How often do you use lip liner?


40%, 1,358 Votes

On special occasions

36%, 1,213 Votes

Most of the time you wear lipstick/gloss

15%, 518 Votes

Every time you wear lipstick/gloss

7%, 238 Votes

Other - I'll tell you in the comments!

2%, 59 Votes

Total Voters: 3,412

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! 🙂

Thanks to Caroline for today’s poll!

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Only on some occasions do I even need lipliner! If a lipstick is slippery, I will use a lipliner to prevent feathering. Otherwise, I don’t bother!

I only use a clear lip liner to prime my lipsticks when I want to last longer but it’s very rare for me to do it on a daily basses. Colour lip liner is only for costumes when I need a bold lip look with a bit more contour (vampy lips). ^_^

I wear a clear/nude liner to keep brighter lipsticks (such as reds and bright pinks) from feathering and bleeding. Otherwise, I don’t use use lip liner.

Other::: I will only wear lipliner with really bright lipsticks (e.g. Nars Schiap) that require maintenance and when I’m going for a very formal made up look (think Dita von Teese).

I only ever wear it when I’m wearing my classic red lip…I use MAC lipliner in Cherry and MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo. The lipliner makes it stay on literally forever and somehow, the liner actually feels LESS drying than the lipstick…Ruby Woo is famous for its Sahara-like dryness, but it’s worth it to me, because it’s the perfect red 🙂

I’m an Other — I use it depending on the lipstick color and how precise the application needs to be, so generally with reds and darker colors. Occasionally, for a special occasion, I might use it to look more finished with a lighter color. I’ll also sometimes use it to change the color of a lipstick a bit.

I chose “Special Occasions” but that’s not really the case. I don’t wear lip liner often (I only have one that I actually bought – the rest were freebies/GWPs) but when I do wear it, it’s not so much that it’s a special occasion but rather that I either have a bit of extra time or I just feel like it.

I chose Other cuz I’ve just started experimenting with it.

I like how it defines my lip.
I’ll prolli forget to apply it most of the time.
Still looking to get a better natural lip liner color tho.

There’s no way I can wear red lipstick–no matter what the finish/texture is–without lip liner. Other than that, I don’t bother with it!

Sometimes. It depends on the shade I’m using, though I almost always use it with darker/brightly colored lipsticks. My lips are neither full nor thin, but my mouth is a bit pert and slightly heart-shaped, so highly pigmented lipsticks tend to bleed a little on me. Lighter colors, like nudes and pinks, I can get away with not using a liner.

Whenever I wear dark lipsticks, which is mostly on special occasions, or when the lipstick has a very creamy formula and I don’t want it to move.

I only wear lipliner if I’m wearing a dark or opaque lipstick. Otherwise, I think it emphasizes my lips too much if I wear it, because I usually wear sheer lipsticks! Loving NARS sheer lipsticks~

I don’t use lipliners with bold colours often – I find that a lip brush can get a more precise edge and I’ve never had trouble with bleeding lip colour. I do use lipliners by themselves for a matte-nude-type of lip, to perfect my natural lips so to say.

Actually, I just recently bought some MAC lip liner to use instead of lipstick & then cover it up with chap-stick or gloss. I’m loving the MAC liner but I can’t figure out how to get it to advance. I’ve tried twisting the end but either they don’t twist at all or, like one of them, came completely off. I know there is more liner in the tube but can’t figure out how to advance it. Can anyone on here help me out? Thanks. 😀

Never, don’t even own one. I don’t really wear lipstick, or gloss, just balm and not even always. I have a love-hate relationship with lip products. I seem to lust after them, love shopping for them, love buying them, and then about five minutes after putting them on just get too irritated and can’t stop myself wiping it off. I have nice coloured natural lips and big blue eyes so I tend to make my eyes the focus of a look rather than lips.

The only time i use lip liner is when Im not using lipstick in a modern way like in a stain or patted on lips. I also use lip liner if Im using a very dark color or if the lipstick bullet is really knobby and not pointed. 😀

I have one clear lip liner. I use it only under my dark and bright lipsticks, which I only wear every few weeks. So I guess I don’t use it too much. It prevents feathering; that’s the goal, and it seems to do the trick. I’ve never bothered putting it under gloss.

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