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OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic) Review, Photos, Swatches

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)
OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic) ($18.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “blackened purple with blue pearl [with a Metallic finish].” It’s a bold, brightened bluish-purple with a metallic shimmer-sheen finish. It had strong, cool undertones. Kat Von D Poe (P, $21.00) is darker, much more muted in comparison. Illamasqua Disciple (P, $24.00) isn’t anything like it–much bluer. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

As soon as I saw Technopagan, I couldn’t wait to try it–it’s such a sexy, fierce color. It’s intensely pigmented, as you’d expect from a Lip Tar and applies with even, smooth color coverage. It has more of a satin finish for the first few hours of wear, but it settles to more of a metallic-matte (sheen but not shine) finish. The color was still going strong after ten hours of wear, and it was neither drying nor hydrating on me. The base color is slightly pinker and lighter, so when applying along the edges of the lips, it can take a bit of patience and precision to maintain the rich, blue-purple hue of the rest of the color even along the edge.


DCDiscontinued. $18.00.

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)
OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)
OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)
OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)
OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)
OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)
OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)

Makeup Look
On face:
  • Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation
  • Urban Decay Naked Loose Finishing Powder
  • Chanel Dentelle Precieuse Illuminating Powder


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Chanel Avatar

Wow this is so gorgeous that it looks like a piece of art and I want it, glad it’s permanent. I think I like this slightly better than Kat Von D’s Poe because this is brighter, but honestly I might have to get both. Thanks for the review.

Christine Avatar

Initially, when I saw it in the release, I thought it might be similar to Poe, but they’re definitely different enough to own both! I think Poe is, because it is darker and more muted, is technically more “wearable,” but I felt like a total badass wearing this yesterday, haha.

Nicole O. Avatar

omgah , i NEED this !!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m a matte lip kind of girl , but this metallic finish is just beautiful .

it looks amazing on you , christine !!

this will be added to my never ending wishlist , along with kvd’s poe .

JK Avatar

Wow! Just WOW! What a neat color. I can’t wait until wearing these types of colors is more mainstream. It will happen one of these days!

Lorrin M Avatar

Wow, at first I though Poe was really pretty and unique, but I have to say this lip tar blows it out of the water. Just gorgeous! I wish it was more socially acceptable to wear this sort of shade haha.

RS Avatar

I wish I was bold enough to pull a colour like this off! It’s gorgeous!

The Buffy reference in the name doesn’t hurt either…. 😉

RS Avatar

I’ve got green eyes with dark hair. I appreciate the colour, but feel like it would just be *too much* with my colouring. 🙁

Doesn’t mean I wont try it at LEAST once in store! 😉

Robin Avatar

This looks amazing! Kinda wish I saw this before I bought Poe. Do you know if this is out yet? Couldn’t find it on their site or Sephora’s.

Josie Avatar

Wow!!!! Not something I will wear. But I secretly would love to pull this off. This color is amazing!!! I might just get it for my kit.

A. Mar Avatar

This is stunning! When you posted the promo images, I knew I would love this collection but damn. I’m wild about this! I worry about metallic finishes so I’m thrilled to see your review of it. I’m sold.

Mariella Avatar

Perhaps it’s a reflection of my age, but I just don’t get it. And since I’m not one to blend my own lip colours, I wouldn’t even need this to darken down an existing shade of lipstick. Now, if I saw this in a fabric (for a scarf, tank or floaty skirt), I’d be all over it.

Mariella Avatar

Because I sew, I have more options and there’s an absolutely amazing fabric store in my city that has a stunning collection of silks, satins and satin backed crepes and you’d be surprised – this colour is actually not too hard to find in a print if not a solid (though, of course, if I went looking for it, I wouldn’t find it at all!)

Krista Avatar

Wow! What an amazing and super intense awesome colour! If only it was more acceptable to wear things like this in public without attracting weird looks…

Meg Avatar

Wow! This looks just beautiful on you! I have trouble with OCC tars bleeding on me. I’ve heard that you should use just a small amount, but even when I use so little that the color goes on sheer, I still have bleeding. I don’t have issues with any other lip products- just the OCC tars. Any tips? The shades are just beautiful.

Elizabeth Avatar

Oh my god, this is my FAVORITE color. Supersaturated bold blue. I almost want it just for that and the awesome finish that must be paired with a color like this to give it true My Favorite Color status but I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to wear it out much (not because I’d be uncomfortable, but because I don’t want to deal with hearing other people’s opinions on it, lol)! However, I’d buy a million eyeliners in this shade. It would be awesome if they made one of their pencils to match!

Erin Solaro Avatar

Umm. I really wanted ESP by Illamasqua when I saw it on you, but your review keeps me from buying. This worries me. Because frankly, it would be fabulous with a stranded colorwork sweater I’m knitting in lapis and carnelian. Even though I loathe, despise and detest lipgloss.

