Have you or would you do your own makeup for your wedding?

Yes, I would do it!

42%, 1,537 Votes

No, I'll have someone else do it!

31%, 1,118 Votes

Yes--I've done it!

17%, 629 Votes

No, I had someone else do it!

10%, 359 Votes

Total Voters: 3,643

Thanks to Janet for today’s question!

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I love make-up and have been doing my own for years. I get tons of compliments from friends and they constantly beg me to do their make-up, so I feel like I must be doing something right. On that note, yes. I’ve always planned on doing my own make-up, because I know I’m skilled enough to achieve the look I want and nothing could be worse than on your special day having someone else make you look anything other than what you were wanting or expecting.

I’ve helped two friends and a cousin (not as a makeup artist, just as a friend), and yes I’d totally do my own or have someone close to me help.

Would you recommend a makeup class or a consultation with a professional to see if the look you’re going to do will be the most flattering?

I most probably would. I have real problems letting people do my makeup. Whether they do a good job or not (why do so many makeup artists assume monolidders will want a heavy smokey eye all the way to their eyebrows? Beats me), I always have the feeling that I don’t quite recognize myself and it’ll be really icky to not look like myself on my big day!

I’ve been married for more than 30 years. I did my own makeup because, back then, there weren’t quite so many options for having your makeup done professionally and the few times I’d tried it for fun, I ended up not looking like me at all, but rather like someone else’s idea of what I should look like. If I were getting married now (actually, DD is getting married in less than 2 months), I think I would still do my own. I had a quite nice makeover at Sephora back in the fall. The gal did a lovely job but it was basically exactly what I’d have done for myself only she also used some contouring powder and the eyes were a bit more dark and dramatic than I want (I don’t want my eyes looking like 2 black, empty sockets in photos)

I know i’m pretty good at doing my own makeup and others, but i feel like part of the expierence is getting it done by someone else. I do my own makeup all the time, having someone else do it would just add to the special feeling of the occasion.

At first I wanted to get it professionally done, but whenever I’ve had it done, I feel way too done up and “fake.” I don’t want it to look like my face was painted on, I think on your wedding day you should look the best version of yourself: highlight/define features, as opposed to a totally different person with a clown face on. As time goes on I probably would do my own make up, especially since out of all my friends I’m the “makeup guru” 🙂

I did my own makeup for my wedding, and even when I look at pictures now, I think I looked my best. It could have been my youthful glow and happiness, though 😉 I didn’t go dramatic at all; I just want to look like myself only a little more refined. I was not nervous about my wedding at all, so I’m sure that helped to make applying my makeup easier. We’ve been married for 15 years, so I must have done something right 🙂

I did my own! I went to Sephora and had one of their makeup artists help me pick out the right products and that was that. I’ve had my makeup done a couple times and always think I could do a better job than the person doing it. It’s hard when it’s a stranger because they don’t know what kind of looks you like. One person who did my eyeshadow didn’t even blend it in…

Yes! I would do my own makeup. I think I could save a little money that way. Weddings can get out of control expensive, especially when hiring professionally for everything. I have learned so much from Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube, that I think I could get away with it. A little extra money for the honeymoon! 😀

I’ve worked as a make-up artist and I did a lot of wedding make-up, so I’d definitely do it on myself as well 🙂 As a matter of fact, I don’t think I could stand someone else doing my make-up, lol. I have ‘my way’ of doing things, so I wouldn’t want someone else doing it their way on my face 😉

Haha, I think at this point, being so into makeup and doing it so well on myself for years, I would be WAY too anal to allow anyone else to do my makeup BUT me! Plus, I have to include purple in my look! I don’t care what anyone says!

I actually did my friend’s makeup for her wedding, and people told me how much they loved it! I’m not a makeup artist, I just love makeup and collect it and everyone knows it’s my hobby!

I did my own wedding makeup as well as my cousin’s and most of her bridesmaids. I’m sure most of us that comment here are pretty good at it!

I’ve been the maid of honor in 2 weddings and a bridesmaid in another. I did my own makeup in 2 and had it done professionally in the other. Professionally done was terrible (and expensive!!), and I will never never never do it again!!!

I did my own. I went to MAC and had an MA help me with my look. Then Purchased everything and did it myself (I was married in a small town so having someone do my makeup wasn’t an option). But I’m happy I did my own. I think it looked great

It seems obvious to me – I mean, put it this way. I haven’t spent a few hundred dollars on my collection, and no doubt hours upon hours of learning what looks best on my face, only to have someone else do my make-up when it’s very important!

I had mine done and didn’t find out until the wedding photos were ready that they used much too dark of a foundation on me! I wore a strapless dress, so my face looked orange on top of my pale shoulders. Not a big deal, but kind of disappointing! The makeup artist did a great job on my eyes and cheeks, though.

I don’t like most of make up I’ve seen done for weddings. If it’s simple look, then I can do it myself. I prefer simpler and cleaner look that lasts and doesn’t make me look very different and weird.

Although I’m more contemporary in terms of beliefs, I’d let someone else do it for me, because in Taiwan (where I’m from) there is a belief that you will have a poor marriage the bride does too many things on her own (such as make your own dress, do your own hair and makeup and such). I mean, better careful than sorry, right?

I did my own makeup when I got married (well before I trained as a MUA) Never really considered anybody else doing it, probably because I was worried they’d pack it on. Now as a MUA I really make sure I listen to what my client wants, especially if they don’t usually wear a lot of makeup.

