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Crest’s Get Bright Challenge – Winner Announced!

Hey everyone! Do you remember how I participated in Crest’s Get Bright Challenge? You’ll never guess, but Crest picked me as the challenge winner! Total honor and makes me feel pretty freakin’ good about my teeth now! 🙂 (The above photo is one of the final results’ photos.)

Crest Get Bright Challenge

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Crest’s Get Bright Challenge: Week 2

I’m 12-days into my Crest Get Bright Challenge. You can see last week’s results by checking out my previous update post. 🙂 I have two more days of whitening to go before I’ve completed the challenge (fourteen days total). (I’m wearing Dior Bronze Harmony Blushicon in Coral Riviera on my cheeks, otherwise just foundation.)

I don’t have too much to update you with, other than with this week’s photo. The wear/feel of the products has stayed the same, so now it’s really a matter of efficacy. I do feel that my teeth are whiter, though I’m not sure if the difference is really, really noticeable. What do you think?

See comparison from the beginning…

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Crest’s Get Bright Challenge: Week 1

OMG, why are smile close-ups way creepier/awkward looking compared to close-up of lips alone?! As soon as I do my makeup for the day, I’ll pop in a full-face shot of me smiling instead–this seems a little too up-close-and-personal 😉 (And yes, I have a permanent stain between my two front teeth–a nice little gift from wearing braces for 10 years so says my dentist.)

I am six days into Crest’s Get Bright Challenge, and I have eight more days to go (total of 14 days) My teeth weren’t super, super yellowed/stained when I started, so I definitely wasn’t seeing a huge improvement each day, but now that I seen my picture from last week compared to this one… I can definitely see the improvement!

I’ve used Crest’s White Strips in the past, and they worked well enough for me to cross off professional whitening (way more expensive!), but I admit it wasn’t a perfect process.

Crest’s Whitestrips Advanced Seal have most certainly improved upon the process in several significant ways. The best upgrade they made was that you only have to wear the strips once a day for thirty minutes. It used to be twice a day, thirty minutes each time–not terrible, but if you’re busy like me, it’s easy to forget to do it!

The other improvement is about the adhesive nature of the strips themselves. I’d have to say that these adhere way better to my teeth, and they don’t slide much, if at all. I get a little of the whitening taste in my mouth, but not a lot at all. I used to find I’d forget to swallow whenever I used a whitening product, and it would be so gross waiting to remove them so I could spit it out (I know, I know, TMI!)–so it was really nice not worrying about that.

I’ve heard some people had issues removing the strips, but so far, I’ve had no issues. I just grab part of the strip, tear it off, rinse my mouth with water for about five seconds, and I’m done for the day.

Will keep update you on my progress next Monday! 🙂

See close-up…

Crest’s Get Bright Challenge: Introduction

Hey all! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Life’s been pretty hectic, but it seems to be calming down a bit–well, at least enough to be manageable–so hopefully I’ll get some more looks posted for y’all soon enough. (BTW, I’m wearing Givenchy’s new Kajal liner–super sultry black–and Le Metier de Beaute’s Dubai gloss!)

I meant to whiten my teeth before I went to NYC, but life got in the way, but it worked out. I’m participating in Crest’s Get Bright White Challenge. Each week for four weeks, I, along with several other bloggers from Glam’s Publisher Network, will be posting pictures of our smiles as we test out Crest’s new Whitestrips Advanced Seal whitening system.

I’ve tried several other whitening systems (Crest, Rembrandt, etc.), so I’m not new to the at-home whitening game. However, I’m really looking for to trying out these new ones. You’re supposed to even be able to drink water while you wear ’em! I’m a regular Starbucks’ goer, so you know I need some whitening power. I am SO hoping for a blindingly white smile at the end of the four week trial!

Have any of you tried the new Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal?