Chanel Spring 2012 Glossimers

Chanel Spring 2012 Glossimers
Bonbon (73), Petillant (159), Bagatelle (161)

Chanel Spring 2012: Glossimers

Chanel Spring 2012 Glossimers ($29.50 for 0.19 oz.) include three new and permanent (according to the press release) shades: Bonbon (soft pink), Petillant (golden beige), and Bagatelle (pink).

  • Bonbon is a sheer gold-shimmered pale pink. There’s no real color to it; on my lips, it provides a semi-opaque covering of shimmer. It’s similar to NARS Super Orgasm (a touch darker), Chanel Aurore (slightly more of a beige base), and Benefit I’m With the Band (more golden sheen).
  • Petillant is sheer and virtually colorless with white and pale pink shimmer. This is really, really subtle; unless you’re a Glossimer devotee, this one is easily skipped, because it doesn’t have as much shimmer as most Glossimers do either. It may sound harsh, but these kinds of glosses are numerous, and while having a couple in your back pocket is great for layering, it’s difficult to see nuances between them, so most of us don’t need too many of them.
  • Bagatelle is a light-medium, blue-based pink with gold flecks of sparkle. This one was the most pigmented with semi-opaque color coverage. The gold shimmer in this is larger than the others, so it actually felt a little gritty on the lips, compared to the smooth feel of most Glossimers. It reminded me a bit of MAC Splashing, which isn’t blue-based, and Givenchy Glamorous Fuchsia, which doesn’t have the gold sparkle.

Chanel Glossimers have certainly earned their accolades because of their comfortable, non-sticky texture and ultra-shimmering appearance.  In the sunlight, these really sparkle and look like shimmering water with the amount of dazzle and shine they give off.  I didn’t fully appreciate them until I saw how they looked outdoors.  Indoors, they’re a little less spectacular, but they’re generally a really pretty gloss that tends to have sheer to semi-sheer color coverage but lots of shimmer.  I usually find these to have a really smooth shimmer, but Bagatelle felt gritty from the get-go.  I could just feel the shimmer on my lips.  Bonbon wore for about two and a half hours, while Petillant disappeared within an hour and a half.  Bagatelle wore the best, as it wore for four hours.

Chanel Spring 2012 Glossimers