Do you prefer limited edition or permanent products?

I'd rather permanent products!

81%, 2,066 Votes

Limited edition all the way!

19%, 469 Votes

Total Voters: 2,535

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Staples/basics should be permanent, and LE products should be available for a reasonable amount of time, and made available in-stores.

Definitely agree with a reasonable amount of time for limited edition products, which I suppose would also go hand in hand with a reasonable amount of the limited edition products. *cough*MAC*cough*

LE aren’t always up to normal quality standards of a brand and quick sell outs can lead to buying before reviews are in. I like being able to wait for sales when I can’t justify a full price purchase and of course, it aucks when you can buy a refill of a loved product because it was LE.

I like the permanent because I feel like they are more consistent with quality and they’re permanent for a reason. I like limited edition because it’s not so common and not everyone will be walking about with the same shade of lipstick (at least that use to be the case) of the same packaging. I couldn’t go with limited though because I feel like the are spin offs from the permanent collection.

I prefer permanent. LE is fine, if there’s adequate stock to have a fighting chance at getting one. I’m pretty sick of how MAC does there LE releases. Mostly, I think LE is gimmicky and used to create artificial demand. If I were a collector, LE would probably appeal to me more.

completely agree! Creating an artificial demand is the right description. To some degree this might be ok, of course every brand wants to let as buy more and more. And for example seasonal Specials make really sense, because they are driven by Fashion Trends.
But what happens with MAC LEs reminds me on the early days of ebay, when you have bid on an private auction. But instead of getting something valuable very cheap, you get an expensive commercial good. I am not immune against this inducement to buy, but I descided against hunting for MAC LEs and at the end I prefer classy design to most of the slightly kitschy LE packaging

I understand why brands do LE, and there is a certain excitement about buying LE items, but in general, permanent. I like to have lots of time to check out reviews, and think about it without worrying whether it’ll be gone!

Permanent! That way if I fall in love with something I don’t have to agonize over finding a dupe when I run out! Also a lot of LE collections *coughMACcough* sell out in a few hours, and I’d rather not be breaking my internet over a lipstick.

I like permanent so that I have plenty of time to consider if I really want something before I buy. I really liked the Naked palettes at first, but after a few trips into Ulta and swatching it, I realized it was something I was never going to get my money’s worth from. I would have been super PO’d if I’d wasted $50+ on it, and I would have wasted it if I’d been afraid that it was going to be disappearing as a LE item.

There is nothing worse than falling in love with a LE product, using it all up and then never being able to replace it ๐Ÿ™

There’s just something so exciting about limited edition products (when you can get your hands on them)! However, they can be a bummer when you don’t have money saved up for the purpose of future LEs beforehand. Still, I get a rush when I look at the LE products in my collection!

I like the occasional Limited Editon run, especially if it’s a holiday thing, because companies usually make sure they don’t sell out. But overall, the LE thing has gotten ridiculous; you shouldn’t have to camp out online or line up for hours outside a store to get something that half the time isn’t as good as the permanent line.

A lot of the products I love most intensely are limited edition and it’s so frustrating! As much as I love the added range of options that limited edition collections provide, I just can’t take the constant heartbreak. ๐Ÿ™‚

Definitely permanent so I can take time to swatch, read reviews, wait for sale, and don’t worry about running out of stock or replacing it. But I do like LE as long as there’s a reasonable amount of time to buy it, and it has a some special packaging or theme associated with it. I hate LE items that are sold out within minutes or hours, makes me feel very frustrated and mad that companies are playing those games with us. I usually end up skipping the entire LE collection or end up buying a dupe from a competitor

Permanent products, for the availability. LE products can be especially nice and outstanding but (unless it’s Chanel and might be around for a while) I hate the super-exclusivity. Givenchy Colour Confetti, I’m looking at you sideways, buddy.

Permanent, hands down. I do enjoy the seasonal colour collections but I think of them as supplemental to my core products and don’t get too attached. My core products are permanent ones only.

I like permanent products for staples but I’m a huge sucker for limited edition. Especially if there’s special packaging involved. Then it’s all bad lol

I only have 2 LE items, and they were both just kind of coincidence- Mrs Mia Wallace lipstick (I went in for foundation and they had two left so I tried it and loved it), and Vice 3 (it was damaged stock so it hadn’t been sold- got it weeks later for a bit discount just because the box was ripped!!!).

