How organized is your makeup stash?

I know exactly where everything is!

56%, 1,731 Votes

There is a method to the madness, I swear!

31%, 948 Votes

I know where some things are...

13%, 386 Votes

Other -- I'll tell you in the comments!

0%, 7 Votes

Total Voters: 3,072

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I also use Muji drawers to keep everything (mostly) organized. I have a long Ikea desk that has two narrow drawers and then multiple Muji units on top. I’ve raided the target dollar section several times, so I also have cute little tins to keep things in and colorful baskets to keep the desk drawers organized, as well. I just recently purchased a few Cozette vessels to keep my makeup brushes organized and dust free and I absolutely love them!! I can find what I need most days rather quickly, but the drawers are pretty full and I have a little basket off to the side that is starting to accumulate new items that I don’t really have room for.

I have things organized in bins, and while the bins are organized extremely well, I have them in 3 different places, along with a basket & boxes on my dresser. There are a few bins in the linen cabinet (which house lip products), bins/drawers on the built-ins of my closet, and larger palettes & nail polish bins are under my bed. Primers, concealers, mascaras, and liquid liners are in decorative boxes on my dresser, along with a large basket that has brushes/cleaner, and my “go-to” makeup bag is on there, as well. It seems like chaos, but I know exactly where everything is, and *everything* goes back as soon as I get home.

I have a wheeled storage cart from Michaels that I use to organize my makeup and tools by type and purpose. I also have an app on my phone called My Makeup that helps me keep track of what I own. Keeps duplicates to a minimum.

I recently spent 4 hours changing make up carts, disposing of older products, and packaging up less favored products for my daughter and granddaughter. I think the give away bag weighed about 4 pounds. Now I know where my products are located but still need a method to organize my eye products better.
Organization is not my strongest ability and may be my worst.

I just use some cheap white plastic drawers, that are stackable, from Walmart. Each drawer is a different type of product (eyeshadows, mascaras, lip products, etc.) I eventually want to invest in the Alex IKEA storage, seeing how quickly I’m filling up the drawers I have now!

I think I am organized. I made a vanity area in my makeup room using several Alex units and a tabletop, and then have everything sorted by type of product and for things like palettes, more or less by brand. Everything is parsed out in acrylic and plastic trays, and my lippies are sorted in candle boxes with cut down lipstick boxes as separators. (I just recently posted some pictures, actually.)

I have a 10 multicolored drawers from Michael’s and inside of those I have some bins I got from Wal-Mart. I wouldn’t say it’s well organized, but I have a drawer for each type of makeup (Blush, eyeshadow, lips…). Then the top drawer is for my every day use things.

I’m mostly organized. What I still need is some kind of solution for larger palettes (I have my smaller ones sorted out), and I don’t have a ton of space.

Almost everything is kept in two of the three drawers of an chest of drawers I’ve had since I was little, built by my mother and repainted by both of us several years ago. Other stuff is on top.

As a teacher, I tend to keep everything organized and in a particular place so that I can find it quickly and easily, so my makeup collection is no exception.

I’m amazed at everyone’s dedication to order! Honestly, all my makeup is just thrown together in couple makeup bags, and a few lipsticks/glosses usually make it into my purse. Although, I probably don’t have as much makeup as a lot of the other commenters…maybe 20 lip products (mostly lipstick), one face powder/blush, one concealer, and two or three eyeshadows.

I have everything perfectly organized in 3 Helmers and 2 traveling cases.
All my makeup-related things in one Helmer, all the nail polish in another and all the disposable things for clients on the third.
Makeup-wise, all products are divided and stored in categories and also labeled so I can pick up what I need in a glance.
The nail polishes have colour swatches at the top so I can find the shade I need immediately.
The thing is, I did all this before I started seeing clients for makeup and nails! I really need some creative chaos in order to operate properly, just not in my stash.

I currently have an IKEA Helmer with the Antonius inserts for my make up, which works really well. I’m thinking of upgrading to an Alex system though because I need somewhere to store my skincare out of the warm summer sun!

My boyfriend was always stepping on mascaras that rolled off the counter in the bathroom and was tired of finding random makeup compacts all over the apartment so he ended up buying me a Malm Vanity table in black. Now I have my stuff perfectly organized haha

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