MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Greens

MAC Femme Noir Eyeshadow

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Greens

Here are several swatches of MAC eyeshadows from the green family (mostly permanent shades) that are now part of The Swatch Gallery.

Femme Noir is a smoky, dark green with subtle yellow undertones. It has a veluxe finish, and it has been discontinued. It’s actually rather close to MAC Diana Undercover, which was from Wonder Woman.
Flourishing is a khaki green with a matte finish. It has a Matte2 finish, and it has been discontinued.
Greensmoke is a muted, smoky green with a golden sheen. It has a lustre finish, but it’s honestly one of the better lustres I’ve come across–it doesn’t have the sheer, uneven payoff of most lustres nor the issues with fall out.
Sumptuous Olive is an olive green with brown undertones and a golden sheen. It has a veluxe pearl finish. Inglot #433 was the closest dupe I could find, but it’s less green.
Humid is a medium-dark forest green with a subtle golden sheen. It has a frost finish. Inglot #418 pulls deeper and darker–less yellow-based.
Velvet Moss is a mossy green with a near matte finish. It has a veluxe finish. It has been discontinued.
Wondergrass is a bright pop of grass green with a yellow undertone. It was limited edition, and it has a frost finish. Make Up FOr Ever #91 is similar in color but lacks shimmer/sheen.
Swimming is a medium grass green with gold shimmer and subtle gold sheen. It has a lustre finish.
Lucky Green is a bright, darkened chartreuse green with a golden sheen. It has a veluxe pearl finish. It is one of my all-time favorite greens! Make Up For Ever #304 is similar, not quite as deep.
Bitter is a yellowed chartreuse with a velvet finish. This is one of those shades that has never worked well for me. It’s always sheer and difficult to pack on. Inglot #343 is a better version–more pigmented.
Juxt is a spring green with a soft, golden shimmer-sheen. It has a satin finish.
Bottle Green is a dark, blue-based green with a matte finish. It is a PRO shade. It never swatches well, but it applies so smoothly and has excellent color payoff when used on the lid. Le Metier de Beaute Jade is most similar, but it has shimmer.

MAC has certainly done a slew of greens, yeah?  It’s been a long time since I’ve rearranged my eyeshadow palettes, as evidenced by how many discontinued shades I have in my so-called permanent palettes!  It’s a shame, too, because for shades like Flourishing and Velvet Moss, which were beautiful, there are no real comparable shades within MAC’s permanent range.

MAC’s matte eyeshadows have a drier texture, and they often perform better in actual application than merely swatched on the arm.  For instance, Bottle Green looks patchy when swatched, but it’s a shade I reach for regularly because of how smooth and buttery it looks on the lid.  Lucky Green has such a smooth, buttery texture with excellent color payoff, and it is easily one of MAC’s best eyeshadows in terms of quality.

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Greens

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MAC Femme Noir Eyeshadow

MAC Flourishing Eyeshadow

MAC Greensmoke Eyeshadow

MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow

MAC Humid Eyeshadow

MAC Velvet Moss Eyeshadow

MAC Wondergrass Eyeshadow

MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow

MAC Bitter Eyeshadow

MAC Juxt Eyeshadow

MAC Bottle Green Eyeshadow