Cargo Lights of the World Palette

Cargo Lumieres du Monde Palette
Cargo Lumieres du Monde Palette

Quick Review: Cargo Lumieres du Monde Palette

Cargo Lights of the World Palette ($29.00 for 1.165 oz.) is a surprisingly well-made palette that is comprised of mostly eyeshadows (eight, in fact) along with a blush/bronzer in the center. If you love brighter, more colorful shades, I think this is a palette worth considering this holiday season. The pigmentation of nearly all the shades was really nice, as were the textures–soft, smooth, and not powdery. Even the matte shades were quite nice!

  • A is a teal blue with subtle green micro-shimmer and a frosted sheen. It is very nicely pigmented and smooth.
  • B is a paled yellow gold with a high frost shimmer and sheen. It’s frostier than both A and D, and it’s smooth and pigmented.
  • C is a medium blue with a frosted sheen. It’s decently pigmented, but it could use a little more oomph.
  • D is an olive green with a khaki gold shimmer-sheen. It has more of a frost finish, and it is nicely pigmented (could be a little more intense, though).
  • E is a warm, medium pink with yellow undertones and a satin finish.
  • F is a softened peach orange with a strong, yellowed gold sheen. When mixed with E, it becomes a lightened peach-orange.
  • G is a darkened lavender with a soft pearled, frost sheen. It has nice pigmentation and goes on smoothly.
  • H is a pure white with a matte finish. It’s very creamy, smooth, and pigmented.
  • I is a cool-toned peached brown with a matte finish. It has a lovely smooth texture and nice color pay off.
  • J is a slightly cool-toned medium-dark brown with a pearly finish. It’s decently pigmented though on the sheerer side.

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: At $29 and with plenty of each shade, it’s an excellent buy for a multi-colored palette that actually holds quality eyeshadows.