Chanel Empreinte Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Empreinte Rouge Coco Shine
Chanel Empreinte Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Empreinte Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Empreinte Rouge Coco Shine ($32.50 for 0.10 oz.) is a pale beige-rose with a subtle gray cast. There’s also a very subtle gold shimmer. Cle de Peau #129 is similar, though it applies pinker and warmer. MAC Win-Win has a totally different texture but appears a bit similar. MAC Lazy Day has a similar gray cast but is more opaque. Benefit Jing-a-ling is also pink with a gray cast but is also more opaque.  I caution you on comparison colors, though, because there’s enough translucency that and subtlety to this shade that I expect it to look a bit different person to person.

It has semi-sheer color coverage; at first glance, it will appear sheer or almost colorless, and that’s because it is nearly the exact color of my lips, and I don’t mean that in a my-lips-but-better kind of way–because I don’t like my natural lip color much (very corpse-like), so the result is just a more evened out corpse-like color. So it’s not my take on MLBB myself, but it could work for someone with more naturally pigmented lips looking for a way to mute them here and there. If you’re scratching your head thinking, “No way this is semi-sheer,” I encourage you to look very specifically at the freckle on my lip–you can see how prominent it is on my bare lips, but you’ll see how much of it is covered/appears faded with this product on.

There are a lot of readers who love this formula, and while I like it, I’m not in love for two reasons: it’s not really moisturizing in my experience, and it wears off too quickly. It’s not drying, but it doesn’t hydrate my lips during the short time it lasts on my lips. I’m lucky if these last two hours (and I typically get four hours of wear out of lipsticks).  Empreinte lasted a whopping hour and a half.  What I like most about the formula is the consistency; it’s very soft, smooth, and has a lot of slip, so it glides on lips easily and feels really comfortable to wear. A small downside to slippery formulas is that it’s easy to over-apply and they do have a tendency to disappear faster than less slippery formulas.