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Clearly less than 25% unfortunately… I’m trying to rotate more! And I know I need to part with some things, but thinking I bought so many things that I barely ever used makes me feel terribly guilty.

Oh dear, I wear makeup everyday, and change colors all the time, but my stash is so big and keeps growing! It’s like a harem, so many neglected beauties, but new beauties keep catching my wandering eye. I think I need to grow a 2nd head, clone myself, or get re-incarnated as a makeup artist to use it all up

Right there with you, Katherine. I have an obscene amount of makeup and still kerp right on buying. I need a couple of extra heads to use more of what I have.

This is such an interesting poll idea. I’m keeping an eye on the results. I selected 85-99% and would probably put it at around 94% or so. It seems that puts me in a minority here, which is surprising because my stash is so large due to my job. But I’m very careful and diligent about rotating products and reorganizing my stash to ensure I use as many different items as possible. I also layer and customize often, so mixing multiple products of course results in higher usage rate. However, I’m also very keen on only keeping what I use and need and not holding onto absolute duds or things that don’t work for me but might for others.

I did size down quite a bit and started a rotating system around 1.5 years back, that has definitely helped, but I still don’t think it is more than maybe 60%, which is a shame.

I’m in the 50-74% range. I hope that’s really true anyway.!

I try hard to rotate my stash by giving myself little challenges. I am currently working on a “brand of the week” project. The idea is not to buy loads of new stuff, but pull out and rediscover (or purge) things in any one brand.

I’ve been trying to rotate more often especially with eyeshadows… I would say I use 40% of my stash. I just can’t find occasions to go through them all! But I make sure to keep them well out of light, dampness and heat so they last longer/not get bombarded with unnecessary bacteria.

There’s very little that I never use, and those are mostly eyeshadows or blushes that came in a palette that I would never purchase on their own because of the color/texture/quality. (Then there’s that Sigma Paris palette that I’ve never seemed to reach for…) The rest of my stash gets used but some makeup is seasonal so it’s only used during certain times of the year. I give my daughters a lot of products I stop using. (Except that Sigma palette. Neither want it.)

This is a shocker for most of us! I decided awhile ago to only buy and use one foundation at a time (unless it’s on sale…). Ditto for blushes, highlighters, mascaras in different colours. I do have a lot of lipsticks and I am trying to use a lot of them up before buying any new ones….. so hard to resist.
HOWEVER – it is my eye shadow palettes that I need to rotate more.

I estimate 50-75%. I rotate and use different items everyday, but there are always items that could get more love. My stash is pretty large.

I chose 25%-49%, though I think my usage is more towards the higher end of that since I’m fairly good at rotating products. I feel like my biggest impediment to using a product is just my not being able to see it. I keep all of my makeup (that isn’t a backup) on my makeup table so nothing is totally hidden from view, but enough things are behind other things that they hide each other. I just rearranged my makeup table yesterday-switched some containers that hid things for more open ones, and switched the position of my eye shadow singles/palettes with my lipsticks and blushes to hopefully get my brain out of the “where things should be” rut and make me look around a bit more-with the hope that this new arrangement will encourage me to use more.

I feel like I rotate through my eyeshadow quite well, and I can make a look out of any single palette without an issue. My eyeliners, not so much. I don’t even wear eyeliner every day. I also have way too many lip products to rotate through the well. I’ve been on a matte kick lately, so I’ve rotated through the mattes okay.

I am aware of what I have and constantly shop my stash for skincare and body are. Do rotate my make up each month too..

I use most of the things I have. I rotate regularly for seasons and special occasions, and I am on a low buy, and I have only had to buy mascaras and lipsticks lately. I have enough eye shadows and blush to last the rest of my life, but I go through mascara and lip products pretty quickly. I have winter foundations and summer foundations, and plenty of bronzers, finishing powders, and concealers. I am a little lighter and drier in the winter, and a little darker and oilier in the summer, so I have all my bases covered. I just need to use things up so I can actually justify buying more. I have a mix of HE and DS, and backups of all my favorites. I may get a few trendy colors for spring, but very few pastels look good on me. I am eyeing the Urban Decay spring collection, and am going to get the new Gash Revolution lip gloss, on my last Gash Lip Gunk, and your swatches made my mind up Christine. Thanks!

So if your stash includes a foundation and mascara and you wear foundation and mascara everyday than its going to be 100% but lets say you are an avid collector with over 20 foundation and 45 palettes…. I think it would be pretty hard to use more than 25% of that at any given time. “Stash” in this instance is 100% extremely variable.

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