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NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

The Spring 2015 Color Collection features Tilda Swinton in the second of four ‘Portraits by The Artist’, a seasonal series of acts created by NARS Founder and Creative Director François Nars. Act 2, is a nude scene– daring, baring, anything but neutral.

Disrobed tones in spectral effects expose a new natural state. The look begins with a provocative pink shimmer on cheeks. The barely-there effect extends to eyes, where a bold beige base sets the stage for burnished neutrals with lucid depth. Lips are undone in tan pigments topped with a whisper of opalescent gloss.

Eye Paint ($25.00)

  • Porto Venere Soft pale pink

Blush ($30.00)

  • Reckless Sheer pink shimmer

Shimmer Eyeshadow ($25.00)

  • Valhalla Soft shimmering pink peach

Sheer Lipstick ($26.00)

  • Liguria Nude caramel

Duo Eyeshadow ($35.00)

  • St-Paul-de-Vence Shimmering nectarine / Chestnut (Limited Edition)

Lip Gloss ($26.00)

  • Guyane Seashell pink
  • Vent Sale Silver highlight (Limited Edition)

Availability: Now at,February 1st at other retailers

See more photos!

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection
NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection


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Johanna Avatar

Tilda Swinton is one of my top three fashion icons!! I just love her so much. I am also loving these nude and brown looks for spring. I won’t buy the products just because the Swinton endorses them but if they perform well I will be happy to add them to my stash!

Kelly Avatar

Not sure if I would buy anything from this collection because I don’t really need more colours like this…but I love Tilda Swinton…finally an appealing celebrity,,,I’ve been turned off by most of the ones makeup companies have been choosing lately. Actually the nude lipstick is a little intriguing…

Autumn Avatar

Idk.. I usually love nars and whatever Francois brings forward, but to me, Spring is a bright and cheerful season. Not this “slept in a cave all winter” pale look. Dang it, nars!

sophia Avatar

I made a comment like this on a previous post about this collection and kind of got beat up for it. I know that make-up doesn’t need to be flattering inorder to be justified but I definitely think that these promo images take a beautiful woman and make her look “less than her best” so to speak. Doesn’t seem helpful if you’re trying to sell products imo!

Mariella Avatar

For what it’s worth, Sophia, I agree with you 100% Perhaps because I’m “older”, my approach to makeup is that it should be flattering and make us look better, not “less than our best”. I don’t wear cosmetics to look “interesting” or “different” – I wear them to look better than I do without makeup!

Brittany Avatar

Given how muted the colors for this collection are, I couldn’t help but laugh at how the blush is named Reckless but it’s described as a “sheer pink shimmer.”

Quinn Avatar


“Act 2, is a nude scene– daring, baring, anything but neutral.”

Yeah, okay, I guess if you’re under super pale? I’m just bored with lipsticks this color, blushes that don’t show up, the ‘barely there’ trend is just… Yawn. Skip it.

Mariella Avatar

I’m not a fan of nudes at all, so this collection saddens me. St-Paul-de-Vence is such a beautiful place and so filled with colour and it’s not really reflected in that duo (which looks to me an awful lot like Kalahari – to the point where I can’t see the point of having both).

Sylirael Avatar

Tilda Swinton is awesome, but calling this a ‘Color Collection’ made me snicker, I won’t lie 😉 I will be very interested to see how al of these perform, since NARS has cast itself into the rocky and treacherous White Base Waters, where swirling eddies of chalkiness and dangerous lipline reefs abound amidst ashy mists…

*cough* Sorry…got a bit carried away there…

xamyx Avatar

I have 60+ duos, and 50+ singles, and I find no “chalkiness” in any of them… While *some* shades are a bit “stiff” when new, they seem to get better with a bot of use. The cheek/face products are phenomenal, as well.

Mariella Avatar

I think she’s talking about this particular colour grouping and, for what it’s worth, I know what Sylirael means and agree with her – especially that bit about “lipline reefs”! I see far too many women with gunky pale lipstick buildup along the more inner part of the lip when wearing those milky pale shades. I actually had to stop watching a tutorial by a youtuber I generally like because she had this scummy buildup on her lips.

Sylirael Avatar

I don’t mean to impugn NARS’ quality in general, just to observe that this particular collection is ‘at risk’ for the problems I mention, most particularly the lip products. There are lots of awesome brands with awesome products that go the ‘milky’ route and come a cropper after all! I genuinely hope these do turn out well, and I see/appreciate where the artistry of the NARS line is going with a collection that’s not (stereo)typical ‘Spring’…but milky lipline lip products give me the heebie jeebies, and NARS has made milky lipline glosses before…

Julie Avatar

Yeah…when I saw this, my first thought was, “shouldn’t this be called the Lack of Color Collection?” This just looks soooooo monochrome & washed out!!! Seems like it’s also a collection that would only appeal to, or even show up on, a very limited number of people!! I’m a little curious about the pale pink blush, but that’s about it!!

xamyx Avatar

The eyeshadow single looks promising, but I’ll have to see the blush & duo in person… They may be a bit too warm for me.

