heart-shaped Melting Marshmallow Moments Bath Melt . . . so don’t miss this chance to get your hands on your very own True Love!

Happy Valentine’s Gift ($19.95)
Spread the love with this gift filled with three temping treats that are best shared with others. There’s a sensual and sticky Soft Coeur Massage Bar, a matched pair of soul mate soaps called You Wash My Back, and a delectable Melting Marshmallow Moments Bath Melt.

Hello Sailor Gift ($12.95)
This gift is perfect for that someone who really floats your boat. It contains two shower sensations including sea salt shower scrub Rub, Rub, Rub, peppermint-infused Too Drunk Emotibomb to re-energize, and one temporary tattoo just for fun.

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar ($8.95)
Massage your sweetheart with this sensual solid oil made with crushed strawberries and an infusion of hibiscus flowers. Simply rub the bar between your warm palms to release this fragrant oil and massage firmly, but gently into a willing body.

Availability: These limited edition Valentine’s Day products will be launching on February 1st in LUSH stores nationwide and online at www.lushusa.com.

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LUSH Coalface Cleanser for Your Anti-Acne Arsenal

Lush Coalface Cleanser ($10.95 for 3.5 oz.) is a solid bar that has licorice root as its main ingredient (supposed to help the skin “heal naturally”) and powdered charcoal to exfoliate the skin.  The first noticeable characteristic of this product is it has a distinct smell.  I couldn’t quite tell you what it is, but I know some find it unpleasant–it’s kind of like out in the woods, around the campfire kind of scent.  I’m not one of them, but it’s not a scent that I’m going ga-ga over either!  Regardless, the scent doesn’t linger–it rinses off as soon as the product does.

I find Coalface to work really well at reducing acne breakouts.  It’s great for oily skin, especially because it can be a little drying on the skin.  If you find it drying, make sure to follow-up with a good moisturizer or try a toner.  Coalface gives me that “squeaky clean” feeling at the end, which is not really my bag, but often I follow with Sweet Japanese Girl so that “squeaky clean” feeling is minimal.  The product lathers up really well, and the gritty charcoal powder bits are rough enough to really get your scrub on.

Overall, I really like this product, and it’s definitely part of my shower time routine! Have you tried Coalface?

Here’s the ingredient list…

LUSH Sweet Japanese Girl Cleanser for a Facial Treat

LUSH Sweet Japanese Girl Cleanser ($10.25 for 1.2 oz.) is quite possibly my favorite LUSH product of all-time. It’s a “facial massage and exfoliation bar.” I don’t really say it’s a massage bar (though you could, since it’s grooved), but I love it for how it hydrates skin with a buttery goodness feel while gently exfoliating. I prefer to use mine at the end of my shower, so my skin is warmed from the hot water; this product just melts into the skin. I rinse with splashes of warm water, then gently dab my face dry at the end. My face feels moisturized and so, so smooth. Just ridiculously silky soft!

Ingredient List: Fair Trade Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Palm Kernel Oil (Hydrogenated palm), Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Ground Aduki Beans (Phaseolus), Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), Juniperberry Oil (Juniperus communis), Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), *Citral, *Limonene, Perfume,.

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Green Beauty – Celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd, with these Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

We have compiled brands that are taking initiatives to celebrate Earth Day, as well as brands who have philosophies that are all about being eco-friendly.

ELEMIS: On April 22nd, in recognition of Earth Day, Elemis will plant a tree for every guest that has an Elemis spa service in any spa on land, at sea or when an Elemis product is purchased online at www.timetospa.com. The trees will be planted through the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest tree planting organization in the world! For a full list of 185 spa locations participating in this Earth Day event visit: www.timetospa.com/earthday. Their goal is to reach 10,000 trees!

KIEHL’S: Kiehl’s celebrates by giving the first 50 customers who turn in empty Kiehl’s bottles to one of our free-standing stores for recycling to receive a Kiehl’s reusable canvas tote bag. Please visit Kiehls.com to find the Kiehl’s free-standing store (or stores!) near you.

OJON: is donating 10% of all online sales through www.ojon.com during the month of April to MOPAWI, which is a non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the rainforests of Honduras.

PHYSICIAN’S FORMULA: has becoming greener throughout the year, but they are also having a fabulous giveaway to celebrate Earth Day by giving away 1,000 Organic Wear bronzers. To enter, go here!

PAUL MITCHELL:celebrates Earth Day with their Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo ($10.95) and Conditioner ($11.95), sales of any Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products generate proceeds for non-profit organization American Forests. Locate a salon near you at www.paulmitchell.com.

  • I would say there are several green beauty products, but they're not the majority.
    32%, 33 Votes
  • One or two eco-friendly products, but otherwise not really!
    24%, 25 Votes
  • Not at all! It's not a requirement for a product to be eco-friendly for me.
    22%, 23 Votes
  • For the most part! I can't give up a few non eco-friendly products, though.
    13%, 13 Votes
  • Totally! I'm all about natural ingredients, recycled packaging, etc.
    10%, 10 Votes

Total Voters: 104

LUSH: is known as a brand that is really trying to give back to the environment and save it at the same time. Check out their Charity Pot hand and body moisturizer, where 100% of sales are donated to environmental charities, such as Oceana and Ocean Conversancy. Learn more at www.lush.com.

TARTE: is offering 20% off all tarte purchases until May 2, 2008 with code EARTH08 at www.tartecosmetics.com.

