How important is curling your eyelashes to you?

Nah, I usually skip it!

41%, 1,573 Votes

It's a daily must-do!

38%, 1,460 Votes

It's important, but I don't have to do it.

21%, 814 Votes

Other -- I'll tell you in the comments!

1%, 35 Votes

Total Voters: 3,881

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! 🙂

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I always curl my eyelashes when I plan on wearing mascara! Even for my minimum makeup look, I use my clear mascara and curl my eyelashes! And it makes a difference now that I know how to do it right ^^

With as much maintenance as thick, dark, curly/wavy hair can be on my head, it leaves me with very low maintenance eyelashes, at least!

I never curl my lashes, I don’t even own an eyelash curler.

I don’t curl normally, also with the naturally curled/longer lashes that get enough lift from mascara – but I am considering a mini curler to get my outer corner lashes that get tangled up with the bottom lashes which can drive me bonkers.

I feel like my eye lashes look better without curling – although curling them DOES open my eyes up bigger, I’m known for my ‘cat eyes’ which are more closed, almond shaped and have wings at the ends… it’s my signature look!

I generally only curl my lashes if they were bent when I slept and are poking me in the eyeballs!

It should be important because I have super straight eyelashes. But it’s become unimportant for me because I just don’t bother anymore since after a couple of hours (I’m being generous!) they’re back to being straight. 🙁

I have to curl my eyelashes, because they’re so long that if I don’t, they go straight into my glasses and it’s really uncomfortable! I also think it looks SO much better when anyone curls their lashes. It’s totally necessary in my book!

I’d like to curl every day because it opens up the eye but I can’t find a curler the right shape for me. I end up with crimped lashes in the outer corner.

roo-you should definitely check out a heated lash curler! i got one from blinc inc for $20 i believe, spendy- but worth it. my eyes are huge i guess cos regular eyelash curlers do not work well with me!

Thanks for the suggestion. Considering what I’ve already spent on lash curlers…what’s one more?! At least it’s a different kind so I’ll check it out.

The best I have is the Shiseido which is nice and wide but to hold it at the proper angle for my eyes means I leave dents in my face. When I used it several days in a row, I ended up with horrible irritations on both cheeks:(

I curl my lashes before I put on mascara. Everytime. It does make a difference. I less likely hurt my eyes with the mascara wand while trying to get the wand close to the roots of my lashes. The mascara won’t smear around when I accidentally blink. It’s also easier to achieve a full, soft and *fake* natural eyelashes.

Absolutely a must!
It’s the first thing I do when I get up in the morning.I can’t stand the sight of my lashes prior to curling them.I couldn’t live without my lash’s family 🙂

My lashes tend to droop shortly after applying mascara, even after curling them, so I have a special routine. I curl them with regular lash curlers, apply mascara, then curl them again with a heated wand type lash curler. This method allows me to keep my curled lashes all day. Since I started doing this, my lashes have looked amazing, so now I always curl them when I wear make-up.

None at all. I have long but downturned lashes, so I use 1 coat of Diorshow Extase and 1 coat of MaxFactor Lash Extension Effect, and they just reach for the sky by themselves. And this combo holds all day, too.

I’ve never curled my lashes, and I’m unlikely to start. I just don’t feel like it’s necessary – they’re long and thick and black, so it seems over-the-top in the bad way. I do sometimes wear mascara, which curls them subtly, but I wouldn’t actually tamper with a curler.

It’s important, but I don’t have to do it.

Most of the time I don’t curl them because it doesn’t make a huge difference for my short stubborn lashes. But if it’s for a special event, I’ll take the extra time to curl them.

My eyelashes are very curly and long and I still curve them always, even in a commom day. It make great diference because they turn even more curled and my eyes appear more open and big. I love it!

i used to put mascara on and when i put mascara on, it’s a MUST that i curl my lashes. now that i’m a responsible adult who wakes up at 5:30am-6amish everyday sometimes i’ll skip the mascara and just do a quick neutral eye. the days that i do decide to put mascara on, it’s still a must that i curl my lashes. i even have one regular lash curler and one heated lash curler, the heated lash curler takes some time so i hardly ever use it in the morning- but more so when i’m doing special looks on the weekends.

I feel like curling my lashes is a MUST!! Whether i put on mascara or not, they just look better curled and fanned out. I def envy those who wake up with a natural curl and then only need to put on mascara for an extra va va voom. My baby sister is one of those lucky ones!! She literally puts on barely two coats with no prior curl and its like she has on fake lashes. I gotta work to get to that level lol!!

Has never done anything for mine. I even got the chanel curler cus I heard it was good and still no difference! So I absolutely skip unless I plan on doing a long makeup session for an event.

I curl my lashes even when I’m not wearing mascara that day. For work, I’ll simply curl my lashes and either put a touch of Vaseline on my lashes or some type of lash conditioner. That way, when I do go out, I’ll put on mascara on healthy, strong lashes. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years, and my lashes have never looked better.

I wish I had naturally curly, long lashes, but I don’t.
I used to not curl them cuz I often crinkled them. -__-
Anyway, I got more decent at it.
I curl my lashes for work or when I’m going out.

Curling is very important for me. My lashes are a decent length and thickness but most of them are pretty straight. It just makes my eyes look so much more fresh and awake when I curl them.

I dont think curling lashes is that important really. UNLESS the person has really straight lashes that point down but if not i dont see the point,i have short lashes so i dont need to really, if i did they would be to curly feel really weird. So i don’t bother. Just put on mascara and im good to go!

I don’t own a curler. I have tried curling my lashes before and I never found it to make a difference for me. Once I put on my mascara, my lashes curl up on their own. And using a lash curler before applying mascara never did anything differently than what I already have naturally.

I HAVE to. My lashes are really long and straight. If I don’t curl them, I won’t look as awake; my eyes won’t pop. Even if I do NOTHING else, I curl my eyelashes. It completely changes how my eyes look.

I usually skip it, as I feel my lashes are too long for curling. Anytime I apply mascara, I have to be careful to keep my eyes half-closed for the first thirty seconds or so until it dries, else it smears all over my brow. Curling them just exacerbates the issue.

They’re naturally slightly curled, anyway. Not excessively, but enough that I don’t think the extra hassle is worth it.

I used to curl them daily. Then one day I realized that my lash curler needed some cleaning and, lo and behold, underneath the rubber pad I found lots and lots of my precious eyelashes that were torn away from their eyelash friends from my eyes.

Maybe it was my curler, (cheapie drugstore?), but I haven’t really curled them since. Sometimes if I need to I use a spoon.

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