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What We’re Wearing, Vol. 051

What We’re Wearing, Vol. 051

By default, it was kind of my favorite since I wasn’t able to capture anything else I happened to wear this week on camera.  This is NYX Almond Roll-On Shimmer on eyes, Tom Ford Lovelust Blush on cheeks, and Milani Photo Flash on lips.  I can’t remember what eyeliner I was wearing here!

What was your favorite look you wore this week?

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Guerlain Les Gris Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Les Gris Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Les Gris Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Les Gris Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Les Gris Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00 for 0.25 oz.) consists of four eyeshadows that center around a cool-toned, gray theme.  Guerlain’s eyeshadow formula doesn’t always hit all the bells and whistles for me, even though their color selections are rarely off.  The textures of these shades are soft, smooth, and decadent, but the payoff could be a little more intense.  Without a primer, these wear for around eight hours with just slight creasing, and with a primer, there’s no creasing even after twelve hours.

The first shade, on the very left of the palette, is a brown-based gray with a satin-matte finish; it’s not quite matte, but the satin sheen is very subtle. It shares the qualities of most mattes in that it tends to perform better applied than it does swatched. When swatched, there’s some sheerness and dryness, but once applied, it goes on soft and smooth, and that dryness transforms to blendability on the eye. It looks a bit like MAC Scene but without the bluish tone. Chanel Gris Exquis is a couple of steps lighter with less brown in it.

The top shade is a pale gray-taupe; it’s on the edge of taupe, but both the silvery-gray sheen and lightness of it make it appear grayer overall. It has more of a soft, frosted finish, because it has both noticeable shimmer and sheen. The texture is soft and light, and the pigmentation is good. MAC Hold That Pose has a slightly rosy tint in comparison. Guerlain Les Ombres de Nuit has a shade very similar to this, perhaps slightly warmer.

The bottom shade is a dark navy blue with cool undertones and a frosted finish. There’s a subdued quality about the color that makes it less like your average navy blue (which is gorgeous still!). The color reminded me a bit of MAC Prussian, but the finishes are very different.

The last shade, which is on the right side of the palette, is a silver with hints of brown wrapped in a metallic finish that’s just shy of being foil-like. It has a larger shimmer compared to the other two shimmery shades in the palette, though it is not chunky or prone to fall out. The color payoff is good. It’s lighter than theBalm Muppetational. It’s similar to Bobbi Brown Silver when it’s used dry.

Guerlain Les Gris Eyeshadow Palette


Make Up For Ever #1K Khol Pencil

Make Up For Ever #1K Khol Pencil
Make Up For Ever #1K Khol Pencil

Make Up For Ever #1K Khol Pencil

Make Up For Ever #1K Khol Pencil ($17.00 for 0.04 oz.) is described as a “deep black.”  It’s a rich black with a creamy finish; no real sheen or shine, so it appears mostly matte once applied.  This liner from the brand is supposed to be “exceptionally smooth” and work well for both the lash line and lower water line. According to Sephora, it is a blend of vegetable lipids, vitamin E, mango seed oil, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and jojoba oil.  When I tried to figure out just how long this was supposed to wear, Make Up For Ever actually said for long-lasting results to dust a loose powder or use their makeup seal over it.

The pencil is, however, designed to be used on the upper and lower rims, or the waterlines, which is why it has such a creamy texture.  The Khol Pencil (which is how it’s spelled on the pencil, but on their website, they write it as Kohl Pencil) glides across the lash line/water line effortlessly, because it has such a soft, creamy consistency that helps it deliver intense color in a single pass.  This is a very smudgeable eyeliner, though I didn’t find that it would run, smudge, or migrate when I wore it.

When I tested it on the waterline, it lasted for four hours or so, but it held up better on the lower lash line and made it to eight hours with most of it intact.  Despite the eyeliner disappearing on the waterline after four hours, it doesn’t migrate or wind up underneath your lash line.  I did dust on a smidgen of black eyeshadow on top of the lower waterline to see if it would improve the wear, which it did, though it extended the wear to five hour and a half hours.


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Transform Your Glow by Mixing Illuminators with Foundation

By Nita J., Virginia, Makeup Artist

Nita J is a strong advocate that true beauty lives in each and every individual. To her, makeup just enhances beauty and should never be used to mask the beauty that a person was born with. With her knowledge of makeup, cosmetic brands, marketing and the beauty industry, Nita J hopes to contribute as much as she can and instill in the minds of others that confidence and true beauty is soul-deep. You can check out her portfolio and her blog!

