Have you had any cosmetic enhancements or surgery?

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I've thought about them!

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Other -- I'll tell you in the comments!

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No, not on purpose anyway. My nose got badly broken when I was 19, so I did have to go to a plastic surgeon to have it set properly. But the break was so bad (clean off my skull with a bad concussion) that it still gave me a very different looking nose once it healed. Changed how my eyes looked too, my once epicanthral folds, though small, disappeared. I had always begged my parents to let me get blepharoplasty for my hooded eyes, but no cigars on that! Still sometimes want some lifting of my hoods. And a nose job to restore it to what I used to have.

I did unknowingly break my nose as a child I guess but only had it confirmed at 21 when I had minor surgery on my nose to remove an overgrown septum (more for breathing than cosmetic). It did explain my wonky nose, though weirdly I can only guess that I broke it when diving into a pool as a kid, as I don’t remember hurting that badly. I have been tempted to get it put back but at 45 I think it is risky in terms of how successful it would be and knowing that it might affect my eyes I don’t think it is worth the additional risk. Anyone had a similar experience?

No, I’m afraid of surgeries and needles, and maybe some of the possible, unknown side effects of fillers, collagens, botox, etc. But I’m not totally ruling it out either. Might consider professional peels and lasers in the future, if things really start going south. But for now, I’m doing fine with OTC retinols, exfoliators, at-home peels, etc.

Oh, I’m also afraid of botched cosmetic surgery/injections. I see pics of celebs that don’t look like themselves anymore, others that don’t even look human, and some have died from complications too. So probably nothing as drastic as surgery, but I don’t want to say never, because maybe the technology will advance to the point where the risk is less or nil.

Not unless braces count. I had them when I was 17, only on the lower 8 teeth, for cosmetic purposes. Other than that, it’s not even something I’d ever consider, unless their was an inherent health benefit. Any surgery/anesthesia comes with a real life or death risk, and I can’t think of anything that seems worth taking it…

I had a birthmark removed from my face…if that counts, it was located near my right eye but closer to my hairline than my eye. I just never liked it growing up so I had it removed when I was 17 and am much happier with my face now that it’s gone and all I have is a barely noticeable scar. The doctor agreed to remove it too although it wasn’t cancerous just because he said there was a risk of it becoming cancerous in the future.

Not yet, but someday I will get all the loose skin on my hooded lids removed. And maybe an inner brow lift. Would really love to actually be able to see my eyeshadows, and do a winged liner! Wings are impossible right now because of all that loose skin…

Nope. With surgical risks as they are (you don’t need to look very far to find cases where things have gone wrong even with totally necessary surgeries), I prefer not to subject myself to the very real risks unless it’s something I need to have done, like my knee surgery. I have, however, had my broken capillaries zapped with laser, if that counts.

I’ve had a few chemical peels. I’ve had acne practically my whole life, which is finally under control now, but those pesky dark/red marks lingered for years, I tell you, because once one would heal, another pimple would crop up and leave another mark. I have ultra fair skin, so any mark is very apparent on my face. The dermatologist administered peels really helped bring back clarity to my skin. They’re pretty intense peels, though: I shed like a snake for about a week and a half, and I mean the whole face sheds, not just parts here and there.

I might consider non invasive treatments like thermage or botox when I get older to firm up the skin and eliminate some deep wrinkles. I have none yet thanks to my Asian ethnicity, but I won’t do anything that requires surgery.

Nope, unless we are counting teeth whitening? I did do one professional session before my wedding; beyond that just a couple different tries with WhiteStrips.

No, but when I was younger I desperately wanted a nose job. Now, however, my nose is my favorite feature! It’s unique and striking. If I were to get anything done, it’d probably be some lip plumping type thing, because I have little George Washington lips. Nothing too extreme though. Not that there’s anything wrong with plastic surgery! It’s a very personal decision.

I’ve been getting Botox for the last year and a half. I’m seriously considering getting Voluma and Juvederm within the next couple of months. The corners of my mouth droop, so I always look sad, but I promise I’m not sad at all!

I’ve done laser hair removal for some weird hair on my stomach from a hormone issue, I’ve had microdermabrasion, and a few high strength glycolic peels.

