Halloween Make Up Tips – Products To Consider


Halloween is a little under two weeks away, which means it is definitely getting to be crunch time to have your fabulous costume in order, right? Well, what about your makeup? Halloween makeup is all sorts of fun because you can be over the top and crazy, without anyone thinking you’ve lost your mind. You really get a chance to be creative and let your inner artist come out and play.

False lashes are an amazing way to make your eyes pop and finish off flawless makeup. During the haunting season, all kinds of crazy lashes come out – you can find a good variety at your local drugstore for $4-10 a pop. Make Up Forever also makes an incredible selection of false lashes for all times of the year (pictured above), and you can find them at Sephora (www.sephora.com); they’re really quite reasonably priced for their quality and how different their lashes can be.

Face makeup can totally transform your look–what about a blue face? Green face? t’s actually quite easy to achieve a good level of pigmentation without doing much. Any loose eyeshadow or pigment added to a few dollops of your normal face moisturizer will alter your skin color dramatically. It’s such a quick remedy and substitution for body or face paint if you don’t have it on hand. You could even crush up an old or unused eyeshadow to use the pigment from that instead!

Stickers are an affordable way to accentuate your makeup or add drawings when you lack the steady hands (like me) to do them freehand with liquid liner. Check out a local craft store for a huge selection of available stickers! Add some small star stickers for “stardust” on cheeks while creating the dust by applying body glitter afterwards.  Speaking of the local craft store, take a peek at fake feathers (glue onto wrists or face), sequins (great to use at the outer corner of your eye or on the side of your eyes), buttons (put these in your hair using rubber bands or bobby pins), and more.

Blood, gore, and guts can be accomplished by picking up a liquid latex kit from the Halloween store. Practice a few times on an arm wound before you need to have it perfected, but many have little trouble getting it to look to their satisfaction. While you can purchase fake blood from Halloween stores, you can also use heavy corn syrup mixed with red food coloring as another method.

Go cheap when it comes to buying makeup that you only intend to use for Halloween, or if you intend to use a lot of it. Honestly, I find it more practical to buy an inexpensive, drugstore brand of black liquid liner for building face masks or designing on the face, rather than using an expensive high-end brand. For the purposes of Halloween, I have found drugstore liner to be quite sufficient in getting the job done. Similarly, you can find a decent variety of crazy colored liner at the drugstore as well. Good makeup is not always the result of higher prices, but one-time use makeup should take price into consideration to maximize your creativity without maxing out your credit cards!

Halloween can be such a fun time, so I hope everybody finds a way to get some excitement out of the holiday!