As far as this collection being “boring”, keep in mind there are those of us who like these shades. NARS has done sooo many colorful products, this is actually something a bit different from the brand. I think it’s a brilliant choice to make a departure from the usual fare. While I do love the vibrant shades-and I have nearly all of them-, I find myself reaching for neutral shades to “anchor” them. Given my station in life, I don’t have the luxury of wearing peacock-eyes on a daily basis, so neutrals are a nice treat, especially when offered by ones absolute favorite brand.

Rachel R. Avatar

I saw swatches of these on another blog, and I actually like the different take NARS took on nudes. These have shades of peachy-pink combined with silver that I found interesting. They did go very neutral with Tilda’s promo shot above, but the items definitely do have color to them.

I’m not sure I like the lipstick. I’d have to see that one in person.

I do see where darker skin tones would struggle with these shades, is the bad part. It would have been nice if they done some darker and/or brighter variations for those who want/need it.

xamyx Avatar

The (fabulous) thing about NARS collections is most products find their way into the permanent range, and with the more “neutral” shades, their is a vast range.

Kirsten Avatar

Hee! Most people seem to not like them, but these might be just the thing to get me to buy Nars for the first time. I love the eye shadows!

Tangie Wimberly Avatar

Not for my NC 45/50 skin tone. The more products I skip the better for my wallet. I’ve learned that most brands have amazing things in their permanent line anyways.

Alla Avatar

I think I can safely pass on most of this collection and go for the dual intensity palette instead. The only thing I want is the eye paint. I can see that looking very nice with lots of mascara and a rosy red lipstick .

kellly Avatar

Whoa! That stuff is reeeeeally pretty! It would really tax my budget but I would love to have at least a couple of these.I really love no-color colors on my face especially in warmer weather. I like colors that look natural and I really like the looks of these. I’m definitely going to check this out. Only a couple things say “LE” – are these going to be part of the regular line? (hoping – that way my budget can have a little time to absorb the shocks!)

xamyx Avatar

Most items do end up in the permanent range, and even those thatnare LE stick around on NARS’ site for several months. Also, eBay is a great resource, and 90+% of the time a bit cheaper. HTH

Christina Avatar

I’m in the monitory, but I kind of like this collection. Yes, it’s very pale and neutral, but I think the effect of “lightness,” “freshness,” and “newness” (which is what I associate spring with) is translated well in the colours. There’s a sort of purity in everything–with a little twist. If I didn’t read incorrectly on some other sites, I believe some of these colours have a silvery shimmer to them, which is unique for a spring collection.

I’ll wait to see swatches before I pass judgment, though. Who knows, they could be totally washed out on my pale skin as well.

Christy Avatar

I agree they look light and fresh, but my husband took a look over my shoulder and said “You, too, can look prepared for the zombie apocalypse!”

Carrie Avatar

“color collection” more like lack of 😀 but all jokes aside, i adore tilda swinton and while this doesn’t scream spring to me (soft pastels, rosy cheeks, etc) i can see the spring angle of the collection!

Veronica Avatar

Save for the glosses, most of this will probably be a pass for me, but that ad is amazing. I can’t think of anything more perfect for representing the NARS brand than Tilda Swinton. She fits right in with the aesthetic.

Elizabeth Avatar

I love Tilda Swinton, I just watched a movie with her in it yesterday with my husband and I told him I thought she has the most beautiful skin. I really like some of this collection, but the sheer pink is something I just can’t pull off. I might just have to check the blush and powder eye shadows out in person. Those I may be able to pull of. I do think this is a lovely collection with a perfect spokesperson though, she does have remarkable skin.

Alison Avatar

Gosh, I thought Valhalla was a bronze or contour shade and would be perfect for me. But it’s an eye shadow. I wonder whether I could use it any way for contouring. I also like the Eye paint. At last a little more pink rather than all these browns. Liking this collection. But since I am pale that makes sense and I can see where it would not work well for everyone.

Genevieve Avatar

I am not really a fan of this new Nars look: I think the way that Tilda Swindon is made up makes her look very pale and statue like. For your spring, I would expect to see some vibrant colours. If I wore makeup like that to work people would ask me if I were ill or coming down with something. I am not sure we need more nude lipsticks and neutral makeup in the market.

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