Makeup was one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning for me. I wanted to get it done professionally. I had a small wedding with only one attendant. I had a few makeup artists tell me they would not travel to me to do my makeup and my Maid of Honor’s makeup because there wasn’t enough people. That was very upsetting to me.

I went to a few makeup counters and they did terrible jobs. So, with little makeup or makeup skills, I decided I would have to learn to do my own makeup. Thanks to Kevin Aucoyn, Robert Jones, youtube, and good old fashioned trial and error, I was able to create the look that I wanted. I’m sure most of the Temptalia readers have plenty of makeup. But for me it ended up being expensive because I had almost no makeup or tools.

I did my own makeup for my debutante ball, so I would definitely do it for my wedding & I always gets heaps of compliments on my makeup. I can’t stand having my makeup done, they never get it right.

Yes, I plan on doing my own makeup for my wedding! That way I know that I’ll be happy with the look and products used. The only way I’d let someone else do my makeup is if there was someone I personally knew and trusted, which there isn’t at this point in time. I’ll definitely get someone else to do my hair, however- hair styling is something I just can’t do lol!

I’ll be getting married at the end of July and I had to ask myself this very question… So far, I have had two “trials” with two different make up artists and I was not 100% happy with any of them, so in the end I decided I will do my wedding make-up myself. Having tested quite a few products so far (this is an understatement), I believe I know what suits my skin in terms of foundation finish (and colour match) and I will enjoy using my brushes to do my eyes and so on.. This is an important day and it will save me some stress (and money) 😉

For my engagement party, the woman who was supposed to do my makeup for the wedding did a trial run. I’m quite pale with blonde hair, light green yes and my eyebrows and eyelashes are blonde.

She put me in foundation five shades too dark for me and heavy black eyeliner and black falsies. I looked like, well, Katie Price. Which works for her but does not work for me.

So I did my own makeup for the wedding.

I did half and half! I had someone do my foundation, contouring, highlighting etc and I did my own eye makeup (and lipstick) because I am particular about how I like it.

Even though I know I can do my own, I’d rather have someone else do it for me because goodness knows you’d be STRESSED enough on the day of. Having said that, I think I’d be super picky about how the other make up artist will do my make up. If anything, I’d totally nitpick on what he or she is doing- I already feel bad for whoever it may be! 😛

For me it was the opposite. It felt really relaxing. I was in my room alone in front of the vanity. It was one of the few peaceful moments of the day.

I’m torn. On the one hand, I would love to save money and do it myself. I believe if I practiced a lot I could do the exact look I wanted, and I could make it last all day. On the other hand, I might be too nervous to do it myself, and I might feel more secure about the longevity of my makeup if I asked a professional to help me.

I’m really glad I did my own. My wedding day was in the middle of a Nor’Easter. I had to go home between the wedding and reception, wash my dress (ugh, mud– thankfully I had not gone the fancy white dress route), take a shower, and completely start from scratch. Had I paid someone else, I would have wasted a lot of money in the shower!

I think I will do it myself, because I know best, what suites me. But I think I will work together with a makeup artist before, to discuss, what not to do.

I did the bride makeup for one of my best friends wedding, and it was perfect. She bought and tested all the products before, because she lives in the UK and I in Germany. In some Skype-sessions, we discussed her look, exchanged tipps and we knew what to do. We didn’t even reherse the day before. So I only had to apply foundation, conealer, eyeliner and eyeshadow.

I did my own makeup, hair, and nails for my wedding in 2001 :). I went with red nail polish/lipstick, brown eyeliner, mascara, pink blush, and a bit of foundation (it was July so I had some color already). I wore my hair loose and curled it with an iron.

I had a makeup artist do my makeup for my wedding and it came out beautifully. At the time, I couldn’t have done it myself. I just wasn’t that into makeup and didn’t know what I was doing. If I ever remarry (I’m divorced), I will do my makeup myself. I know what makeup works for me, I know what I like, and I am confident that my makeup will look good. It’s just not worth the added expense. However, if I were getting married for the first time, I still think I’d use a makeup artist because I think the experience would be relaxing and enjoyable.

I did my own makeup, and was very happy with it. I used to be a makeup artist (although have not done it regularly in several years – occasionally do friends makeup for going out or weddings). What I loved was that I looked like me. I sort of wanted to go a bit more glam, but I start to not look like myself. I also know that my partner does prefer a more natural look. I was my mom’s maid of honor when she got remarried to my (awesome) step dad. We got our makeup done, and hers looked wonderful (I was rather sick at the time, or I’d have done hers). Mine was…. horrifying. Afternoon summer wedding. Had foundatin too dark, too much bright blush, black liner alllll around my eyes, clumpy mascara. I washed it off and quickly did a basic look myself

It would depend really. I would love to have someone else do my make up so i wont have to stress over it but as of right now I dont know an MUA that has a style I would love for my wedding

both my sisters remarried and had small weddings. I did their makeup and both were so happy with the final look. and believe me, they would have been honest if it wasn’t done right. 🙂

more often than not, I prefer the look I can create than something I’ve had done at a high end makeup counter.

When the time comes I’m probably going to do it myself, as amazing as some makeup artist are, I know what I want more than they do. I had my cousin do my makeup for prom, and she wanted me to have a nude lip I hate nude lipstick! Or anything even close to “nude” and I already planned my makeup before my mom said she was going to do it and I had in mind the same thing she pretty much did but with a red lip. Hence I brought a red lipstick with me to prom but I hated taking pictures with a lip color I hated on. So yeah any more “special days” I have for myself I’m doing my makeup myself.

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