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Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissee

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees (Iridescent Effects Eyes) ($75.00 for 0.46 oz.) is a limited edition illuminating powder that can be used on eyes and cheeks. It’s rather massive–plenty of product here–at 0.46 oz., which is double the size of your average blush. It’s many times larger than your average eyeshadow, which this can be used for as well (think highlighting the brow bone as the more go-to use).

It has a glitter-shimmer overlay that disappears after a few uses, though you’ll find bits and pieces still caught within the woven tweed pattern for several uses. When the glitter overlay is removed, the powder is still shimmery. As far as Chanel highlighters go, this is on the more frosted end of the spectrum. You won’t find large chunks of shimmer, but it has an obvious reflective sheen. Beiges wears well without fading over eight hours, and the texture is soft and finely milled (well, after you remove the chunkier glittery flecks!). I think the higher frost in the finish makes it a bit over-the-top, and if you do get the glittery bits in there, it looks heavy.

Though there are three shades, the differences between them are slight. When used together, it’s a pale, champagne beige. It consists of a pale pink, yellowed beige, and white-beige. It highlight cheeks well, and despite its frostier finish, it didn’t seem to emphasize pores. I find it’s pretty when worn, but whether it is worth the hefty price tag is another story. The shade itself isn’t particularly unique, and with the heavier sheen, easier to find in many brands (finding subtler, more refined highlighters is can be trying from my experience). It’s more a collector’s product than a must-have staple in your bag.

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Chanel Les Aquarelles de Chanel Collection

Chanel Les Aquarelles de Chanel Collection

In the 1920s, Marie Laurencin painted a watercolor portrait of Gabrielle Chanel. Today, Karl Lagerfeld employs that image as a point of departure for the 2011 Spring-Summer Haute Couture Collection, suffused with light and restraint. The atmosphere is pastel-toned, with clean silhouettes of catwalk models styled as ballerinas, evanescent and nonchalant. Soft pinks merge into tones of ivory and dove grey. Every aspect of the cherished rue Cambon style is washed over with the candor of youth. The enigmatic grace of a black satin ribbon tied high around the neck accentuates the mysterious spirit hidden behind the models’angelic faces.

Innocence always conceals its more daring side. Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, sees the spirit of rebellion behind delicate poses. His pastels are infused with character, coloring candidly pure faces with a flourishing form of urban poetry.

Created in the image of the 2011 Spring-Summer Haute Couture Collection, the shade range focuses on a palette of pinks and delicate grey on the eyes, framed by black and bathed in light. An exclusive creation, OMBRES TISSÉES Beiges takes on a fine-knit texture of silvery, golden and pinkish tones of beige. Arranged in three bands within their square case, these satiny eyeshadows smooth transparently over eyelids, while illuminating facial contours with touches of light. A little cloud of OMBRE ESSENTIELLE in Gris Exquis is shaded just beneath the brow line. A bold, geometric line of STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF 10 Ébène is drawn the precise width of the eyelid, stopping abruptly at its border for a more muted revisiting of the doe eye, modernising the youthful inspiration behind the look.

Blush extends from cheekbones to just below the eye. JOUES CONTRASTE 99 Rose Pétale adorns an opalescent complexion with soft light, lifted by the fresh hue of 66 Pink Cloud. Lips and nails are dressed in a hint of transparent pink, conveying an impression of romance par excellence. Irresistible, and as gentle as a hydrating balm, ROUGE COCO SHINE softens your natural smile with 58 Royallieu, while LE VERNIS 507 Tendresse perfects the color harmony in the most delicate way imaginable.

Ombres Tissees ($75.00)

This unique illuminating powder from LES AQUARELLES DE CHANEL Makeup Collection adds captivating shimmer and iridescence to eyes and cheeks with pale pink and ivory tones. The harmony is embellished with a luminous layer of shimmer and embossed with an iconic woven tweed effect. Limited Edition.

  • Beiges (Limited Edition)

Joues Contraste ($43.00)

  • Pink Cloud (Limited Edition)
  • Rose Petale

Ombre Essentielle ($28.50)

  • Gris Exquis (Limited Edition)

Le Vernis ($25.00)

  • Tendresse (Limited Edition)

Stylo Yeux Waterproof ($29.00)

  • Ebene

availability: chanel.com

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