Sunday Link Love, Volume #134

Bright Sunset Eyes by Pixiwoo

Happy Sunday!

I feel like time is flying by.  The weekend arrives, and though we work seven days a week, the weekend still seems slightly different (probably because my inbox is eerily quiet) and for the past couple of months, I get this, “Wasn’t it just the weekend?” feeling every weekend.  We made (well, Shaun) omelettes this morning with asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes–Shaun totally nailed them this morning. I spread a little goat cheese on top for some tang.  It’s one of my favorite things we do each week (we also do a nice dinner out at our favorite local restaurant on Saturday evenings), because it’s a very low-key, relaxing way to spend the morning.  Somehow, I’ve already exhausted Mellan, because he spent the better part of the past two hours at my feet, underneath my desk, snoring loudly.