Chanel Noir et Or Collection: Gold Lame, Black Velvet, & Illusion d’Or Le Vernis

Chanel Noir et Or Collection
Chanel Nail Lacquer: Black Velvet + Illusion d’Or (thumb), Black Velvet (pointer),
Illusion d’Or (middle), Gold Lame + Illusion d’Or (ring)

Chanel Noir et Or Collection: Gold Lame, Black Velvet, & Illusion d’Or Le Vernis

Chanel Noir et Or Collection is a very limited edition, hard-to-get-your-hands-on collection that is only available in select Chanel Boutiques (it officially launched April 1st). It includes three shades of nail lacquer: Gold Lame (copper gold), Black Velvet (matte black), Illusion d’Or (clear with gold sparkle).

  • Gold Lame (440) is a metallic yellowed gold. Like the majority of metallic finish polishes, there are noticeable brushstrokes. It went opaque in about two coats, but I did three to see if I could minimize the brushstroke-effect. I loved the layering effect of Illusion d’Or on top of Gold Lame, because it camouflaged the brush strokes but you could still see the metallic finish of Gold Lame peeking through. This shade really does a number between different light sources–it goes from like a golden bronze to a gilded gold. Pretty but a pain in the butt to photograph!
  • Black Velvet (430) is not quite a matte black. It’s nearly matte, but it never dried completely matte for me. It had this weird, almost like a vinyl sheen to it. I wish I could describe the finish better, but I’m at a loss! Maybe like a rubbery look? They’re not really glossy or shiny, but they definitely catch the light a bit. The color itself is a very inky black with an almost velvety burgundy-brown cast.
  • Illusion d’Or (450) is a clear glossy base with large particles of gold, bronze, and amber glitter with larger iridescent pinky-purple glitter. This won’t go opaque in three or four layers, but it does look pretty as a sheerer shade. It is even prettier when layered over either Black Velvet or Gold Lame.

Overall? I love. But I love the effect of them together, not so much alone. I’m not sure how many of you will be swept away by the combination of two to shell out $46 for it. There is just something about Chanel’s way of doing lacquer. If it’s not already a known secret, I most definitely have a thing for Chanel lacquer.

Like I died a little inside when I saw how Illusion d’Or popped over Black Velvet. If I had seen that online, I would have been like, “TWO PLEASE!” Illusion d’Or also looks pretty-in-gold over Gold Lame. I think if there was one must-have shade here, it would be Illusion d’Or, if only because it makes the other two really POP!

I still can’t get over the finish and look of Black Velvet, and it really annoys me that I can’t put my finger on it enough to give you a good description of it! It’s matte and yet not. It’s not flat, but it’s not really shiny or glossy… and yet it still (obviously) catches the light.

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If Chanel lacquers weren’t so pricey, it’d be so much easier to say, “YES, BUY THESE!” without guilt. If you dig interesting blacks, Black Velvet might be that. If I had to pick one of three to get, Illusion d’Or, because it does amazing things when layered.

Availability: Select Chanel Boutiques