How to Apply Blush – Tips & Tricks

Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Apply Blush

Share your best tips and tricks for getting the perfect blush application!  Feel free to share your first experiences, how you’ve grown, what you’ve learned, and what, ultimately, you found most helpful in learning how to apply your blush.  (And if you haven’t conquered it, hopefully some of these tips will help you get there!)

Temptalia’s Tips

  1. A good tool goes a long way, because it helps you place the color right and then blend it out so it isn’t a giant blotch of color on your face! I like dome-shaped blush brushes with soft, not too densely-packed but not too fluffy, bristles.
  2. Apply less than you think you’ll need; it is always easier to amp up blush color than it is to diffuse it.
  3. If you’ve over-applied your color or it doesn’t want to blend/soften, take a loose powder (similar to your skin tone, if possible) with another brush and apply it over the areas you want it to look more diffused.  Sometimes I’ll take the brush I used for my foundation (which is usually liquid) to soften the edges.