Transform Your Glow by Mixing Illuminators with Foundation

No matter what time of year it is, I find that most clients always want to accomplish a natural “glow” with their look. I personally have always liked a nice healthy, glowing complexion when doing my makeup on a daily basis, so I love trying out new products that would be me achieve this. An awesome tip that I tried once, fell in love with and kept it within my normal routine, is mixing a good illuminating product with foundation.

When you think of “glow,” most would reach into their beauty bag for a bronzer, which is perfectly fine. I tend to use an illuminating lotion rather than a bronzer because, for one, it blends into your foundation for a more seamless glow, and two, it looks more natural and tends to look a little more radiant.
When choosing and illuminating products, it’s best to use something that is sheerer (so that it doesn’t alter the color of your foundation), light, and doesn’t have a ton of shimmer, to give a more natural effect.

Think about it; when you “glow” naturally, your skin doesn’t produce large particles of glitter, right? Something with just a hint of shimmer will do the trick. There are many products out there that would help with this trick, but after trying numerous products, there are two in particular that I just love and can’t get enough of:

Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion ($26.00) comes in three shades: Diffuse, which gives off a nice pearly effect, Flash, which has a hint of soft pink, and Glow, which is a soft, golden bronze. These are all great shades because of the lightweight feel and consistency of the lotion.  They also do not change the color of your foundation. I have found that “Flash” works on many of my clients, no matter their skin tone, and I reach for it all the time. All you need is just one to two pumps of the product and you get an awesome glow. I like to mix the lotion with foundation before applying to the face. This is definitely something that I keep in my personal kit as well as my professional kit.

This is another great product that will beautifully transform your foundation and give you a subtle glow, but make a great statement. This NARS Illuminator ($29.00) comes in four shades; a soft pearl shade called Copacabana, Laguna, which is a soft brown with golden shimmer, the best-seller, Orgasm, which is a peachy-pink lotion with a little shimmer, and Super Orgasm, also peachy-pink but with more of a golden, shimmery finish. All of these are great, but I have discovered that Copacabana and Orgasm looks amazing on just about anyone I apply it to. Just a very small amount of this product is needed to achieve a beautiful glow. Again, mix with foundation before applying to the face for maximum results!

With all of the illuminating products out there, what are some that you have tried and fell in love with? I’d love to know!

Chanel 2012 Spring-Summer Haute Couture Show Makeup by Peter Philips

Photo by Vincent Lappartient

Chanel 2012 Spring-Summer Haute Couture Show Makeup by Peter Philips

Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup used the following CHANEL products to create the runway beauty looks:


  • Skin prepared with HYDRA BEAUTY SERUM Hydration Protection Radiance (available April 2012)
  • PERFECTION LUMIERE Long Wear Flawless Fluid Makeup SPF 10
  • ECLAT LUMIERE Highlighting Face Pen
  • CORRECTEUR PERFECTION Long Lasting Concealer
  • POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE Natural Finish Loose Powder


  • ILLUSION D’OMBRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Apparition and Destination (available July 2012)
  • LE CRAYON YEUX Precision Eye Pencil in Bleu Aérien (available July 2012)
  • STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Long Lasting Eyeliner in Marine
  • LE CRAYON KHOL Intense Eye Pencil in Marine
  • CRAYON SOURCILS Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil
  • RECOURBE CILS DE CHANEL Precision Eyelash Curler


  • JOUES CONTRASTE Powder Blush in Rose Ecrin
  • ROUGE COCO BAUME Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm
  • LE CRAYON LEVRES Precision Lip Pencil in Natural
  • ROUGE COCO Hydrating Crème Lip Colour in Superstition


  • LE VERNIS Nail Colour in Sky Line (available July 2012)

The Exclusive Collection BLEU ILLUSION featuring the new products used in the look will be available at specific points of sales in July 2012.

See more photos! 

I like vanilla-scented lip products a lot, and I don’t mind mint-scented ones. Ones that smell more like your more traditional fragrance (which more high-end brands, e.g. Chanel, Guerlain, etc., tend to have) are less appealing. I don’t have a problem personally (doesn’t bother my nose or anything), but I can see those types of scents being too strong. I like some kind of scent because it can be a good indicator of how long it’s been open for.

— Christine

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