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I was about to comment the same thing. I get annoyed at MAC and their overwhelming releases. I stopped shopping with them for the most part, because it’s obnoxious to constantly be told “Oh, you like that? Better buy it immediately or it’ll be gone.” That makes me just leave the counter. No thanks, I don’t need to be pressured like that. I buy a lot of makeup, but that sales tactic is off-putting.

Agreed. There are many brands I like to track and it can be dizzying–I’ve seriously given up on tracking MAC collections. I just skim right over.

Barring a major reformulation or new product launch, I think one collection per season and a bonus Christmas collection is about right. The timing and number of products should aim to keep a beauty client interested, but not overwhelmed.

I would be fine with them doing as many as they want IF they can consistently produce quality, original things. I’m so sick of repromotes and high end brands getting D’s when it comes to review. There is no excuse for that.

4 seasonal collections plus maybe something extra like christmas, easter, wedding season. But can we please stop all of the celebrety colabs and special boo hah editions that MAC has? I feel overwhelmed and recently don’t even keep mup with them anymore

I agree with what most of you are saying. One per season AT MOST. Anything more is just silly and it looks like quality is seriously impacted by the rush to put out all of these collections.

No more than 4-6 per brand per year would be great! Yes, I am eyeballing MAC here, LoL. And MAC needs to chillax with making their LE stuff so limited that it is nearly impossible to get unless one pulls an all-nighter by their computer or camps out in front of the store overnight waiting for the collection to be released. Oh, and for brands to make sure that the QUALITY of the products is commensurate with their permanent products would be honestly welcomed too. Seriously, though!

Let’s see… There are 4 seasons, so 4 seasonal collections seems appropriate, and leaves room for discretionary “blockbuster sets” & new product launches. This also allows for ample amount of product to be made, so there’s enough to go around. I get that the brands have to compete, but instead of increasing the amount of collections, earn loyalty by allowing consumers access to product, and pare down the amount of brands-particularly those with 7 brands under the same parent company…

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday, so 3-4 sounds good to me. I would much rather have fewer collections but better quality and more creative ones. Better than having brands crank out one bad or mediocre collection after another, with poorly tested formulas or existing shades that are either re-promoted or re-named.

5 would be perfect: 1 per season plus one for the holidays. Anything more than that, including mini-collections, is overwhelming and I start to lose interest.

One a season is good for me, with maybe an extra one or two for the holidays. An OCCASIONAL calloration or movie tie-in or something is OK..

One or two per season and a holiday release seems just about right, as long as care is taken to make the releases interesting and high quality.

I think one per season (and winter can take in the whole holiday/festivities thing) is plenty. More than most other companies, I think MAC has really gone overboard on collections (there have been times when there seem to have been 3 or 4 within a month!) and their quality has suffered in their rush to flood the market with new collections “themes”. I don’t know about others but I often feel just swamped because many of us don’t buy from just one company so we’re dealing with the flood from MAC plus collections from 4, 5 or 6 other companies and I often just feel overwhelmed by too much new stuff, almost all of it LE.

I voted 5 to 10. Seasonal collections plus wiggle room for fun stuff! Anything more gets a bit overwhelming unless I’m totally obsessed with the brand.

I say one a season for big collections, maybe smaller ones for holidays, but no more than one a month max. That would include all seasons, some holidays & maybe an extra space or two for something small

I voted 5-10 per year, but I think my answer may be different depending on brand and how big the collection is. Maybe I’m becoming desensitized to massive and plentiful collections because of MAC. 😛 I think 2 per season is acceptable if they’re not HUGE collections, and that’d be 8 in a year, which doesn’t sound bad to me.

I’d say quality over quantity! I’m tired of hit and miss collections. Why bring them out if they aren’t well thought out? Make them great and if LE, make enough to go around!

1 per season, and then maybe an additional “holiday collection?” Of course, sometimes a themed collection just for fun is nice too! Just not too many. So 4-5, maybe 6 I think is about right. Also I think it depends on the size of the brand, scope of distribution, the types of products the brand normally sells (i.e. a brand that does only lipstick might have less different collections to offer than a brand that does everything), etc.

Four well conceived, great quality collections are more than enough and infinitely better than dozens of bad, poor quality ones. I did, however, voted 5-10 because I like the idea of a few mid season capsule collections with fun themes or to make room for interesting collaborations. MAC Giambattista Valli is a good example of capsule collection.

One for each season is quite sufficient – to ensure that the quality is there in the products released. Otherwise it becomes overwhelming and most of the products are dupes or re-releases anyway. I really dislike it when you have a great product and the brand discontinues it to make way for their new collection (in colours and formulas you don’t like).

One per season would be great, and maybe some special holiday-themed releases.

MAC has so many releases that I really don’t even consider buying anything. At all. Ever. It’s overwhelming. Out of all the makeup I own, I only have two MAC shadows and a blush. (And, with my make up addiction, that’s really saying something regarding my feelings about MAC.)

A big yes at MAC, it actually gets boring. You blink at they have released 5 new collections.

I voted the 2-4, I love so many brands and just cherry pick what I want.

Four seasons, four collections, easy math! (Though an occasional one-off release between seasons doesn’t bother me, like a new product line or a palette…I don’t see those as full-on “collections,” so much?)

As many as their customer base can stand I suppose. I enjoy seeing lots of collections because I love looking at and purchasing makeup!!

One for spring/summer one for fall/winter enough. But It’s okay if a brands also adds 1 summer or 1 holiday collection. If they are too frequent, it’s like, meh, not exciting.

i think 2 per season is or per quater is enough, mac be over doing it.. we need enough time to see if we even like or want products.. by the time you figure out you want them,, they are gone forever..

I think 4-6 collections is appropriate. My big beef with Limited Edition collections is the whole “select locations” thing. Companies don’t give you any clue as to which locations those are.

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