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MAC for Iris Apfel Eyeshadows

MAC Diamond Dove Eyeshadow
MAC Diamond Dove Eyeshadow

MAC for Iris Apfel: Eyeshadows

There are five limited edition shades of MAC Eyeshadow ($15.00 for 0.05 oz.) in the Iris Apfel collection: Diamond Dove (deep gray-brown), Early Bird (bright coral), Howzat (deep gray with silver sparkle), Robin’s Egg (mid-tone teal), and Silver Gull (blue-gray with sparkle).

  • Diamond Dove is a dark brown with subtle cool undertones. It has good color payoff, but it is definitely a drier matte, so you may or may not like that type of texture (it’s more like most of MAC’s matte finishes–not at all like the Matte2 finish). This has a matte finish. Tarina Tarantino Wonderful is a slightly less gray brown in the palette. MAC Brun is grayer. MAC Copperplate is a bit lighter and much grayer. It’s a bit darker than MAC Double Feature 3.
  • Early Bird is a medium coral-pink. This has a matte finish. The color payoff is good, but again, it is a drier matte, which you may love or hate. If you didn’t like working with MAC Free to Be (which is a bit darker but otherwise very similar), I doubt you’ll like this one. They’re both fairly dry. I actually found this to need more packing on the lid (I think to apply it to my inner third of the lid, I applied five or six times to get true-to-pan intensity). Inglot #361 is also similar.
  • Howzat is a bluish gray with a sheen. This has a satin finish. I didn’t like it the first time it came out, nor the second, and I still think it’s subpar. The color payoff is terrible with a really dry, stiff texture that’s just not worth the effort. MAC Interior Life is similar but more matte.
  • Robin’s Egg is a bluish-teal. This has a matte finish. This is the type of color that’s going to look bluer/greener depending on the colors you pair it with but your underlying skin tone will have an affect, too. For instance, warmer complexions will probably see this as more of a teal shade, while cooler complexions may find it turns bluer. The texture of this is different than the other matte eyeshadows–it’s much softer, not quite as soft as Matte2 finishes, but still softer and much easier to work with. It’s similar to MAC Double Feature 3 and Inglot #372.
  • Silver Gull is a pale, neutral-toned gray with silver sparkle. This has a velvet finish. The base color has more of a matte finish, while the sparkle lies on top of the product, which does cause significant fall out (even just swatching, the sparkle doesn’t bind with the actual color). It’s also on the sheerer side and a bit powdery. Guerlain Les Ombres de Nuit has a slightly similar gray. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any other dupes.

These are some of the better single eyeshadows I’ve seen from MAC since Surf Baby (which was an exceptional set!). I think what will sway you is simply how you prefer your matte finishes–if you like them drier, more consistent with most of MAC’s matte range, you’ll like these. If you prefer softer, denser, almost buttery mattes, these are not like those. In my experience, drier mattes perform just as well as more buttery ones once you apply them, but it’s in a quick swatch that you might find the major discrepancy. I wore Early Bird, Robin’s Egg, and Silver Gull to test out the wear of these, and I did have fall out issues with Silver Gull (which also required packing of color to get it to show). Robin’s Egg is the easiest to work with, because it’s soft and very pigmented–so you don’t need a lot of it, and you can easily blend it out, too.

MAC for Iris Apfel Eyeshadows


MAC for Iris Apfel Lipsticks

MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC for Iris Apfel: Lipsticks

There are four limited edition (and one permanent) shades of MAC Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) in the Iris Apfel collection: Flamingo (light milky bright coral), Morange (loudmouth orange), Party Parrot (bright red-pink), Pink Pigeon (bright cleanest pink), and Scarlet Ibis (bright orange-red).

MAC lipsticks come in a variety of finishes, so the color payoff, texture, and wear can vary based on the finish alone. In this collection, we have mostly mattes. The matte formula on these is comfortable to wear without being drying; I actually would have pegged them as amplified cremes or satins, because they didn’t cling like some of MAC’s original matte finishes do (think Ruby Woo; none of these are similar in texture). Lustres tend to wear off quickly and dry out my lips, so they’re not my favorite finish. Amplified cremes are really opaque, creamy, and comfortable to wear. Because of the intensity of the pigmentation in these shades (except Flamingo), these will wear longer and have a tendency to stain. I’ve worn Morange for six hours in the past, and I tested out Scarlet Ibis for wear, and it wore for six hours and left a bit of a stain. MAC lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free.

