Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer , Dupes

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Fall 2011:  Peridot Le Vernis

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis ($25.00 for 0.4 fl. oz.) is easily one of the most buzzed about items from Chanel’s fall collection. I just received mine last night (all polish has to be shipped ground when ordered via Chanel, aka takes ten days to get to me here on the west coast!), and it looked absolutely stunning in the bottle. Depending on the angle, the bottle read more of a murky greenish-gold flanked by edges of indigo and teal to an almost spring green with an edge of antique gold and indigo ribboning.

Peridot is opaque in two coats, and on my nails, it’s greenish-gold with a real murky quality to it. I keep using the word “murky,” but it’s the only one that keeps coming to mind. Along the edges of my nails, I can see a slight darkening of green and almost teal. As amazing as the bottle looks, I don’t think the duochrome ends up translating as strongly on the nail. It is there, and it’s subtle–and still more noticeable in person as you move your hands around in the light. As far as Chanel polishes go, it is certainly what one would expect from high-end polish–different, nuanced, and not-quite-dupeable.

I don’t have anything that’s exactly like Peridot. The subtle duochrome makes it difficult to dupe, but there are similar shades–they just tend to be the dominant shade of that murky green-gold. China Glaze Peace on Earth is deeper and greener. In a trio of duochromes, ORLY It’s Not Rocket Science, SpaRitual Optical Illusion, and China Glaze Zombie Zest all have a murky green quality mixed with gold along with a duochrome effect–but they are quite different from Peridot.  You can compare all of them by dragging them side-by-side in the Swatch Gallery.

This shade is limited edition. The nice thing about Chanel limited editions is they are often available for a couple weeks before they do eventually sell out–but at least you don’t have to stalk the website during the wee hours of the nights. It has been my experience that counters do often sell out much quicker, once they get their stock in.

The formula is nice on Peridot; it’s thin without being watery or sheer–two coats is enough for an opaque result–and even though there is a metallic finish, it was easy to control brush strokes.  Given that I’ve had this shade for less than twenty-four hours, I couldn’t tell you how this particular shade wears. In my experience with Chanel polishes, I get around a week’s worth of wear with minor tip wear, when used with a top and base coat (I usually use Zoya’s Armor and Anchor)–it’s around average for me, so it wears well but I do get a little more wear out of a few other brands.  To be fair, I can’t think of a brand that does chip on me, though.

Is Peridot worth it? Have you found a dupe?


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