MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection: Review Round-Up

RiRi Hearts MAC (the summer edition) will launch exclusively online at noon EST (9AM PST) today (June 18th). Here is a round-up of reviews, photos, and swatches:


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Courtney K Avatar

Ugh…. I really want to try these on first before buying. They look very pretty, but I worry that I’ll waste my money if I buy them and end up not liking them. I might just have to risk it. :/

JJ Avatar

This has got to be the slowest process, although I know a lot of other ladies are getting something from the collection. But I found that the Riri Woo release was a much smoother shopping experience. I’ve been on the checkout page trying to purchase “Heaux” for about 15 minutes now.

Wwendalynne Avatar

Is every LE release on MAC a freaking PITA like this? I usually do not go for LE items and I’ve been trying to check out with one measly lipstick for about an hour. Just unbelievable

Terri Avatar

As did I. I had 2 items in my cart and when I finally got to the checkout section there were a total of 8 items there. I spent the next hour or so (seriously) trying to get these “extras” out of my cart without success.
So I log out and re-log in again only to find my cart empty, the lipstick on backorder and the lustre drops sold out. This entire process started at around 12:45 and I finally gave up for good at sometime after 4 o’clock.
I am not kidding!!! In the meantime I was doing work so it wasn’t a total waste of actual time but in the end I got…..nothing. Awesome. Way to go MAC…….no more LE’s for me. I guess I will get to spend my money on something else!!!

Julia Avatar

I had the same issue. It took out two things, but refused to take out the last. So I just ordered and called customer service and cancelled the stubborn item. It took me 2+ hrs of trying to order and an additional 20min on hold to talk to someone, but I got it done.

Christine Avatar

Well, this is actually (relatively) orderly since you just jump in the queue and away you go – I would say while slow, it is a “fairer” method than normal, which is release whenever it happens to release and those who are there at the time get the product.

Nina Avatar

The website is having server issues. I’ve been trying to check out and pay but every time I get to that page I get a error message stating that the MAC server is not responding. The site is down and it’s quite pointless to wait half and hour to get to the products in the cart only to have the site go down when you try to pay. I’ve gone through the process twice. Once on my phone and once on my PC. The RiRi Woo release was much smoother that this.

Aashild Avatar

I was on the maccosmetics page, refreshing the page until the collection was released, checked off the items and pressed “check out”. I am still waiting to check out, and it has been 1 1/2 hour.

JJ Avatar

I had the same problem. For one, they were late on the release. I kept refreshing, not until 12:06 it was available. I tried to get Heaux and just to checkout took forever and a day! Then it timed out. I gave up then around 5 ish, I wanted to try my luck. The entire process took about 10 minutes. I’ll say it again. The ordering process for RiRi Woo was MUCH better than yesterdays release.

Terri Avatar

“Request being processed” for almost an hour and a half?!? I’m getting ready to move on without a purchase.
Kinda peeved at this!

kim Avatar

No luck, who came up with this waiting game ideal, It don’t make any since. The page keep timing out then you gotta start over I was at the end, This sucks sorry

Leslee Avatar

I’ve been waiting for about 2 hours now. It’s crashed on me 3 times! I’ve had one tab open for going on two hours and my friend got in way before me even though we got in the “queue” at the same time. I don’t think it goes by your sequence in line – I think it’s just the luck of the draw. And apparently I have no luck!

chris Avatar

I am about ready to bail. I did get Rhi Rhi Woo last time. I did want to try Heaux. I have an old LE – Wild About You. It may be comparble. I am a PRO member and buy something from almost every collection. I love matte lipsticks but I don’t stand in line for concert tix, so I KNOW I am not going to wait too much longer 🙂

abigailod Avatar

I have Wild ’bout You too! Love it! I wondered why it wasn’t part (or candidate) for the By Request. Anyway, just happy to see someone loves it too!

Celia Avatar

I did….mine kept crashing and I gave up and then decided to try again….after about 30 minutes it went in to my cart. (Just Heaux). I don’t know if it’s a fluke or what. It would time out in Chrome….and was all wonky in Safari…but that’s the browser that finally got through.

Pamela Avatar

I started exactly at 12pm, refresh it couple of times, cause it dint launch till like 12:06, then purchase the items, and between the errors proxy not responding, so going back, clicking again, etc finished at 2 pm. I dont know if paying with paypal makes it even slower but thats the method I like to pay with, but yeah I think the approximate time would be 2 hours, I even call them and she said that it was showing that “your order is being process” because my time to pay was goin to come I just had to wait, just like when you are in line and thats my saying not hers ridiculess right??! lol

Meiya Avatar

I got RiRi Woo (even if it’s an exact dupe of Ruby Woo on me, that’s good, because I’m nearly out of Ruby Woo!)

It took about an hour, I think.

Norisha Avatar

Hi Ladies I was on Mac from 12:02pm I was able to purchase Mac riri woo Mac riri boy and the blush it took me three and a half hours to place order I had to get the kids from school did that and came back home and was still having my purchase this process so like I said it took forever

Nini Avatar

I got on the website at Noon added items just the lipsticks in my cart and waited a whole hour just to get to the checkout screen which of course crashed and i had to start all over! After numerous page crashes, the last time I started over I selected the I want i all box to add all 5 items to my cart. Took about 30 mins and was able to complete my purchase, no error page, and email confirmation. Total time? 1 hour and 55 minutes!