Nope! I’d love to do something to be completely rid of my acne though! I’ve tried prescription / over the counter creams and birth control and nothing works so far.

I’m with some of the other commenters– just braces when I was younger, and electrolysis (permanent hair removal). I used to think I would want to get botox once my wrinkles started coming in, but now that I’m in my 30s, I’m thinking I may just ride it out and focus on taking care of my skin the best I can. However, I reserve the right to change my mind!

I’m pretty terrified of any and all medical procedures, but I really dislike my nose and have a consultation appointment with an ENT surgeon this August!
I have a small face and a rather large nose (tall, not wide), that overwhelms my other features. I’ve learned to pose strategically in photos so it’s not noticeable, and it’s not noticeable when I look at mirrors straight-on, but if I see myself in profile, it really shocks me how big my nose looks.
I also believe I have a deviated septum as I have had issues with congestion and nosebleeds since I was a kid, and living in Ontario (Canada) septoplasty is covered, and the cheapest way to get a nose job is in combination with septoplasty. I doubt I can afford a nose job on my own so I’m actually hoping that I have a deviated septum! ๐Ÿ˜›

Nope! Only braces when I was 15 and again at 35, am nearly 39. Teeth move about, unfortunately! I’d only have surgery on my eyelids if they drooped so much that they were affecting my eyesight. My mum has the same hooded eyelids and they droop quite a bit and she’s getting jowly, so I might be the same, sadly! Wrinkles don’t really bother me, just sagging flesh on my face! I remember the ‘face bra’ on Ally McBeal years ago, I’m not quite that desperate enough to wear one though! I have been told I look younger than I am so I’m not too worried yet lol.

I thought about getting invisalign because my teeth are shifting too. I had them at age 13-17 and I need something to close the space I have. Not noticeable but noticeable to me.

My mom graciously let me have some facial laser hair removal when I was a teenager because I was very self-conscious about my hairline. (I know it sounds silly, but I really did have a lot of hair on the sides of my forehead and inching in from my sideburns.) If we’re counting standard dental procedures, I had some semi-permanent retainers when I was a kid.

If I had the funds now, I’d have several things done. More laser hair removal, correction of my hooded eyelids, and some skin treatments for stubborn acne scars/dark spots, just for starters!

I was genetically graced with itty bitty incisors (technical term: pegs), so I got veneers on them as a teenager. They don’t put you under for it, so I think the process (mentally, and pain-wise) was a worse experience than getting my wisdom teeth removed. Not a procedure for people afraid of the dentist, I will say. ๐Ÿ™‚

No, nothing at all. I did have braces for a few years but that was out of necessity rather than for cosmetic reasons.

I would like professional teeth whitening at some point but I’m currently in the middle of what I call a ‘body image crisis’! In other words the psychiatric medication I’m on has caused extreme weight gain and acne and it’s really knocked my confidence. As someone who used to weigh just under 5st at age 26 and now three years later weighs about 11st it’s become all consuming and everything else is on the backburner.

Anyway, I want to deal with those issues before even thinking about teeth whitening! ?

When I first started what I call med-roulette my weight seemed to fluctuate by day (sometimes it still does) and I know how hard it is when the body in front of you is not what you recognise or want. I think it is great that that you’re taking control! AlsoI’m sure you already know this but maybe the meds your on are knocking your confidence too? Not saying that in a mean or ‘get off meds’ way, but it is something I had to keep reminding myself when I wasn’t feeling right. Just remember that health is more important and if people are judhing you for your weight they are probably not to be associated with in the first place!

Hey there, thanks for your comment! Med-roulette sounds about right- I think I’ve been on everything they could possibly give me. ?

Sometimes I just want to come off all my meds and have a fresh start without them but I’ve done that before once or twice or possibly more times than that…anyway it never turned out to be the right thing for me so I have made peace with the fact that I’m on them for the long haul.

I know how I am without them and it’s not good. They make a big difference to my quality of life it’s just that sometimes they can be finicky and it’s a pain to find the right meds in the first place! I started the process 11 years ago and it’s only been within the last year or two that we’ve managed to get things mostly under control. I’m lucky in that the people I see are just as big on other therapies as they are meds so we’re attacking it from all angles so to speak!

