Ask Temptalia!

Hey readers! I’ve noticed that many visitors have questions they want to ask me (and many do in the comments). As a new feature of the blog, I’d like to introduce an Ask Temptalia section. Visitors may submit their questions anonymously, and once or twice a week, I will post an entry with my answers. If you’d like to ask me a question, but would rather it not be posted publicly, please feel free to still e-mail me your question and mention that you’d like it to stay private.

You are welcome to ask me questions that pertain to makeup. I’d be happy to try and answer other questions, but my expertise is in MAC/makeup rather than skincare or fashion! (Though take me to a shoe store and watch me buy, buy, buy!)

Feel free to send in your questions asking for recommendations for yourself, friends, or someone else, ideas for special occasions, how to do something, where I found a product, or whatever is on your mind. I will do my best to give you a helpful answer!

Send all your questions to [email protected].