Benefit Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer Body Balm

Benefit Take a Picture It'll Last Longer Body Balm
Benefit Take a Picture It Lasts Longer Body Balm

When Barely There Isn’t Even There…

Benefit Bathina Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer Body Balm ($25.00 for 1.5 oz.) is a lightly floral-scented shimmering body balm. It purports to give a “shimmering, glimmering… seductive golden-pink sheen.” This is a very, very subtle product; I can’t even emphasize just how subtle and sheer and light the sheen is. I took photos of the “swatch,” but it looked like nothing was there. With a little light, I can see that there is a subtle sheen, but I don’t know of “shimmering, glimmering” is an appropriate description. It’s more glowy than shimmery, more sheen than glimmer.

Described as a “balm,” it doesn’t do much to hydrate or keep skin from losing moisture. It does as much for my skin as any highlighter would do (like a pressed one). It’s not thick or greasy, which is nice, but it’s a little time consuming to apply regardless of whether you forego the velvet pillow or not. I think ultimately this is a product that takes the concept of subtle to a whole new level, and I don’t think it’s supposed to be as sheer as it is. I wasn’t expecting big hunks of shimmer at all, but if I have to squint and flail my arms in the sunlight to see if it’s there, I think there’s a problem!

I did really like the scent–it’s kind of like this very subtle, rosy floral that almost reminds me of baby shampoo (but rosier, obviously). I like it, and I don’t find it strong, though it does linger, which is a plus–assuming you like the scent, of course! The packaging is cute and totally Benefit, and the metal tin makes it pretty durable.  The little velvet pillow applicator is a cute touch, which I imagine is supposed to make it a more luxurious experience.  Nice if you’re just applying to decolletage, but if you’re doing legs, a bit more tedious.

Honestly, when it comes to giving the body a soft, shimmering glow, Benefit’s Kitten does an infinitely better job.

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  • Product: 18/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

RECOMMENDATION: I’d recommend checking out Benefit’s Kitten if you want to try a body highlighter by the brand rather than this particular product.

AVAILABILITY: Benefit, Sephora