Anyway, that’s me blabbered on for far too long. It’s just nice to know that there are others out there in the same boat as me. I’m happy to talk about these things with but sometimes you want someone who can really relate what you’re saying.

Take care now and I hope that things are going well for you. ?

This is an issue I’m unfortunately also familiar with. I gained something like 20 kg in a very short time thanks to medication. Due to medication I also have a really hard time getting rid of the weight. Instead I’ve managed to add even more. I’d not dare be without my medication, though.
A kg is about 2 pounds, by the way.
It is oddly comforting that there are others who experience about the same thing, though I wish no one had to.
Med-roulette is a really good word, I think I’l borrow it!

LASIK, which was a life-changer and just got my braces off after 4 years! I am seriously considering Juvederm for my eye bags!

No, I haven’t. But funny how perspective changes. For years, I wanted a breast reduction/lift for my overly generous girls. I never was in a position both financially or with my employment to make it happen. When i was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, I was given the option for mastectomy with reconstruction – paid for 100% by my insurance. I was told by my breast surgeon that bc of the size, I’d be under anesthesia for somewhere between 6-8 hours. I opted to go for what is considered a partial mastectomy (the mass and surrounding tissue were removed). So basically, I still have ginormous/hard-to-find-a-shirt breasts. Since that time, I haven’t regretted my choice.

I also had to have 2 injections in my face bc of a suspicious growth (basically a lump under the skin that turned black). It hurt like mad! So, any future thought of Botox are now completely out of the question. Oh, and the lump is now gone. YAY!

Not yet. I hesitate bc of possible adverse side effects and plus actual surgery is still surgery–painful, dangerous, expensive and invasive. I think at this point it is not necessary but am not ruling it out. I am interested in lasers for skincare so will probably try that out first but I hesitate BC still expensive.

Never had cosmetic surgery, save for braces. I’m 20, but sometime in the future, when financing is not an issue, I’m planning on getting blepharoplasty/fillers to solve under-eye bags, fillers for (slight) lines from my nose to mouth and for asymmetrical lips. I’ve also been considering a jawline reduction, though it’s said to be highly invasive and riskyโ€”basically shaving off parts of the jawbone…might not be worth the potential complications.

Has anyone gotten surgeries of the like? Any input is helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚
For fillers, Are there any recommendations?

The wish list includes a tummy tuck to get rid of extra skin leftover from my pregnancies, breast enhancement/lift (not only am I a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, what little I have sags like nobody’s business), and anything that will decrease the appearance of stretch marks.

I want all of this, but I won’t get Botox because I’m apparently less afraid of invasive surgery than botulinum toxin.

Yes. I had my front 6 teeth done in veneers and permanent caps about 12 years ago and all my amalgam fillings removed and replaced with white. For the front teeth: I was punched in the mouth when I was in grade 5 because I stood up to the class bully (male). In certain situations, I’ve always had a seriously big mouth and don’t know when to STFU especially when I am morally outraged..so for my efforts I ended up with my adult front teeth knocked out at the gum line. I had a series of caps placed on over the years which didn’t look quite right. I further had surgery on my eye teeth as my adult eye teeth were pointing in the wrong direction. I also wore braces for 4 years. After years of never being happy with my smile, I decided to fix it. Yes I am very happy I did.

I also do botox injections semi-annually. I have a series done in my forehead as I am a chronic frowner and I done a great job of creating this annoying line that runs through my right eyebrow. Botox relaxes and makes the line far less visible. I do well with botox and require touch ups about twice a year. I find it easy to handle the injections. I literally have no down time. I like my doctor who is not only an amazingly talented reconstructive surgeon, he’s also a fantastic person. I just like going to see him and his wife; entirely the last thing I would expect from a plastic surgeon really.

I think at some point, I will consider blepharoplasty, but only if my ‘hoods’ get to the point where they are laying on top of my eyelashes. Then they can just bloody well pack up and go.

Yes, i’m 56yrs old and i’ve had the complete mommy makeover and I look fabulous… tummytuck, breast lifts (32ddd), bunioneptomy, lazor vaginal rejuvenation & upper blepharoplasty.

