Sun Care, Sunscreen, and New Labeling Requirements

On June 18th, sun care products will undergo new labeling requirements.  Olay has created a helpful infographic about some of the upcoming changes to sunscreen labeling as well as sun care, and the amount of concise, easy-to-understand information on it was great to see in my inbox this morning. This is not an advertorial, which means Temptalia receives no compensation for posting this. Though it contains call-outs to the brand, it does have excellent non-brand specific information that is very useful and digestible.

From the FDA:  The final regulations, which become effective June 18, 2012, establish a standard test for over-the-counter (sold without a prescription) sunscreen products that will determine which products are allowed to be labeled as “Broad Spectrum.”

However, to avert a shortage of sunscreen in the upcoming months, FDA has extended the compliance dates for testing and labeling until Dec. 17, 2012 for most over-the-counter sunscreen products. This decision followed a review of timelines and other data submitted by trade associations representing sunscreen manufacturers.

Here are some additional links for information from the FDA:

Click image for full infographic