Chantecaille Brilliant Lipgloss (Glaze)

Chantecaille Glaze Brilliant Lipgloss

Chantecaille Brilliant Lipgloss: Glaze

Chantecaille Glaze Brilliant Lipgloss ($32.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a hydrating, long-lasting formula that finishes with brilliant shine. It is also has botanical microspheres to plump lips without stinging. Chantecaille received a fair amount of attention (and sales) when it was revealed Angelina Jolie wears both Love and Charm regularly. I specifically bought more pigmented shades (the other I bought was Patina) from Chantecaille’s line-up, but a good portion of the range is on the sheerer side (which both Love and Charm are).

Glaze is a soft red with gold shimmer. It’s semi-opaque, but I find it’s difficult to get the color to look perfectly even. Initially, it looks decent, but if your lips touch at all, the gloss slides and moves and you end up with a more uneven look–this is totally what happened to me when I took photos!  It comes with a brush-type applicator, and one pull provides enough product for a single application.

The formula is just the right consistency of thick and thin, and it has a very gel-like feel so it is non-sticky and glides easily across lips. I didn’t detect any scent or taste, and Glaze lasted four hours when I wore it. The color blots off when drinking, but it hangs out well enough for four hours (despite drinking a cup of coffee)–three to four is average for me for a gloss, though, so I would not describe this as long-lasting as per their claim. I didn’t see any plumping effect, though–the fullness of my lips looked the same as when I wear any shiny gloss. I did find it more moisturizing than the average lipgloss.

The real disappointing part of this gloss is how little each tube contains. At $32, I think these invite comparison to Chanel’s Glossimers (which are $28.50), but Chantecaille’s gloss comes with only 0.10 oz. of product, whereas Chanel’s has 0.19 oz. (I’d also like to know why it lists it as “1 oz.” when 3ml is the equivalent of 0.10 oz.) Curiously, between February 2011 (when I purchased this) and July 2011, the price jumped $4–now they’re $32 a pop! Many brands raise prices every year or so, but you do not typically see such a large increase.

These are similar to Glossimers in the ways that count–they have the same shine and shimmer that gives lips a really juicy look. The texture of Chantecaille’s Brilliant Lipgloss is more gel-like and not as thin as Chanel’s, but both formulas are comfortable to wear and last about the same (three to four hours). Chanel’s Extrait de Gloss has a more comparable formula, but that formula doesn’t have much shimmer. Chanel Emoi is similar in color and payoff, while Sun Gold Glossimer is similar in overall composition but is less pigmented.

I like the gloss and think it is better than the actual rating given here, but a lot of the points lost in overall product quality came from failure to plump lips, which was one of the claims made.  It did not wear exceptionally long, and given it stated it was long-lasting, it lost more points there.   Without a specified length of wear, I judge long-lasting on wearing longer than average for me (which is 3-4 hours, so 5-6 would qualify this as long-lasting for review purposes). I imagine that most do not care if these plump or not, and from my experience, many do not mind reapplying gloss often–I just try to review and rate based on what products are supposed to do, so you have all the information and can decide what is/isn’t important to you.

Chantecaille Brilliant Lipgloss (Glaze)