How to Wear Pigmented Blush – Tips & Tricks

Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Wear Pigmented Blush

Share your best tips and tricks for wearing pigmented blush!  Feel free to share your first experiences, how you’ve grown, what you’ve learned, and what, ultimately, you found most helpful in learning how to wear more pigmented blush.  (And if you haven’t conquered it, hopefully some of these tips will help you get there!)

Temptalia’s Tips

  1. Build up the color by creating a soft, blended base layer.  Then, build up the color as you want it – you’ll already have a soft, diffused edge from the get-go, so you’ll have to do less work to blend out all of the edges.
  2. Look for a firmer, densely-packed brush for application, as it will pick up more product at once.
  3. You’ll likely want to opt for a subtler look on eyes/lips, but you don’t want to go so subtle that you lose definition in either area.  A neutral eye but with more dramatic eyeliner can work well with a dramatic blusher.