Cult Nails I Got Distracted Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails I Got Distracted Nail Lacquer
Cult Nails I Got Distracted Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails I Got Distracted Nail Lacquer ($10.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “black jelly polish with holographic glitter interrupted by intense green glitter.” It’s an inky black base color with green-teal micro-glitter and holographic shimmer. I couldn’t think of any dupes for this one (not to say there may not be some–I would love your input!), and the closest I could come up with was NARS Night Breed, which is similar in composition, but it’s all silver shimmer/glitter.

Of all the shades, this is probably the one that catches your eye the most. There’s something about that intense, deep dark black base color and the holographic shimmer that grabs you! When I first swatched it, I had to post a quick picture of it on Instagram. It’s even more impressive in person, because you can see the way it really sparkles. It’s nearly opaque in one coat, though I did two swatches in the photos just to be sure (sometimes what looks opaque to me in person is almost opaque in photos!). The polish is on the thicker side, though.

It actually has an interesting finish without a top coat. I took the diffused flash photo with it dry but without a top coat (the other swatches have a top coat). The polish has some texture, so you’d want a thicker top coat for a smooth finish. I thought it looked like asphalt in a very pretty way. It’s shiny on its own, but it doesn’t look as smooth without a top coat. I typically get a full week or more with Cult Nails’ formula, which is absolutely stellar as far as wear goes. I’ve had this shade on my nails for the past five days with almost no noticeable tip wear.


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