Candles By Victoria – Scent Shots Reviews

Candles By Victoria – Scent Shots

Candles By Victoria – Scent Shots

Candles By Victoria Scent Shots ($1.95 for 2 oz.) are individually sized tarts that release their scent when melted. If you’re not familiar with tarts (I wasn’t!), you’ll also need to make sure to grab a tart warmer, too (I got mine via Amazon, since I did not realize I needed one when I placed my order). I decided on Scent Shots, because I couldn’t commit to a few scents and would have rather tried a wide variety to find my favorites for future purchases. I couldn’t even tell you which scents I ordered by memory, and I haven’t gotten through all of them, but I will describe the ones I have tried so far!

  • Bear Claws was a sweetened scent of nuts and caramel–definitely smells like the treat by the same name.
  • Christmas Kitchen is mostly a cinnamon spiced scent with a touch of orange.
  • Harvest is a decadent spiced scent that’s not as warm as Home Sweet Home.
  • Hazelnut Spice has the nuttiness of the hazelnut warmed by the spiciness of cinnamon.
  • Home Sweet Home was a warm, spicy blend that kind of reminded me of Christmas but not quite.
  • Poison Apple smelled like a mix of sweetened green apples and spice.
  • Sunflower had a floral scent with a lot of rose and jasmine that ended up smelling a little soapy to me.
  • Ylang & Amber is dominated by ylang ylang, which is a strong floral, with just a touch of amber.

Candles By Victoria carries an insane amount of scents (they boast “over 640”), and you can read through scent descriptions here.  I was entirely overwhelmed by the variety, but I am thankful they did have descriptions and broke out the scents into a few categories.

My friend Brooke always raved about the brand, so when they held a sale several months ago, I knew I had to bite the bullet! I’m really glad I did, because they do exactly what I want a candle to do–give me lots and lots of scent. The throw is fantastic, as my two-bedroom apartment smells of whatever I’ve melted. A lot of the candles I’ve used in the past (all of those used wicks and burned) failed to really permeate my living space (trust me, it’s not a lot — like 750 square feet).

I usually get 8-12 hours of melting time–I tend to just turn on the warmer and let it go for a few hours.  I’ve re-used the melted tarts (which will form a small disc) as well, and the scent is lessened but still noticeable (depends on how long you’ve already melted it for).  My best advice is to melt for a couple of hours and turn off, because the scent lingers for hours afterward so you can save the scent for the next day.

In fact, after writing this post, I placed an order for a few more scent shots that I haven’t tried and two candles (Hazelnut Spice and Christmas Kitchen).  They currently have 10% off if you use the code CBVICTORIA.  The only downside is while shipping is at a flat rate, it is $8.50, so make your order count or split with a friend/relative 🙂  Hey! Mother’s Day gift idea!

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