Sunday Link Love, Volume #121

Happy Sunday!

How are you? What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done this weekend (so far)? We had dim sum with my family yesterday!

In the spirit of holiday giving: The always-generous Brooke introduced me (along with the rest of her viewers) to the Family Giving Tree, which has a virtual giving tree. You can “sponsor this child” and provide the funds for a specific toy on their holiday wish list that FGT will purchase for them. The toys range from $20-30. This is a great 501(c)(3) charity that’s been around for over twenty years (see their profile on Charity Navigator).

Dusty actually tagged me in his last video, and for as much of a non-fan of December as he is, I’m a SUPER fan!

  1. What do you love most about December? I love the music, store displays, and all of the lights people put on their houses. I love seeing huge, two-story-tall trees lit up behind living room windows (and am terribly jealous I cannot have a 12 foot tree).
  2. What is your favorite perfume to wear with the holidays? Tom Ford Oud Wood, but it’s really just my favorite year-round. I don’t have a particular scent just for the holidays. I do very much love all things cinnamon and spice (or pumpkin and spice) for candles and body washes, though.
  3. Which 3 products can’t you live without this December? A warm, furry Mellan (keeps my feet warm), Starbucks’ Cranberry Bliss Bars (pure BLISS!), and our Christmas tree!
  4. What is your go-to look this month? Glowy, highlighted cheeks.
  5. What is your most favorite glittery product? I really digging Guerlain’s Liu shimmer spray in my hair. My hair twinkles!
  6. Show us your favorite ornament from your Christmas Tree! Here you go.
  7. Which candy are you going to eat too much of this month? If Starbucks’ Cranberry Bliss Bar counts, then that. I’m not much of a candy eater (though I eat plenty of sweets, just not candy ones).
  8. What is your favorite December/Holiday related movie or TV show to watch? The Holiday
  9. What do you really hope Santa has wrapped in a present for you this year? A pile of Christmas (lab) puppies in Santa hats. Not joking, I might keel over from glee if that happened.
  10. The Holidays are all about sharing the love, who do you want to give a shout-out and why? Readers, friends, and family. The three branches of my ever-supportive tree.