e.l.f. Studio Minty Lip Gloss

E.L.F. Minty Lip Gloss
E.L.F. Minty Lip Gloss: Chicago, San Diego, New York City, Houston

Quick Review: E.L.F. Minty Lip Gloss

e.l.f. Studio Minty Lip Gloss ($3.00 for 0.08 oz.) are sheer to semi-sheer glosses with a sweet mint scent and a slight minty tingle. The tingle only lasts for a few minutes, and it isn’t painful or burning. I only get about an hour and a half of wear with these glosses (my average is closer to three), though. The formula itself is thin and non-sticky, but the applicator could be better, because I feel like I have to go for three or four pulls of gloss to get enough to cover my lips.

  • Chicago is a coppery orange with flecks of gold bronze glitter.
  • San Diego is a coral-red with gold flecks of shimmer.
  • New York City is a medium pink with subtle gold micro-shimmer.
  • Houston is a muted fuchsia-pink with soft pink shimmer.

I know that they’re only a few bucks, so why complain at all about quantity? At the same time, most of E.L.F.’s products grew famous for being $1 each, and then they introduced their Studio line which is the “higher end” range–but you’re only getting 0.08 oz. It’s like MAC Dazzleglass all over again. I won’t dock points for it, but I find it intereting they skimped on quantity. (For example, their Mineral Lipgloss–also from the Studio line–contains 0.22 fl oz.)

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  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: Though they’re ultra cheap, so you may find its shortcoming easier to excuse, but it wears off incredibly quickly, which is why I don’t find myself reaching for these.