MAC for Iris Apfel Lipsticks


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Brazil’s Must-Have Brands

By Melanie, Local Contributor – Brazil

Melanie is 21-years old and lives in Brazil. She has brown eyes, brown and curly hair, and cool-toned, fair skin. She’s a future journalist, vegetarian, feminist, and the boldest Aries you’ll ever meet. One of her life goals is to be free of prejudice and hate as much as possible. She would love to work at a cultural magazine or write a cultural column.

Melanie attributes her interest in beauty products to Japanese men, because she was a big fan of J-rock, specifically Visual Kei, when she was younger. It inspired her to try to replicate some of the makeup looks the musicians wore! Her philosophy is simple: everyone is beautiful–every size, shape, hair, nose lips, hands, everything! You can follow her on Twitter or check out her blog!

Cityscape of Balneário Camboriú by emarquetti

Brazil’s Must-Have Brands

You probably know Brazil for Carnaval, bossa nova, Rio de Janeiro, and our football NT, but did you know Brazil is the second largest consumer of cosmetics in the world (recently passed Japan and now only behind USA)? There’s probably much more to see than you expected!  Besides loving international brands like Avon (which is extremely popular around here), Maybelline, Lancôme, MAC, and many others, we have a huge variety of our own brands, each with something different for the beauty market.  My mission here is to introduce you to this new world and show what we do best. These are some of the Brazilian brands I love and recommend. Enjoy!


Natura is our giant; it’s a market leader and international success (available in other seven countries in Latin America as well as France). What makes Natura special is their eco-friendly philosophy, use of local ingredients, and being cruelty-free. Their skincare and bath line named Natura Eko is a great example: all of its products have ingredients (fruits, seeds, herbs) specially picked with Brazil’s biodiversity in mind. I believe using a Natura Ekos product is like experiencing a little piece of Brazil!


When you think Mahogany, you think delicious and memorable scents, retro packaging, and a ‘chic’ feel. The brand is always aiming for international standards by investing in research and technology. They specialize in skin care, hair care, and fragrances. I love that we have a brand like Mahogany in Brazil, which is so quality-driven and is definitely able to surprise even the most demanding consumers.

Contém 1g

Variety, quality, pretty packaging, and innovation: Contém 1g has it all. Brazilian makeup brands are, most of the time, just trying to catch up to international trends. Of course, Contém 1g does that, too, but they’re always developing new products and doing it their own way. The downside is that their products are inconsistent; most are amazing but others just don’t work. The products they do get right are quite worth the try, though, and courage always deserves praise.

Duda Molinos

This is a new brand that has already won the hearts of Brazilian women. It’s named after one of the most famous makeup artists in Brazil, and it really seems to use his expertise to create great products at rather reasonable price. The key words for this brand are: potential, quality and boldness.  So far, it is really promising.

Hits! Specialità

With its cute, slim bottles and well-picked colors, Hits! is the brand of fashionable women. You won’t find a plain red or a baby pink on their shelves. Hits! focuses on trendy, different, and classy colors as well as glitter nail polish (which are really hard to find here), to make the collections of Brazilian nail polish addicts complete.

O Boticário

This is the second largest brand of cosmetics in Brazil, which is also present in Portugal, Mexico, Japan and sixteen other countries. Although o Boticário has great makeup, skincare (including ‘Fun’, an indeed fun and surprising themed line), bath, hair care, and many other lines, their fragrances are the products that are the most influential and remembered for their quality. It’s almost cultural: most Brazilian girls get their first perfume from o Boticário. And, of course, the brand’s fragrances follow many of them through their lives.


I’m always impressed with the quality of Vult products. I love their eyeshadow: pigmented, buttery, long-lasting. Even though they’re a drugstore brand, and their prices compatible with the category, the makeup line specially can easily compete with our mid-end brands. How cool is this: to buy great products at great prices?

What caught your attention? What do you like the most about Brazil?

Free for Haul Friday, Volume #113

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  MAC Naturally + Iris Apfel
  • Weekend plans:  Celebrating New Year’s with my fiance! Ooh, fiance.
  • What are your New Year’s Eve traditions?:   I used to play mahjong with my immediate family for most of the night and watch various NYE shows as it hit midnight across the world.  For the past couple of years, I’ve spent it with Shaun and trying to stay up until midnight.  Sometimes we’re like senior citizens 😉  Still working on creating some of our own traditions!

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