This worries me *a lot* and it’s bolder than I think I’m willing to go. But it would be perfect with the sweater…

Erin Solaro Avatar

Thank you! I showed it to my husband, He’s speechless. The more I see this, the more I NEED it. (And I WANTED it the instant I saw it.) Perfect for the sweater.

Erin Solaro Avatar

I should add, I know it’s not a lipgloss, but still, it’s not a *lipstick.* Therefore I regard it as one. Rightly or wrongly.

I’m really worried I may need this, to my husband’s dismay.

Lauren Avatar

I literally just said “Holy F$ck!” when I scrolled down and saw this! I am trying to come up with a million reasons to justify buying this and Poe. Damn you social norms!! *shakes my fist in the air*

kohimiruku Avatar

ooooh this is gorgeous. I like can’t even function.
Actually Christine, this might sound odd, and I completely understand if you can’t answer this (lol), but…can you think of an EYELINER that’s this sort of color? I’m sort of obsessed with this purple-blue color now that I’ve seen it, haha! 😛

Andrea Avatar

Wow I so want it lol I normally don’t wear blue colors but I think I should start tho because they look absolutely beautiful. Lately I have been noticing people wearing all types of colors in their lips so why not step out of my comfort zone lol but anyways I think you look amazing Christine and as always love your reviews

Tugce Avatar

Christine, I realize that with bold colors like this you usually don’t post a whole look. Any reasons? Di you feel like it is so bold that any other make color makeup would look too much? I would love to see this lip color with eye makeup that kind of grounds it, if that makes sense.

Christine Avatar

Hi Tugce,

In general, I avoid wearing any makeup in swatch photos, because I am often swatching 10-15 colors at once, and so one look is unlikely to suit all the shades I swatch. This is true whether it’s a light beige or black. If I’m ever wearing makeup in a swatch photo, it is more likely that I didn’t expect to take any swatch photos but something arrived that needed to be swatched immediately or else I needed to retake a photo or it was for just that particular shade.

Tara Avatar

OMG. I seriously did the *figurative faint* when I saw these swatches. This color exceeded my expectations and my expectations were high because it’s OCC. I love the collision of beautiful things happening – matte/metallic, vivid-bright/vampy…and the color! The color. OMG the color. It’s like a liquid jewel. LOVE it!

I will definitely be checking out OCC’s pencils again (and other pencils if needed) because this needs lip liner. That pink edge would make my lips look like they were sore underneath. I need a nice new purple lip pencil anyway.

Anne Avatar

Holy pretzel. This is BOLD! It’s not something I’d wear myself but damn, it has awesomeness written all other it. And I love how you seem so thrilled to have this on on the picture, Christine. 🙂

Lisa Avatar

Well, I’m definitely too old for the target market on this one, but it says ComicCon/cosplay to me – however, it looks like an extremely high quality product and I’m glad it’s out there. 20 years ago, we were making our own stains for this kind of stuff and using watercolor paint for makeup.

If those oppressive adults hadn’t been so dismissive and ridiculing of our efforts, I’d be rich by now! LOL!!

Safyre Avatar

I recall a time when you first started swatching “unconventional” colors and many were all “meh, idk” whereas it looks like a unanimous “omg how pretty” now. Gorgeous color.

Christine Avatar

It helps that I have a near zero-tolerance policy at this point in the comments for snippy, snarky comments when it comes to unconventional colors. (It’s one thing not to like it or say you wouldn’t wear it, but it’s totally another if one makes snarky comments about those who WOULD wear it, the latter is not tolerated.)

Helene Avatar

I read the review, I saw the rating, I scrolled downe, and I had a heart attack, I swear I did. Nothing fatal. This is, I think, the most amazing lip colour I have ever seen. It’s like the night sky having landed on the lips with all the stars, galaxy’s and mysterious purple-ish gas clouds pressed together.
I knew I wanted it when I saw the news line up, but now, I NEED it.
And I must add, I’m probably far too old to use blue lipsticks, but I don’t care. I will use this walking the dog, going grocery shopping, going just shopping in general. If someone hates when I wear it, let them!
I love it!
This might easily be the worst post I’ve ever written, grammer went out the window, spelling, all forgotten. I am mesmerized!

stanisha stroman Avatar

another dupe for this is Unfinished business by Aboni cosmetics. it a bit darker but its $3 less than OCC and just as pigmented 🙂

Getter Avatar

Wow! Just what I have been looking for! I need a beautiful purple tone lipstick to go with my purple hair and this is it.

I am a bit torn though, I love Pagan and Technopagan both, which would You suggest me? I will also link my picture under website so You could give me advice! Thanks 🙂

Nikki Avatar

This looks so great on you! I just ordered it from Sephora a few days ago, and can’t wait for it to get here!! Are you wearing a lip liner in your photos and if so which one? There appears to be a lighter purple along the edges- which is very pretty!

LadyLiterary Avatar

I am a bit late on this post, but since it was in your top 100 faves I thought I would add a tip I saw in Vintageortacky’s vid. She recommends lining with a black liner to counteract the pink. I have a black and a blue OCC coloured pencil and I use them both to help with the pink tinge.

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