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There are only a few bloggers whose opinions I trust and you are definitely one of them! Thank you for your hard work, thoroughness, and honesty!

If it’s reviewed on Temptalia – then only 1!

If it’s not reviewed on Temptalia – like skincare stuff – then I read multiple forums and blogs before taking a call.

I only need one, if it’s Christine’s review! If it’s someone else’s, I’ll usually look for a second opinion, or want to try it out in-store. But I’ve found some great products without any reviews at all, too 🙂

The more expensive the product, the more reviews I read. Like, a $6 Colourpop lipstick? I just wanna check a few swatches for color accuracy & make sure it’s not a streaky mess. A $30+ lipstick? I want ALLLLLLLLL the deets.

It depends but usually a few. I actually read one positive review then I seek out low reviews and read a few of them to see what they say. I read negative reviews because the positives are obvious especially depending on the product but negative reviews tell me the bad. If I see that low reviews says it’s dry or the product, etc. I don’t buy it. I do that with everything though, not just make up.

I only check out 2 sites (Temptalia and Makeupalley) but if there are lots of reviews at MUA, I will read quite a few of them (not all but if there are 10 reviews, I’ll read them all). So I go to 2 sites but will read more than 2 reviews and the pricier an item is, the more reviews I am willing to read.

I’ll usually check out Temptalia/Your reviews, and i’ll check Karen from Makeup And Beauty blog, And The Muse’s blog!! And if y’all like a product I’ll go ahead and buy it usually!!

All of the above. Like if I want something, I’ll buy it with no reviews. It’s rare but it’s usually from a trusted brand and place with a return policy. Stuff that seemed like it might not be suited for my coloring or skin type or perhaps even from a brand I’m not familiar with or releases a lot of duds, I’ll wait for a review or two.


I will also say I only read reviews for certain things like foundation or skin care. I generally don’t read reviews for things like lipstick

Temptalia, Emily Noel or Beautypedia are the trusted reviews for me. I don’t at all take seriously reviews from MUA or off of Sephora’s site. Sorry about it. And I agree I read the negative or it carries more weight than the raves. I want to see why it is not liked , since that is where people are more detailed and honest, and then I’ll decide if that is a deal breaker for me!

I voted one. I just read the reviews here. A lot of the time I buy things without reading any reviews at all. I suppose I should read reviews before all my purchases, but I do like to be both organized and spontanious when I shop.

Other for me on this. Depends on the product and who’s reviewing. If it’s Christine and a company I’m familiar with one review is honestly going to be fine. But I like reading reviews for fun so…it’s usually far more than that. I like to hear all positive and negative positions. A super expensive product that’s novel to me or from a brand I’m not as familiar with I’ll want as many in-depth reviews as possible. But a shade of lipstick from MAC or Guerlain or something I can pretty much assume based on very little input.

Mostly depends on the prize of the product. Sometimes I spend weeks or even months coming back to reviews and swatches of the same products before I can make up my mind whether I should invest in the product, sometimes I don’t read any reviews… Also depends on what type of a product is in question since certain shades and formulas are harder to get right than others.

Generally 2-3. I first search Temptalia, and then google the product to find a couple more reviews and swatches, to see other opinions.

Before the purchase I search the review on Beautypedia, on Temptalia (if it’s make-up), then I’ll search on youtube for a few videos and even a couple of blog reviews if I can find. And if it’s possible, I’ll go to the store (Sephora, MAC) and try the product. If I’ll buy something, I want to be sure I am going to like it. If I buy something, it must be worthwhile.

I said 2-3, but it depends on price point and which reviewer. 😉 I’ll buy drugstore prices with only 1 trusted/semi-trusted reviews, but if I’m going to spend mid-high prices it has to meet Temptalia’s standards, OR get rave reviews from the other 3-4 reviewers I trust if it doesn’t show up here.

If it’s a drugstore product maybe one but not more than that. If it’s a high end/luxury item then I would need to read at least three. The more money I spend, the more opinions I would want on it.

Oops, I may have misunderstood the question. I was thinking of the reviews that you can find on the product pages of sites such as Nordstrom, Sephora, Ulta etc. So I voted “more than 5”.
To answer how many professional reviews I read then the answer is 1. This site is the only one I look to for cosmetic reviews. For skin care I will check on Paula’s Choice Beautypedia or The Beauty Brains.

I will also check out discussion groups on Sephora’s Beauty Talk and some individuals on IG as I am not typically among the first to buy or swatch the latest without travelling to a larger center (with some exceptions).

I usually only check here for ‘formal’ reviews, but I watch a few youtubers from time to time and take into consideration what they say. Even still, I compare what they say to the reviews on here. One stop shopping!

I guess I’m not alone in the “If Temptalia rates it 1, if not more than that” club. I’m serious too. I shop with this page open in a separate tab for swatches and reviews. If it’s not here I google for swatches and usually read customer reviews of the product. I also check to see if phyrra has done a review and I check her swatches a lot because we are both so pale.

Like most other people, I only need one review if it is yours! If it it something you haven’t reviewed then I need to read 3 or 4 reviews usually.

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