No. I’m seriously weighing the benefits of IPL (for facial redness and minor spider veining from rosacea), and something (probably laser also) for the spider veins on the sides of my knees and patches further down on my legs. In fact, I will almost certainly do this. I’ve also considered dermabrasion or peels — probably the latter.

I’ve had just about everything – a couple of years ago I had the full menu on my face: eyes (top and bottom), brow lift and face lift. Voluma and botox to maintain volume. I also had breast reduction when I was a teenager.
Oh, and I had IPL to get rid of some freckles and sun discoloration.
I’ve been very lucky, all of it has worked beautifully and I’ve been thrilled with the results.

Planning to, once I get over my fear of needles!

Other than that, my front teeth go through regular revisions every ten years or so since they were broken in a car crash (together with my nose and a cracked upper jaw) when I was 17.

Now at 50, my facial bones need to be retouched or I won’t be able to chew anything in the future. Why not getting a nose job and an eye lift in the process?

Not yet! It’s not completely out of the question. I wouldn’t mind getting my broken blood vessels erased somehow, if the procedure is low-risk and low-cost. Presently I pluck wiry stray facial hairs and use a beard trimmer on the massive peachfuzz I’ve developed post-menopause (my skin is too sensitive for waxing) — I suppose I could consider permanent removal of excess facial hair if that situation gets really crazy. And, if trends continue, eventually my eyelids will probably be drooping down over my eyes and obstructing my vision, at which point something to correct that would make sense! I’ve had a lot of moles removed from various parts of my body, but that’s because I’ve had a melanoma.

No, but I would love to have my teeth whitened… I went through bad depression a few years ago when I couldnt be bothered to take care of my teeth and I was also smoking and drinking a lot of coffee, and that shows. I might want to have my hooded eyelids fixed — my late grandmother got hers fixed at some point and covered by the public health service because they were starting to hang over her eyes. So maybe when I’m older – my skin is still firm enough that they arent causing too much trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

I have tried Botox for the frown elevenses. It helped, but most of all it made me stop frowning. I used to do it a lot, now I have to concentrate to do it.
I will probably need to do something about my hooded eyes, as I have to lift my chin and lift my eyebrows slighly to stop the hoods from resting on my lashes. The hoods, mostly the right one are starting to obscure my vision, but not enough to get it done without having to pay myself.
I’m also thinking of fillers just at the corners of my lips, as they pull down and adding the hoods and the little frown wrinkles that are left it makes me look angry and sad. And let me just say, it’s not fun having people tell you to cheer up, when you aren’t sad and/or angry.

I use Crest Whitestrips. I think they work better than most professional whitenings, and are far less expensive. If you get tooth sensitivity from them, just reduce the frequency you use them, like every other day instead of once or twice a day. I only use them once or twice a year, and they noticeably brighten my smile ๐Ÿ™‚

One time my parents gave me a pro whitening for a gift, and the dentist did it twice, and I still don’t think it looked as good. I felt really bad that they spent so much money on the pro whitening. The only advantage to that is if you need to have results ASAP, otherwise I find the Whitestrips easy to use, and if you don’t have tooth sensitivity you can do 2x’s a day and have it done in a week instead of two weeks.

I would love to have some facial work done like eyelids and face lift and/or Botox, but I probably won’t.

I wish!! Haha. The usual body modifications and some medically necessary surgery–orthodontia, piercings, tattoo, cyst and mole removal for biopsy. But no elective surgeries or medical procedures; I’ve never even had a professional manicure or waxing, for example. If I had the money, I’d get a LOT of lasering done (for hair, stretch marks, and broken capillaries), maybe some lip fillers and a little nose tweak, possibly mastopexy if I could be convinced of the results and get past my aversion to invasive surgery. I’m actually ambivalent about this stuff, because part of me thinks we should do want we want with our bodies, but another feels like we should appreciate them, and thus ourselves, as they are. *shrug* Doesn’t matter if I can’t pay for it though ๐Ÿ˜›

I had LASIK. I was legally blind without my glasses and now it’s almost 20/20.

Best thing I ever did. My boyfriend gave me a choice between LASIK and a boob job. I don’t regret it, but i am a little more light sensitive now.

Still gunning to get that boob job someday though. Trying to lose weight before I do it.

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