BUTTER LONDON: celebrates Earth Day by allowing people to turn in 3 nail polishes that contain either Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP (the “Big 3”) to receive a free butter LONDON “3-Free” lacquer. “Turn In Your Toxins” runs from April 15th to May 15th at Butter London locations and boutiques. Check www.butterlondon.com for a location nearest you. (I wish they had more locations, unfortunately!)

CARGO: PlantLove Lipstick is a lipstick line you’ll love to wear that the environment will thank you for. The lipstick tube is made entirely out of corn, while the outer packaging is made of flower paper that has real flower seeds–plant your box and enjoy the flowers. $2 of each sale of PlantLove tubes are donated to St. Jude’s Pediatrics Research Hospital. I adore the consistency, texture, and feel of PlantLove lipsticks–Sam is one of my favorite shades (a great, sheer red). Check out www.cargocosmetics.com for more information.

L’OCCITANE’S: philosophy is that of respecting its environment. They work closely to use active ingredients of plant origin, and when possible, from organic agriculture. They are conscious of their packaging material and work to reduce it and use paper from sustainably managed forests. They also do not test on animals, try to support traditional production methods that include ingredients certified by Ecocert, and co-development. Learn more at www.loccitane.com.

LIZ EARLE: believes strongly in reducing the environmental impact that beauty brands have. They work hard to use high quality, naturally active ingredients. They do not test on animals, use non-chemical sunscreens, opt for plant oils over mineral oils, and go organic whenever than can. Learn more at www.lizearle.com.

FACE BOUTIQUE: began as a brand trying to find products that worked well without harmful chemicals–and still looked great. I adore their Water Baby bath soak for an ultra relaxing and pampering bath (and be sure to enjoy it, if you’re going to use the water!). Learn more at www.faceboutique.com.

AVEDA: is a brand that truly focuses and works towards making beauty greener and giving consumers products that are eco-friendly and work. For Earth Month, they campaign and fundraise for grassroots organizations that work towards bettering the environment. You can learn more about their initiatives here.

KORRES: focuses on in-depth research and development to find the best of natural ingredients while using environmentally-safe methodology to create their products. Learn more about their philosophy at www.korres.com.

CAUDALIE: uses no parabens, maximizes their usage of natural active ingredients, do not use ingredients with animal origins, nor mineral oils or SLS. Their mission is to create great natural beauty products that respect the environment. Learn more at www.caudalie.com.

Beyond Beauty for Earth Day

Since Earth Day is about doing good, make sure to check out A Girl’s Gotta Spa! and their fundraiser for Meadow, a young girl with Neurofibromatosis, and they are trying to raise $70,000 so she can join a feeding clinic program. There are several eBay auctions full of beauty goods that you can bid on to help raise funds, so you can feel good about doing good and look good doing it!

Clean up your toxins! Shaklee makes it so easy to go green when it comes to your household cleaning products. As a beauty addict, hygeine and cleanliness top my list of “must do” chores. Who wants a bathroom that’s covered in various powders and general accumulation of all that is yuck? If you’re an Oprah fanatic, you’ll know she already recommended it (which means it’s flying off the shelves, ha!). I received the Basic H2 Super Cleaning Concentrate ($11.95), which makes up to 48 gallons of cleanser. I also got the Get Clean Spray Bottles ($7.95), which are SO convenient, because you get one for all-purpose cleaning, windows/mirrors/glass, and degreasing. Each bottle tells you exactly how much concentrate and water to add. Why is this great? Because I’m forgetful as all get out, and I hate hanging onto leaflets/info sheets because I always lose those, too! This cleaner works just as well as my brand-name totally un-earth friendly cleansers, but Get Clean H2 is nontoxic and biodegradable. With just a small apartment, this cleaning system is pretty good for me, and if you’re trying to phase out your toxic cleaners, moving, or going through cleansers quickly, try the Starter Kit.

Also going on is this petition to stop selling shark meat (including the better known shark fin, a Chinese delicacy), which may interest you!

Physician’s Formula – Organic Wear Natural Origin Blush in Pink Organics Review

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Blush in Pink Organics ($11.95) is a gorgeous shade of subtle berry pink with a cute leaf imprint in the middle of it (a few shades lighter than the outer color). The color goes on smoothly, and the texture is like velvet, not chalky. As part of the Organic Wear line, it is 100% free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMOs, and it is cruelty-free. It is made with 16% certified organic ingredients for those who are trying to be more eco-friendly with their beauty. The packaging is biodegradable, making it economical and good for the environment. You can learn more about this line by going to www.organicwearmakeup.com.
Find these at www.weieast.com or www.hsn.com.

LUSH – Say Happy Easter with No Egg-cess Packaging

Personally, I have never celebrated Easter as a religious holiday; it has always meant bunnies, lots of chocolate and candy, and a hearty holiday meal. These little Happy Easter gifts by LUSH are just adorable–don’t you think? I love the idea that they’re taking a stance of ‘egg-cess’ packaging, but I just think it’s utterly cute with the way the egg is hollowed out and can later act as a bath bomb.

This Easter, you’re in for a real treat as LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics crack open three new delicious Easter egg gifts that look so good, you’ll want to eat them! The HAPPY EASTER 500g hollow egg is made from bath bomb mix and contains two products inside, for an egg-shell-ent bath time experience. Once you’ve finished with the inner products, simply break off bits of the shell and throw into the tub for a really great soak. This is yet another novel idea from LUSH on how to cut down on egg-cess packaging, while still offering sumptuous gift ideas. And where there is packaging, it is bio-degradable. So get your hands on these indulgent, guilt-free and limited edition LUSH treats for $29.95 at www.lush.com.