Pamela Avatar

well I certainly know already by heart that RIRI “Had so many samples to choose from and so many colors underneath and so on and on “_; “That her make up looks, her fashion looks help her to express her self, and so on and on”_; “That she”s been using MAC on tour for such a long time and so, and on, on”_ How could I not memorized that if I looked at it for like almost 2 hours. Thank God it finally went through and got my order confirmation, but that new checking out idea, just not working for me!!!! -.- P.S. IF you get that error proxy not responding, dont just go back and click again whatever the step you where clicking b4 =] GOOD LUCK!!!

mmtbeauty Avatar

I was finally able to check out, after an hour and half. The system logged me out and said I needed to sign in – which I did under my pro account. After logging in, I was finally taken to the checkout page. That was also a long process – 15 mins. Finally went through and received email confirmation.

Sam Schweinsberg Avatar

well, after fighting it for 3 and a half hours, I finally got an order in. 🙂 I was starting to get very upset, and then it finally went through. THANKFULLY.

Ria Avatar

Guys i was able to do 2 transactions.. Even though there is server error or gateway timeout, as long as the items were already in your cart… it will still be there. I just click “back” button and went to checkout directly…

Mitzi Avatar

I’d missed out on Riri Woo last time and tried to order them today…and i’m still on the check out for 3 hours already….and just barely got to order it…

Mitzi Avatar

It took me 30 mins ordering from my phone. but when I was ordering on the computer it’s saying that it’s still in process. So I’d just closed out…I guess it’s better to go on your phone and order it.

Sarah Avatar

It took me an hour and a half to get Heaux and Riri Woo. I ended up buying a lipstick I already had in my “bag” just because I didn’t want to risk messing something up by removing it (and I wanted Girl About Town anyway :P). Overall it was a little painful but not all that bad for me. I’m super excited to try the two Rihanna lippies out!

Christine, I’m guessing from your pictures that we’re not getting any exclusive packaging with these, right? That’s the one thing that’s bumming me out on this lol.

mmtbeauty Avatar

I agree with Mitzi – I too gave up on my IPad & computer and used my Samsung Note phone and it was way faster. When I checked out, my computer and iPad was still loading too. Phone may be easier.

Racquel Avatar

I had the same experience as you did. I had it going on my laptop, tablet and phone. It took 20 mins on my phone when the laptop and tablet were still processing.

Cassandra Avatar

I started at exactly noon to check out and after three hours of me opening multiple tabs on different devices (desktop, laptop, iPhone) I had luck after about an hour and a half on my macbook but lucky me my internet went out as soon as I got to checkout I was so frustrated! Luckily, after it came back about 30 minutes later they were in my cart so from there I got all three lipsticks! Then, I tried it again back from the beginning and made a second transaction for three more lipsticks and it was much faster, about 20 minutes. It was the most frustrating process for an online purchase AND my second transaction said it was backordered until mid-July which I’m okay with but if you’re making us wait that long I can tell people will get very annoyed and angry LOL

sara Avatar

P L E A S E R E A D !!!!!!!!!AFTER WAITING FOR HOURS I FOUND OUT when checking out check out click on the check out on the LEFT SIDE not on the check out next to the items

luckyblackdress Avatar

I waited FOREVER but I did figure out a few strategies (for the future):
1) sign in the night prior and ensure your bag is completely empty
2) grab your ‘stuff’ and throw it in your cart
3) ever 10 min or so, refresh your page…. (not back, instead use the circle looking thing at the place where the web address is). And if it says the page is down, refresh again until it comes back up
4) Mozilla works better than explorer for this

Norisha Avatar

Omg I had a mascara in my cart and was unable to remove it I just gave up and payed for it dont think I will do this again lol Im a Mac head I will back for my fix

JoJo Avatar

Took me 4 hours but I got all 3 lippies & the bronzer-blush duo. The lustre drops were already sold out but after I looked at the swatch you provided carefully I’m glad it was sold out. These better be worth it because I heard they’re similar to up the amp, ruby woo & rebel which are all permanent colors. I’ve never bought online items before that were LE & now I know why… never again! I love mac but I’m glad you give us dupes or similar colors to get bc LE MAC items online are crazy to get!

Santa Avatar

I spent 2 hours on line buying Riri Heaux and this morning I just received an email from MAC stating that Heaux is on back order and basically I’ll get it when I get it. Hopefully it’ll be worth the long wait!

Kesha Avatar

I am one of the lucky ones whose order wasn’t randomly placed on the dreaded “backordered” list but this release reminded me of exactly why I prefer to skip MAC LE release madness…especially this online only stuff. I will say that the original RiRi Woo release felt a lot smoother…even if wait times for some was long. This release the issues are more so related to the aftermath of the release (cancellation of legit orders placed after the official release time for example). The wait time…I wasn’t shocked by that because it’s MAC and RiRi Woo was no different for a lot of people in that aspect.

At any rate…once this order and my big order for eye shadows arrive tomorrow or Monday I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking a much needed break with MAC lol. The constant LE releases are exhausting and I have a ton of products I haven’t touched yet. let alone reviewed going back to the Temperature Rising collection! Forget about the other brands I picked up along the way!

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