Lessons Learned… Beauty & Traveling

Yesterday, you all were shocked at how much makeup I brought with me to Hawaii. Now, let me share with you some lessons I learned about traveling when it comes to lugging your beauty goodies with you!

  • Decide ahead of time. Think about where you’re going, what you think you may be doing, and whether you need lots of makeup or virtually none. When I go for a few days, I don’t bring much along – I think about one or two looks I want to do, and then I just take those products. If I can, I’ll use a pigment as a base, but make it one that is versatile and gives me two different “effects” depending what I overlay it with. Most people aren’t compulsive and need to do their best to not repeat looks, so this can help you save space!
  • Carry-on when possible. Face it, makeup is easily stolen–especially high end makeup. Whenever you can, it’s a better idea to pack your beauty loot in your carry-on (that goes for any valuables you’d hate to lose!). I love the carry-on sized suitcases! They actually hold a fair amount of stuff, and you can toss it in the overhead bin. Mine is expandable, should I need extra room and have to check it 😉
  • Travel and sample containers make life easier! With the ban on oversized liquids, getting some empty travel-sized bottles and jars can help you maximize your space. I don’t need a 12 fl. oz container of cleanser for a week long trip! MAC has several jars and bottles available, and they won’t hurt your wallet.
  • Streamline your routine for shorter trips. So maybe you have a special AM and PM routine – can you streamline it in a way that won’t cause consequences (like a major breakout)? Maybe your AM cream can double as your PM cream for a few days. Can your eyebrow highlighter work as a cheek highlighter?

Hold on, I still have four more tips to share!

  • Pack extreme colors. I say this not meaning pack a bright green lipgloss, but there’s no reason to pack ten baby pink lipglosses. I usually pack a bright red, bright pink, baby pink, coral, brown/orange, and a neutral. This way I have something from each major color family, and if I need a variation, I can mix and match. Same goes for lipsticks and eyeshadows.
  • If you check bags, avoid your prized possessions! So you have to check a bag or two, maybe you’re going away for a month or more. Totally get you, and it’s inevitable that we can’t carry-on all the time. First, still sample out your must-haves (like moisturizer, etc.) so if anything is taken, you still have enough to get you through a few days, giving you time to re-buy or discover something else. Second, don’t pack your very favorite, limited edition/long-time-discontinued lipstick! Better to pack things you can easily purchase again.
  • Pack and pack again! If it doesn’t fit the first way you packed things up, try dumping it all out and re-configuring it.  I am a MASTER at packing. This is coming from someone who traveled for 6 nights, 7 days with a carry-on suitcase and personal bag. Not only did I take all that makeup with me, I took sweaters, dresses, THREE pairs of heels, two pairs of flip flops… all items that can take up space – but all the other items (pants, shirts, undies, etc.).
  • Secure it in the hotel room! Sadly, from time to time, housekeeping may take an item or two. Or perhaps one rolls under the bed (this is why you always do a last minute check of everywhere before you check-out).  When I leave, I either refuse housekeeping services or I lock up my makeup in the hotel’s safe. Not foolproof, certainly, but it’s unlikely you’ll run into theft problems. Another way to make sure you return with everything you brought originally (well, maybe more!), make a list of what you’re bringing so you can double-check you got everything.

Share your beauty traveling tips & tricks with us!