I definitely prefer permanent. The Vice 3 is not as great quality as the Naked 2 palette I own, or the Ammo palette I used to have. I definitely think quality is more of a concern for companies in permanent things. Also, I hate that rush to get stuff. I’m quite shy and introverted, and big crowds and online panic just makes me anxious. I’d rather wait until it’s calm and I can see swatches.

I’d love Acai from the Julia Petit collection, but unless the store is relatively calm and I can swatch it a bit, I won’t be buying it. I don’t like companies trying to rush me into purchasing by making stuff LE. Also, not being able to buy stuff because it’s LE sucks! I only found out about the Sephora Cinderella collection recently (no Sephora in my country), and I’m gutted I can’t order it all! I want to take my time over where I’m spending my money, and LE really doesn’t let you do that. So either I rush buy it and end up stressed and unhappy (especially if the quality isn’t there), or I take my time to think about it, and miss my chance. Either way it blows.

I’ve just decided not to get too hyped up about LE stuff from now on. If it’s still in stock next time I’m in, I’ll have a look and consider it, otherwise LE stuff can bleep off.

Sorry for the rant, I’m actually annoyed about how some places handle their LE stuff. Creating false demand isn’t cool.

I like LE, but the quality is usually not as consistent as permanent lines. Creating fake buzz to sell out LE products is becoming a problem with this industry. Launches need to be special, not just because it’s Tuesday.

The new Maybelline Color Tattoos were the WORST. I think the display holds about ONE of each color and once those get sold (one nanosecond after the displays are put up) that’s all there are. That Black Orchid color is really nice and I think the display holds ONE. Ridiculous.

I would absolutely prefer great permanent products that I know I can repurchase because I love them, than be scared to use up something that I love and can’t replace!!

I try now to reserve purchasing LE items for really fun, out of the ordinary (for me) colours/products that I won’t use that often – so I don’t worry about not having any replacements!

I admit I’m more likely to buy a limited edition product just because of the scarcity principle while I know permanent products will always be around (until they’re discontinued, at least) and will therefore hold off until a sale or when I actually need it, but I do prefer permanent products? I know I shouldn’t because make-up expires eventually and it’ll just be money wasted with no enjoyment out of it, but I always end up feeling reluctant to use limited edition products because it’ll be the only one I have unless I buy back-ups, which I never do. Less because I’ll use it up — I don’t think I’ve ever used up any make-up yet — but because I’m spoiling it somehow.

Generally I prefer products from permanent line,but quite often I end up buying LE products.
Definition LE makes me to buy an item as I start to think that it is something unique. While permanent line products are always available and no need to hurry in grabbing them.

Permanent products are usually better quality and you can actually go check them out in person if you wish so you can make sure it works with your skin tone. There’s nothing worse than buying something limited edition just for it to clash with your undertones or personal style. I don’t even bother buying something unless I can wait for 30 days to see if it’s something I still want first and do my research.

Overall, I prefer permanent, especially for skincare. However, sometimes I see a limited edition and I just love it, so I purchase it (the new MAC Cinderella collection is a perfect example.) I’m fine with LE’s as long as I know prior to purchasing that an item is LE. What drives me bonkers is when beauty lines do not say something is limited edition and suddenly discontinue it! Philosophy and Chanel seem to do it quite often without warning. Drives me nuts!

I like permanent and limited edition. Actually, I love limited edition products during the holiday season. It’s my time to splurge and I save my coins/gift cards in anticipation. Even permanent items are packaged as gift set combinations that’s not normally available. What irritates me is when permanent products are discontinued. That annoys me 20 times more than a limited product. I have no expectation with a LE product. What you see is what you get and if you want it, you better buy it asap. With a permanent product I’ve become emotionally invested that the product will be accessible long term. As far as Mac LE products, I regularly read lots of complaints about their LE sales tactics and LE products but Mac wouldn’t continue to do it if the demand declined. No matter how mediocre Mac LE products are alleged to be, there remains a high demand for their inventory.

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