Make Up Tips – Temptalia’s Top 10 Makeup Tips

Last week I asked readers to give their three best makeup tips to beginners when it came to makeup. Now, I’m going to share my top ten make up tips I think are important for anyone at any level or skill. These are in no particular order!

Accentuate your favorite features, and remember that focusing on one feature per look tends to achieve a better overall look. Doing dramatic eyes, cheeks, and lips can sometimes take away from beauty because it comes out overdone and perhaps even “clownish.” This is not to say you shouldn’t or you can’t do bold eyes and lips; it is more a word of caution when it comes to doing multiple focal points.

Confidence is the most essential piece to what you wear out. Anybody can rock any color eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick/gloss as long as they have the confidence to back it up. Being comfortable in your makeup is vital, because the awkwardness or self-consciousness will definitely be picked up by others. So, honey, take that bright blue shadow you’ve been lusting over, but haven’t dared to wear, and pull it off by just realizing how amazingly beautiful you are and how much fun can be had with experimentation and trying colors that aren’t your norm.

Looking polished is easily achieved by complimenting your makeup and not forgetting the parts of your face. Those with naturally fabulous skin can do well simply by moisturizing (and if you feel the need, a light powder or concealer), and others who have less-than-perfect skin have so many variations and formulas of foundation available to them to turn that skin into even, smooth, flawless-looking skin. Perfecting the skin can do wonders on your confidence, because so many of us fret over those teenage acne scars or the slight rosacea some of us have, and other various skin “flaws.” Sparse eyebrows are easily turned into glamorous sisters by gently filling them in. Lips are defined by lip liner and/or lipstick, or even a light gloss with only a hint of color to give off an image of lush puckers. Eyes can be enhanced with nothing but natural brown mascara, to lengthen and thicken lashes just slightly.

Finding your natural or preferred brow shape is something that can brighten up your face without even putting on a single swipe of makeup. It’s important to maintain your eye brows once you’ve found the right shape to compliment your eyes as well as your face. I really do suggest having them shaped professional for the first time or two, and then you can do upkeep and maintenance of that particular shape. I personally made the mistake of having a friend do mine years ago, and it has taken me a good two to three years to get them to a decent shape!

Experiment, experiment, experiment. I cannot say it enough. You will learn what kinds of techniques work for you, what shapes and colors you like the most on yourself, and how to have fun with being creative when it comes to makeup. When makeup is a chore, that is the first sign that you are not experimenting enough! Try things that are out of your comfort-zone; it isn’t as if you have to leave the house with whatever look you attempt. That’s one of the best aspects of makeup: it washes off. It’s not permanent. Try blue and orange and green together, try Russian Red lipstick. Just don’t be afraid to test the waters, because makeup can be an amazing outlet for all of your artistic inclinations.

Take good care of your skin, because as mentioned earlier, skin is a piece of beauty that will always be a feature you want to accentuate regardless of where you are in life. Make sure to moisturize regularly, be religious when it comes to sunscreen usage, and take the time to thoroughly cleanse the skin at least once daily to remove the day’s dirt and grime (and makeup!). Also, one of the easiest ways to improve and maintain your skin is by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

Tools and the quality of them can really make a difference in the application process. Quality tools do not necessarily mean high priced, high-end. There are reasonably priced alternatives, and it is a matter of looking around and being creative. Craft stores often carry brushes made for painting, and the kind of brushes you would use for makeup application will often be cheaper, but still good quality, than a high-end line’s similar brush. Also, Sonia Kashuk is a line found at Target that makes decent brushes for a price worth noting. Of course, high end brushes are often going to be better in quality, they are not necessary to have the skill and talent to do flawless makeup. Skills far outweigh brush quality in the end. It is important to wash your tools periodically, and more often for ones used for skin products or cream products to minimize bacteria growth and transference. Even using baby shampoo on brushes is an easy and cost-effective way to clean them.

If you are just entering the world of beauty and makeup, don’t feel compelled to buy every product you see if your pocketbook does not allow it. Not everybody has a lot of disposable income to spend on makeup, and it is important to discover inexpensive products to supplement more expensive ones. Think of products like mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, etc. as accessories to good makeup, and think of a well pigmented eyeshadow or blush as a classic piece. Dress up those few classic pieces by using inexpensive accessories. Neutral eye shadows do not need as much pigmentation as does a bright pink eyeshadow, so going drugstore means you won’t necessarily sacrifice quality. Drugstore lines have come a long way, and there are comparable products to be found. Many drugstores also offer a return policy, even if you’ve used/open the product, which allows you to test and see what works (and what doesn’t).

Beauty holds a different meaning for each person. Don’t be afraid to do your makeup the way you want to, the way you feel best accentuates your features and enhances your beauty. Think of all beauty “rules” more like guidelines as to what often works but doesn’t always work. Just like the tip that states that bold lips, cheeks, and eyes can be overwhelming is more of a guideline than an absolute “do not do this.” Breaking so-called beauty rules takes confidence — can you see how some of these tips really tie together?

Criticism comes in many forms, some of them quite hurtful, and others with good intentions. Try to be receptive to criticism that means well, and try to let hurtful criticism roll off your back. We never stop learning in our lives, and the same can be said when it comes to beauty and makeup. Listen to what someone has to say, and try to see whether you agree, can see where they’re coming from, or if they’re crazy. For a long time, I focused on my eyes and forgot the rest of my face, and it took me awhile to see that people who told me to think about using blusher or lipgloss had good intentions, and now I love to use both.