If you could start your makeup collection over again, would you?

This Week's Poll

I'd still want to keep some things and ditch others!

61%, 1,357 Votes

No way!

23%, 516 Votes

Yes, definitely!

16%, 348 Votes

Total Voters: 2,220

(Assume that you get a “get out of jail free” card to replace what you have without actually having to spend your money–the equivalent of what you have that you could reallocate to something new!)
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I used to think that all high end products were amazing quality (and all drug store was trash..yea I know I was naive!) before I discovered the magical world of make up reviews… Now I wish I wasn’t tricked into buying some products. And I don’t want to give away the high-end bad quality products since they cost me a hefty sum in total… I wish I could start over! 🙁

I feel for you, Melissa! I think it takes a lot of experimentation for most of us to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t, we have to try different things in order to find out! I think it’s good to find a way to let go of the things that make us feel bad, though, once we’ve learned the lessons they taught us. The young daughter of a friend of mine, who was experimenting with makeup but couldn’t afford to buy much of it, was happy to take quite a few of my mistakes off my hands.

I voted “No way” because I really love probably 98% of what I have. If anything, I wouldn’t have hesitated and missed out on 5 or 10 items (MAC Subtle Breeze Mineralize Blush and Soul Serenade eyeshadow come to mind) and I might have not purchased a few things I hardly ever use but am still happy to have (MAC She Who Dares MES comes to mind) but I really love all my makeup treasures…I really do. There are a few stinkers in there (the 2%) but I am still happy with my collection.

I think I lost my comment. I have so many original, historic products, like original Revlon naked pink, Chanel vamp lip & blush, biba blue roses, poppy king seven deadly sins, lines that are defunct…even if they are not useable (and most, surprisingly are, ). they represent decades that I have experienced and have strong sentimental value. I can do a Twiggy look with mostly original product. It’s like a period instrument orchestra. There is no way I would get rid of it and start over. Plus, I could not afford it.

If I knew then what I know now, then YES! The curating and organizing would be so streamlined! I’d have my brands that I bought from and that would be it – no fomo, no buying and shame returning, no buying because of hype; I’d be much more discerning, do my due diligence and wait for a few reviews (a.k.a. check Temptalia).

My biggest regret is all of the frenzied buying and shame-returning I did. It was reckless and wasteful. I can only say that now though, having gone through all the meandering and wrong turns. 😀

I would be a lot more discerning when it comes to my lip product collection, as well as my foundations.

I’m pretty happy with the rest of it though! I love my eye palettes, blushes, highlighters, and bronzers and I feel like I’ve been pretty picky with those purchases.

Mascara and eyeliners are always rotating, I’m perfectly fine with trying out new high and low end brands and don’t tend to stick with one outside of my “gym mascara” which is the Blinc mascara amplified.

I chose the #2 option. For one thing, I would gladly trade out my UD Naked 2 for the Original Naked palette in a heartbeat! Also, some much too light lipsticks that SA’s convinced me looked great on me, but not really.

I just wish make up reviews were around when I was younger (no internet then) and that the products that were available to us in Australia were better quality. Having said that, I still love my collection. There are a couple of things that I bought (Dior’s Navy Design and Nars’s Misfit Duo) that I regret, but the rest is fine. Besides I could not afford to start again. I was lucky when I started purchasing my eye shadow palettes that our Aussie dollar was so good. But now it would be way too expensive.

Start over? I think I’ve come way too far for that, haha! However, if I could just toss a few things up in the air and have the money I spent on them come back down instead, I would make it rain a little 🙂

No, I don’t think so. Yes I wasted money buying things I don’t use or like that much, but I also have old LE pieces that I wouldn’t want to give up. I’m thinking about parting with some things, but I don’t want to throw it all out!

I have a great stash and love it, but if I had to start all over again, it would be the eye products. I spent a small fortune on eye primers/ eye liners/ eye shadows that didn’t hold up on my oily lids, before I finally found brands and formulas that worked. Lots of stuff that was “bulletproof” on others and got rave reviews just melted on my lids.

Nope. Makeup is fun and about exploring. How do you know what you truly love unless you had a few failures? If something does not work for me I give it away and there are always new things to try. Even if reviews are helpful, that is still someone else’s experience and may not necessarily be my experience w a product. The only thing I go “if I knew then” is about reading ingredients rather than the marketing claims. 99.9% marketing claims are BS lol. I wish starting out I knew that lotion based moisturizers is what caused 95% of my acne and that SD alcohol/alcohol denat, lavender, citrus, witch hazel, menthol should not be used in products for your face.

Over the last few years, many new brands and products have come up giving us quality products at reasonable rates. Also, through experimenting, i now know what suits me and what does not. If I coukd really start over again from scratch, I definitely would; and buy the products which really suit me and my pocket as well… For both daytime work and night time events. I would also select my skin care very meticulously … Now that i know which ones keep my face healthy and glowing.

I really enjoy my stash and don’t have any regrets but if I could have the money back to start over with no products but a really nice budget and all the experience I’ve gained I’d take it for sure and 75% of my stuff is outta there! I’d probably have a reduction in the amount of products because of some higher end purchases.

If someone gave me a whole bunch of money, I’d do a purge session and fill in. I’m too poor to get rid of anything that hasn’t spoiled, broken, or was just terrible on me.

I would start over. Most of my purchases are from product hyping and splurging. I spent a lot of money on 50 MUFE artist shadows. Everyone says how blend able they are but i hardly use them cause they are difficult to use. Instead of buying few or something I don’t have to try it first, I buy many and then i get disappointed. ABH eyeshadows and eye Kandy glitters to name a few. I bought the naked pallet, i hated it and ended up giving it to my daughter. Now I usually wait for the reviews if I can and sometimes they are wrong too. I use Instagram so I’m constantly baraged with new makeup products. I want to thank you guys so much for saving me $239 on the Natasha Denona pallet. I was going to save up for it but forget it now cause of the review. I should rely on Bloglovin instead of you tube reviews whenever possible. I have I don’t know how many pallets I use on a rotating basis. I try to use them all. The hype foundation was rainforest foundation but it seems drying on me and I prefer the other new Tarte foundation double duty gel. My husband thinks I’m the only one out there that cares about makeup and I’m the only one that spends $ on it so I get a really hard time every time I want to get something new. The recent Too Faced sweet peach pallet debacle was a nightmare and I didn’t like the way they handled the release and didn’t tell us ahead of time they weren’t going to restock it. It took me 3 tries to be able to order through Ulta. I also am willing to drive hours somewhere to get a new something that came out. I used to be a Sephora girl but I wasted a lot of money at that store by impulse buying. Now I use Ulta instead cause they have lower end stuff that’s still good. I know I missed the point of the question, I would start over definitely and I would replace all my single shadows with makeup geek instead theirs are really gold quality with low price.

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