Disney Jasmine Storylook Palette (by Sephora) (Part 1)

Disney Jasmine Storylook Palette
Disney Jasmine Storylook Palette

Disney Jasmine Storylook Palette ($55.00 for 0.79 oz.) contains both eyeshadows and cheek products all housed in a slide-out palette. I’ve split the review into two parts, and this one features the first ten eyeshadows (and so the second part will focus on the remaining five eyeshadows as well as the blush and bronzer).

Blue Oasis is a soft, bluish aqua with a matte finish. This shade is very, very powdery; though soft and finely-milled, it was terribly powdery and, as a result, was both sheer in color and more challenging to use. It definitely requires clean-up after using on the lid, even when gently patting the color on, a lot of it ends up underneath the eyes and on the lashes. You’ll really need to use a creamy white base under this to get it to pop. NARS South Pacific #1 is darker and much bluer. NARS Debbie Harry #4 is just a smidgen darker. Sugarpill Mochi is similar but a bit darker.

Trust Me is a copper-red with warm undertones and a frosted finish. It had good pigmentation, but it looked more intense in the pan than it did applied. NARS Flowers 1 #4 is more matte. MAC Raving Mad is redder, less frosted. MAC Spicy Smoke is very comparable. Milani I Heart You is redder.

Abu is a dark bronze-shimmered brown with a frosted, slightly metallic finish and soft warm undertones. It had good color payoff, and it applied fairly smoothly and evenly. Urban Decay Deeper is a touch warmer. MAC Bronze has stronger red undertones. Inglot #409 is smoother.

Ali Ababwa is a matte, pale beige with neutral undertones. It had good color payoff (though it’s hard to tell, since it’s very-nearly my skin color!), and it will work well as a brow highlighter and blending color. Urban Decay Foxy is a touch lighter. MAC Vanilla is lighter. Inglot #355 is lighter.

Sultana is a rosy champagne beige with a frosted, metallic finish. It had good pigmentation and applied very smoothly. Urban Decay Sin is a touch more metallic. bareMinerals Libation is similar in color and finish. Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning #5 is lighter. Cinderella Midnight Hour #2 seemed very close.

Friend Like Me is a medium-dark, smoky blue with silver shimmer and cool undertones. It has a frosted finish, and the color payoff was so-so; it could have been more intense and smoother. MAC Love Cycle is very similar in color but has a stronger sheen. Urban Decay Strip is lighter and more silver. theBalm Sensational is a touch darker. MAC Moon’s Reflection has a stronger silver sheen. Urban Decay Mary Jane is darker, more metallic.

Master is an eggplant purple with strong red undertones and a soft, frosted finish. The texture was slightly dry, so the color wasn’t 100% opaque, but it was still blendable and workable on the eye. I recommend using a soft, fluffy brush with this one. OCC Overlook is more frosted but very close. Guerlain Boulevard du Montparnasse #6 has a satin finish. Inglot #446 is darker and more plum.

Cosmic is a shimmering, light-medium orange brown with warm, copper undertones. It had solid pigmentation and applied smoothly. Urban Decay Chopper is a touch darker. Urban Decay Penny Lane is very similar.

Cave of Wonders is a brightened golden rod yellow with a satin finish. MAC Juiced is darker and less yellow.  It had good pigmentation, but it was slightly powdery and did have quite a bit of powder that kicked up in the pan and that fell on lashes during application. However, I didn’t have any problems with the color fading during wear. Sephora Banana Split is yellower. MAC Sunny Outlook is lighter. Inglot #323 is yellower and matte.

Sand in the Glass is a pale, golden beige–it’s creamy and warm–with a slightly metallic finish. This had a soft, smooth feel and the color applied mostly opaque. Too Faced Spun Sugar #5 is more golden. Buxom Poodle is very similar. bareMinerals Aspire is yellower.

I have to admit, I went into this palette with higher expectations than I did going into the Cinderella Storylook palette, so I thought that when I felt a bit disappointed by the powderiness of some of the shades in the Jasmine palette that perhaps I remembered my experience wrong with Cinderella. I re-read my review, but the issues I had with this palette were not ones that were prevalent in the Cinderella palette.

It’s a good palette, overall, but there were a few shades that were problematic and did lower the excitement for the palette as a whole. Blue Oasis was the biggest offender with its powdery texture, sheer color, and major fall out during application and significant fading while worn (it was noticeably faded after six hours, half-way gone after eight hours). Shades like Trust Me and Friend Like Me were slightly less pigmented than they looked in their pans. Lapis wasn’t quite as bad as Blue Oasis, but it was significantly powdery and more prone to fade and sheer out on the lid. The majority of the shades wear for eight hours without fading or creasing, but the ones just mentioned were the shades I had trouble with. The shades that were most noteworthy for their quality were Abu, Ali Ababwa, Cosmic, Sand in the Glass, and Rajah.

Thrilling Chase and Golden Sands may or may not be the kind of blush/bronzer you love, but they both worked well and had incredible color intensity and blendability. My first thought when I swatched Golden Sands was that it was going to be much, much too orange/shimmery for many as a bronzer, but I imagine it would look nice as an eyeshadow. Both products lasted eight hours with very minimal fading along the edges.

The overall combination of colors in the palette is interesting, and some shades didn’t have a lot of potential dupes–like Blue Oasis, Cave of Wonders, Mystical Wonder, and Arabian Sunset.  Even shades like Friend Like Me and Master didn’t have dead-on dupes. There are some texture issues with this palette, but once applied and cleaned up, most of them don’t extend to the wear portion of the program, which is certainly worth noting.

Disney Jasmine Storylook Palette (by Sephora) (Part 1)